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How to Hide Instagram Posts from Certain Followers?

    Sometimes you publish something on Instagram but don’t want certain users to see it. In reality, one of the most frequently-asked queries by Instagram followers is “How to hide Instagram posts from certain followers?”. Although there isn’t a straightforward method to accomplish this on Instagram, you can modify the settings that block Instagram stories or posts from specific followers. In this article, we’ll discuss the issue and present ways to achieve this. So, continue reading if you’d like to hide your posts or posts on Instagram.

    Are there ways to block Instagram posts from specific followers without blocking them?

    You can block posts from specific users on Instagram without having to stop them. To accomplish this, go to the post you wish to hide and tap the three dots in the upper right corner. Select “Hide from” and choose those followers from whom you would like to hide the post’s content.

    Can You Hide Post on Instagram From Someone?

    How do you conceal Instagram posts from specific followers? This is a question that lots of people are interested in knowing. It’s good news that Instagram now allows users to restrict certain users from viewing your posts. If you do not want to share your content with a large group of people, you may remove those followers and make your Instagram account completely private. If you do not want to block a particular group of people, you may create a list with your closest family members who will see only the posts you wish them to be able to see.

    Another alternative could be to save your blog posts. When you archive a post, it will become hidden from followers of certain types. The Account will then be hidden from the people that follow your account. If you’ve deleted an article, you can access the archive menu and view it once more. It is also possible to reactivate this post by refreshing and revealing it repeatedly. When you remove the article, it won’t show up within their feed.

    Can I temporarily block my posts on Instagram?

    Yes, there is a way to conceal your Instagram posts on Instagram. To accomplish this, visit your profile and tap on the three lines in the upper left corner. Scroll down, tap Settings and then scroll further down and tap Account. Tap Posts public, and switch off the feature.

    Can You Hide Instagram Posts From Certain Followers?

    Yes, it is possible. However, since Instagram hasn’t yet created the feature at this time, this method might not work for you since they’re not magic methods, and you’d likely already know about them. Yet, this is how you hide the content on Instagram from specific users.

    • You can switch to an Instagram private account (if your account is not public and you block the user. This way, you can conceal your Instagram posts and story from specific users.
    • If you’re not sure if you want to make the switch to an account that is a private Instagram account, but you still wish to block posts on Instagram from specific users, you can stop the Account.
    • The final method I would not recommend is to access the user’s Account and turn off your blog posts and stories on behalf of the user.

    It’s the truth that Instagram does not inform its users that they have been blocked from using Instagram. However, it doesn’t require any science to determine why someone stops you from Instagram.

    Change to a private account

    If your Instagram account is not public, you can make it the Instagram private account and block followers who are not yours. This way, you’ll be able to hide the Instagram posts and posts from specific followers efficiently.

    Here’s how you can switch to the private Account:

    • Click on your profile picture.
    • Click on the line icon on the upper-right, then choose “Settings.”
    • The tab “Privacy” in “Settings” and click it.
    • Choose the option “Private Account,” and your account won’t be displayed to anyone.
    • This will provide you with additional security and only allow a certain amount of people to view your pictures and videos.

    How do you hide posts from someone who is on Instagram without blocking

    Sure, Instagram permits you to hide posts from a particular group of followers without having to remove the Account. Select the position you want to hide and click the three dots at the top of the screen. To hide the post, tap “Hide from” and pick those followers you want to keep from seeing it.

    The Bottom Lines:

    This article explains that if you’d like to hide specific Instagram posts, either exclude certain individuals from accessing your Instagram account or permanently remove them from the Instagram account. If you wish to keep your Instagram story hidden from all Instagram users, rather than just specific people, you can select only your closest friend to whom you send your reports. You can also choose particular people to block your Instagram story from sharing with them.

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