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How To Make A Short Video Loop On Instagram Story?

    Use the Boomerang application to create a brief video loop on Instagram Story. The app lets you create multiple images of yourself or your surroundings and turn them into a repeating loop. Begin by opening the Boomerang app and granting it access to the camera roll.

    When you’re done after that, you can choose to “Take Photograph” or “Choose the Photo” according to whether you’re looking to capture anything new or transfer the video you already have on your device. Once you have selected the type of media you want to capture, press the red button in the middle of the screen. Then, start recording for between 3 and 10 minutes (depending on the length you would like your video to be). Once you’re done, go through the video for a better estimate of how often the video will play after being uploaded to Instagram Stories.

    What’s A Loop Video for Instagram?

    A loop video is the same portion of a video often repeated with the help of a more extended video file. Following Instagram export settings, it is necessary to make specific edits for uploading a looped video into Instagram stories.

    To turn your video into infinite GIFs and play videos, choose a segment of the video that repeats continually. Making the repeating segment as brief but as extended as possible is possible. It is also possible to transform these beautiful loops in the video into an advertisement using Instagram promotions.

    Loop videos, in general, do not have an associated audio track. If you want to add the sounds or music you want to include to your video looping, ensure that the music plays also. It is possible to create an animated looping video with software such as Filmora, which allows you to incorporate music and sounds into the playing video.

    You will increase your visibility on the platform if you efficiently create regular videos for your Instagram stories. So, keep on going.

    Instagram Loop YouTube Specification

    You can make and publish Instagram videos, collages or looping videos, and any other IG photos or videos.

    Verifying the dimensions of social media images before you upload any video is essential. Before learning to loop your video in Instagram’s story Instagram stories, you must be aware of the dimensions and specifications.

    When you upload your video to an editor for video, follow these guidelines when creating your video:

    • Ratio 9:16. Height: at the very least at 720px
    • Duration: 3 secs. – – 8 secs Length: 3 secs – 8 secs
    • Format: JPG or MP4 Format: MP4 or JPG

    It’s now time to master how to share continuously-running videos on Instagram. Instagram story!

    Method 1: Make An Instagram Loop Video On the Internet

    Clideo is an online editor tool that lets you make diverse videos/images to share on your social media accounts. Clideo can be used Clideo to make memes, compress images and videos, loop them, and more. Apart from the basic design, it can also assist in editing your existing videos or photos to increase the quality of their content and make them more attractive.

    How to create the video loop to post on Instagram by using Clideo

    Step 1: Visit and select Loop Video in the drop-down menu.

    Step 2: Select File to upload a GIF or video from your storage device on the internet.

    Step 3: The selected File will take a while to be uploaded successfully. After the File has been loaded, you can choose the number of times you wish to play the video. Selecting the output video type is possible by navigating to the lower left corner.

    Step 4. Finally, press Loop to play the video. Could you save it to your personal computer?

    Method 2: Create an animated loop video using the Boomerang Application on Android or iPhone

    Another method to make videos that loop on Instagram is to utilize the official Boomerang application from Instagram. It’s an application that’s standalone and designed for Android and iOS to make looping videos specifically to be used on Instagram and Facebook. Transferring the footage onto your social profiles directly is possible using the Boomerang application.

    This is how you can create an Instagram video loop Instagram with the Boomerang application.

    Step 1: Open Google Play (Android) or App Store (iOS) and install the Boomerang application on your phone.

    Step 2: Press the record button and shoot the video.

    Step 3: The application will loop the video automatically. Then, click the Facebook or Instagram icon to share the video directly to their appropriate social media profiles.

    Option 3: Post the Live Video in looping format in the form of a video to Instagram using an iPhone

    If you’re using an iPhone/iPad or iPad, you don’t require a separate tool to make looping videos. The app’s “Live Photo” feature converts the live photo into a looping video using just one click. Let’s look at looping the video on iPhone using Instagram with Instagram’s Live Photo feature.

    Step 1: Visit Albums and select your Live Photo. Tap the top, then select “Loop.”

    Step 2: You’ll see how the Live Photo will start to play in a loop. Before uploading it to Instagram, you must save your Live Photos video. For this, click the Share button and then click Save to Files. Next, select the File’s type as MOV.

    Now you’re ready to upload your video to Instagram, it will begin playing continuously.

    How can I Add Music & sound to your Videos to use on Instagram?

    The downside to each of these techniques is that they can only loop videos for a certain quantity of times. If you want to make a looping video with additional features, I suggest you explore Wondershare’s Filmora.

    Filmora allows you to make looping videos at intervals you prefer, include sound effects and music to the video looping, and add titles.

    Below is a simple step-by-step tutorial on making a looping movie and applying a sound effect using Filmora.

    Step 1: Ensure that you’ve got Wondershare Filmora installed. Suppose you hit the download link for free above to get started. After it has been downloaded, open the application.

    Because we’re uploading a looping video on Instagram, Let’s change the aspect ratio for the project to 9:16 and then upload the video using the plus icon in the center of the screen to include photos or video.

    Step 2: Next, drag and drop the video onto the timeline. Take a copy of the video from the timeline using Ctrl + C. Then, paste it into the timeline as long as you would like to loop by using Ctrl + V.

    Step 3: To insert music into the looping video, drag or drop the audio files into the timeline. Trim it following the length of the clip.

    Step 4: You may include additional parts, titles, or a transition to the video, making the looping enjoyable. Finally, you can click Export and save it in MP4 or MOV formats, then share it on your Instagram or another social media site.


    This post will discuss looping videos and different ways to convert essential videos to Instagram loop videos. It’s now down to the individual preference of which method you like best. However, we recommend you choose the final option.

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