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how to make a clock in minecraft

    For a clock constructed from Redstone, Place three bricks of any type into the shape of a square and put two blocks in between. After that, you’ll need to dig into one of the gaps between the three blocks.

    Next, you’ll need to place the remaining blocks in the holes and torches over the original three blocks. Place Redstone Dust on your blocks below the surface.

    If you’ve tried to build an electronic Redstone system, you may be stuck when trying to find the Redstone’s pulse to continue running.

    The continuous flicking of the lever, pressing the button, or sitting on a pressure plate is not the most effective option.

    It would help if you instead thought about creating your own Redstone clock. The clock forms part of the wiring, which allows the clock to run until you decide when to close the process.

    There are many kinds of clocks that you can create to satisfy your demands. Most Redstone clocks have a specific model. This means that the clock that will work for one model might not work for another.

    What is a Redstone Clock Circuit

    The Redstone clock comprises Redstone elements that create the Redstone signal at a specific date. The circuit turns the linked Redstone machine on and off in the loop. It’s easy to design smaller Redstone clock circuits. However, creating larger circuits requires time and energy.

    The good news is that the more giant Redstone clocks require only to duplicate the layout of those clocks that are shorter. Therefore, learning the basic circuit layout and tweaking it to suit your requirements is possible. This book contains a wide range of different Redstone clock circuits. It is possible to choose ones that match the things you have in your stock and those required by your particular machine’s layout.

    Items Required To Build A Minecraft Clock Tower

    Redstone repeaters are Redstone repeater is a device utilized to “repeat” signals from Redstone in the highest amplitude possible, and for delay signals, prevent signals from coming back, and “lock” signals in one condition. The construction of a Minecraft clock tower will require between 75 and 150 Redstone repeaters.

    Redstone Dust

    Redstone dust can be described as a mineral that transmits Redstone strength when placed in blocks. A few piles of Redstone Dust are also one of the materials needed to construct a Minecraft clock tower.

    Redstone Torch

    A Redstone torch can be described as a non-conductive block that can be utilized as a power source to toggle or signal inverter. Use about 1- 2- Redstone torches to construct the clock tower.


    Noteblocks Noteblock is a music-producing sound block controlled by Redstone. Clock towers use a handful of note blocks to construct.


    The piston can be described as a piece of the block with a pulse from Redstone, which moves players, blocks, and mobs. A permanent piston performs similar functions to a regular piston; however, it could also drive the block to its side as it’s pushed out.

    Clocks to make in Minecraft

    There are two things you need to make clocks for Minecraft:

    Gold Ingots: Produced by melting raw gold or gold inside an oven. There is gold to be found at Y levels 0-32 across every biome and Y levels 32-79 in the biomes of the badlands. The equipment required is an iron pickaxe, or better to mine.

    Redstone Mined Redstone ore. It is possible to find Redstone in the Y levels 1-16 throughout all biomes. Redstone is only mined with the iron pickaxe or even more powerful.

    When you’ve got the supplies necessary, follow these instructions for making the clock. Be aware that making clocks require a 3×3 grid for crafting, which means you’ll need a table for crafting in your possession.

    Step 1: Go towards your table for crafting, then right-click on the table to engage.

    Step 2: Arrange the Gold nuggets and the Redstone powder as shown in the photo below.

    After the clock has been crafted, you can move it to the inventory slot and utilize it to show the time. Remember that clocks can be stacked so that you can keep up to 64 in one inventory slot.

    How do I Make a Clock within Minecraft through Survival Mode

    We will show step-by-step directions for making the perfect clock in Minecraft. Follow the steps given below to locate the right product you require.

    1. Open the Crafting Menu

    After logging into your account in the Minecraft game, you need to start the crafting menu as the first step before moving to the next stage.

    Learn more about how to Make a Wooden Pickaxe in Minecraft. Minecraft

    You will see the 3-by-3 crafting grid, which can be very helpful in the next step and throughout the procedure.

    2. Include Items in the Clock

    Once you’ve entered the crafting menu, you must search for a crafting zone. This area is comprised of a crafting grid that is 3×3. You must place four gold nuggets and one Redstone (Redstone dust) in the 3×3 craft grid to make an actual clock.

    If you are making a clock with Minecraft, Joining all the components in the same pattern is crucial. One gold nugget should be in the middle of the box and located on the top row.

    In the second row, one gold nugget must be on the first box, one Redstone on the second and one on the third container. Additionally, a gold nugget must be placed in the middle box on its located row.

    3. Move the Clock to Inventory

    Congratulations, the product that you were looking for has appeared right away. When you’ve received the clock you created by following all the steps in the previous post, it’s time to transfer the items you just received into your account’s inventory.


    Two hoppers should be facing one another. So they’re continuously passing their objects among themselves.

    Set a Redstone block on the top of the hoppers, after which you can place the sticky pistons to shift the block in a circular motion over the hoops.

    Set the comparators near each hopper. This will ensure that they can be activated by objects that are running across the hoppers.

    Put a block in the middle of the comparator and a redstone torch on its other side. Place a block on the top of the torch, then place another torch in front of the pistons.

    Then, you can fill your buckets as full as you’ll need. It is then possible to join the Redstone block and torch to the various other equipment as you need to.

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