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How to Improve the Internet Speed on Your PS5

    The PS5 It’s one of the consoles that are most sought-after today. This device’s absence of stocks makes it an ever-popular item. It is logical, given the equipment the device is housed in and the games available for PlayStation 5.

    If you’re lucky enough to get this latest generation console, you’ll definitely be able to enjoy a few games online session. However, sometimes the connection speed needs to be improved to give you the optimal game experience. Or, because people want to connect to the Sony servers to play online, or download an app for the PS5 console, let’s explore ways to boost connections for the PS5.

    Configure Your PS5’s Internet Settings

    If you’ve exhausted all the ways to troubleshoot your PlayStation5 and the connectivity needs to improve, consider changing the PS5’s DNS settings. DNS is a shorthand for Domain Name System and is what internet providers use to find and translate IP addresses. If you’re PS5 is experiencing internet issues, You can switch your DNS server to one Google employs.

    Google’s DNS Server is extremely fast and may give the PS5 the boost it requires to boost its speed on the Internet. Follow these steps to modify the DNS settings on your PlayStation 5.

    You can open Your PS5 options by clicking the gear icon.
    Open Network and click on Settings.
    Click on Set Up Internet Connection.
    Go to network settings and choose to establish an Internet connection
    Choose your current connection and then press the options button on the DualSense controller to open the configurations.
    Press Advanced Settings.
    Press the hamburger button to access the internet options’ advanced settings
    The following parameters must be entered:
    IP Address Settings: Automatic.

    DHCP Host: You do not need to mention this.

    DNS Configuration: Manual.

    Primary DNS:

    Secondary DNS:

    Proxy Server: Do NOT utilize.

    MTU Settings: Automatic.

    Update the PS5 DNS settings using advanced settings
    The PS5 will now be linked to the Google DNS servers, and you will be able to notice an increase in speed. If you’d like to be more informed concerning DNS servers, take a detailed guide on how hours impact your internet speed.

    Tips on improving PS5 download speeds. PS5 download speeds

    This article outlines precisely what you can do to boost the speed at which your PS5 downloads so that you can play your games faster and not in the future.

    Reset your router
    Resetting your router usually resolves problems with internet speeds. A lot of routers feature a reset button that is typically as big as a pinhole, which can be used for a brief duration of time to restart.

    Install a wired internet connection.
    Connect an Ethernet cable on the rear of the PS5 and then connect it through the router’s Ethernet port. Wireless internet connections are more efficient than wireless connections, and they will increase your speed of downloading.

    Make sure you’re connected to 5G.
    Navigate to Settings > Network, then Setup Internet connection. Then, select the connected Network. Choose ‘5 Ghz’ under WiFi’s Frequency Bands section.

    Change DNS Settings
    Click on Settings > Networks. Set an internet connection, and then choose the Network you are registered with and Advanced Settings. Change the DNS settings to manual, and enter your region’s top second and primary DNS settings. Most likely, the Google Public DNS servers include as primary and as secondary.

    While playing PS5, Does it cause the Internet to be slow?

    The problem shouldn’t occur during normal usage; however, if you’re downloading lots of games and have a limit on data or limit, it could be that your connection has been slowed due to your ISP.

    Does PS5 WiFi connection to a router’s 2.4 Ghz or 5 Ghz band?

    The PS5 is compatible with the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. The router (assuming it is compatible with both) will choose the most effective one theoretically. Gaming will almost always benefit from using the 5-GHz band; however, it is a bit smaller in the distance than the 2.4 bands. It also doesn’t reach into walls; therefore, using the 2.4 frequency band might be preferred in certain situations.


    Your Internet bandwidth represents the most significant amount of data which can transfer through your Network within time. Based on the bandwidth you have, your download speed for your PS5 could change or increase. It is usually measured by the Mbps (megabits per second). However, certain internet service providers provide a more rapid Gbps (gigabits per second) service. 1 Gbps is equal to 1,000 Mbps.

    To test your internet speed To check your internet speed, visit

    Although many fantastic WiFi routers are ideal for playing games, the reality is that you will only require the most costly of them for quality services.

    Setting PS5’s settings back to the factory default settings

    Before resetting your PS5, be sure to back up any critical information. It can back up your data to a USB or external drive. If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you could transfer your files onto the USB 3.0 storage device. If you’re playing with a PS5 controller, then you’ll require a USB type A cable to connect to your console.

    You can begin the factory reset procedure when you’ve finished backing the entire data set. You’ll need to go to the PlayStation 5’s Settings menu for this. This will allow you to navigate Settings > > System, System Software and Reset Options. After that, you’ll have the choice of Resetting your Console or Restoring the default settings.

    Troubleshoot Your Home Router

    If something needs to be fixed in the PS5 itself, checking that the issue doesn’t stem from your end could be beneficial. For instance, ensure it’s not because of your home router or WiFi network.

    There are several methods to accomplish this, for instance.

    Check the console’s networking settings, and ensure you’re connecting to the correct router if multiple routers are in the house.
    Next, power cycle your network router. To do this, turn off your router and let it remain unplugged for 30 seconds, then plug it in. It will be on and allow it to become online, and afterwards, connect your console and connect it again. Download the file on your PS5; you should be up for your PS5.
    It is possible to test your Network settings before you proceed to the next stage since you’ll notice improvements in speed once you have done the test.

    To do that, visit Settings > Network, Connection Status and Test Connection Status to the Network.

    Click on Start Test

    Call Your ISP

    If changing your DNS doesn’t help solve the PS5 problem with your WiFi, you need to contact the Internet Service Provider(ISP).

    The hackers will be able to access the information you don’t have access to, and they will be able to tell what’s on with your internet connection.

    Furthermore, it would help if you told your ISP to allow these ports:

    TCP: 80, 443, 3478, 3479
    UDP: 3478, 3479, 49152 ~ 65535
    If the issue is direr, they’ll have a professional on the scene to help you with the problem.

    What can I do to boost WiFi speed?

    • How can you improve your Internet speed
    • Shut off your devices and turn them switch them on. …
    • Change your router’s location to a more convenient position. …
    • Change the frequency band of your WiFi. …
    • Make sure that your router’s antennas are adjusted. …
    • Increase the range of your WiFi connection. …
    • Remove connections you don’t need. …
    • Switch your WiFi frequency. …
    • I am upgrading to faster Internet.

    What is the reason my PS5 internet is high-speed?

    Your PS5 internet speed depends upon many variables, such as brick walls between your router and PS5, slowing the WiFi connection.

    Additionally, having several devices connected to the same Internet will significantly decrease the speed of your PS5 Internet.

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