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How To Make A Cookie In Minecraft

    Cookies aren’t a great source of nutrition when playing Minecraft So don’t count on they’ll replace the pork chops or steaks you’ve eaten during your dungeon crawls. The best part of the excitement is watching the cookie crumbs fly out when your character munches on the cookies! One of the most challenging aspects of this recipe is finding an area to collect cocoa. Once you’ve accomplished this, the cookies will be cheap and quick to create.

    What is the best way to Make a Cookie in Minecraft

    If you’re a game fan, chances are you’ve encountered the game Minecraft. The video game made available in 2011 boasts many hundreds of millions of players across the globe.

    Since the game is becoming extremely well-known, there are a lot of ways to make certain items like how to create cookies with Minecraft. You’re curious about creating a cookie? We’ll take a look!

    Ingredients Required To Make Cookies

    • 2 3 Wheat
    • 1 Cocoa beans

    What can you do to create a Cookie in Survival Mode

    1.Start the Crafting Menu

    Then, you need to open your crafting table to ensure that you can see the 3×3 grid for crafting, which looks as follows:

    3×3 area for crafting

    Within the crafting menu, there should be an area of crafting comprised of a 3×3 grid for crafting. For a cookie to be made put 2 wheat pieces and 1 cocoa bean on the crafting grid that is 3×3.

    In making cookies, the wheat and cocoa beans must be located according to the exact order as shown in shown below. In the second row, it should be one wheat in the initial box, a cocoa bean put second in the third box, and one wheat in the 3rd box. It is the Minecraft-making recipe for cookies.

    Making a recipe for cookies.

    After you’ve completed the area of crafting with the right pattern, the cookies will show up inside the box on the left.


    3.Place the Cookie in the Inventory
    When you’ve made cookies, you must add the items you created to the inventory.

    A cookie was completed

    Congrats, you’ve created cookies using Minecraft!

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