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How To Make Fennel Tea

    This fennel tea recipe provides a warm temperature and a comfy feeling that you expect from a conventional tea. With just three clean elements, make a fresh and soothing drink everyone enjoys in this climate.

    Learn a way to make fennel tea properly away as rapidly as you suspect of consuming this healthful beverage.


    1 to 2 teaspoons freshly beaten fennel seeds
    1 cup boiling water

    How to make Fennel Tea

    Step 1 Bring water to a boil.

    In a pot, upload 1 and a half cups of water. Let it come to a boil.

    Step 2 Add fennel seeds.

    Now, add beaten fennel seeds and ginger. Let the water simmer on medium flame until it reduces to one cup.

    Step 3 Strain the tea

    Next, flip off the gas flame and adequately stress it how to make fennel tealight into a cup. Add honey and mix properly.

    Step 4 Your fennel tea is ready to serve

    Your fennel tea is now prepared to be served. You can garnish it with mint leaves. Enjoy the drink at the equal time as warm.

    What is fennel seed tea?

    It is a hot tea made using fennel seeds which may be very soothing.

    Fennel seeds have a candy taste and appearance similar to cumin seeds. But has a tremendously inexperienced color than cumin seeds. It is a flavorful element and tastes slightly sweeter; it really is a top notch aspect of this fennel tea recipe.

    Fennel seeds are one of the top 10 spices in India used for regular cooking. Apart from their usage of for cooking features, Indians used to chew them after a heavy meal.

    These fennel seeds have also been used as mouth refreshers in India for hundreds of years. In India, after a heavy meal, most notably when the meal includes meat, those fennel seeds might be served as a refreshment. It can be served as uncooked or lined with sugar or chocolates, a few distinctive fancy chewing methods.

    Health Benefits of Fennel Tea

    “Currently, one of the most famous uses of fennel is to resource digestion with the beneficial aid of smoothing the muscle groups of the gastrointestinal device in case you need to reduce fuel, bloating, and cramping,” says Kylene Bogden, RD, cofounder of FWDfuel.

    “Fennel tea is likewise consumed for its antioxidant reputation,” Bogden says, collectively with its “The intake of antioxidants permits to combat free radicals within the body.” These unfastened radicals can regularly result in increased inflammation in the frame and chronic sickness. “Antioxidants assist in preventing this oxidative stress, which has been connected to cancer, coronary coronary heart, and breathing-related issues,” Rose-Francis provides.

    Fennel tea can help relieve menstrual cramps.

    Are we looking for a herbal way to control period pain? Just as fennel can help lighten up the muscle tissues within the intestine to ease digestion, studies have additionally concluded that it can be a beneficial treatment for assuaging the depth of painful menstrual cramps because of uterine contractions.

    Fennel tea boasts antibacterial homes.

    Although similar studies want to be completed, fennel tea does display promise in having antibacterial residences inside the path of positive illnesses. The results of one test showed suitable inhibitory hobby against the examined microorganism, and it may be well worth exploring this belonging of fennel tea further in the future.

    Fennel tea may help manage appetite.

    “Research indicates fennel seed also can mainly resource in gut fitness and urge for food suppression,” says Rose-Francis, which can be helpful to to lessen overeating (an addiction that could reason infection, an overactive immune machine, and awesome undo stress on the frame). A tiny observation proved a lower in hunger and prolonged feeling of fullness after overweight humans ate fennel tea.

    Fennel Tea Variations

    Fennel seeds are tasty; however, their taste is also pretty precise, and now not everyone’s cup of tea, undoubtedly. This way, playing around with significant factors to make the tea universally palatable is fantastic.

    Adding a few mints leaves to the fennel tea will give the drink a cute herbaceousness and freshness. You can use peppermint and even basil, too. Fresh herbs usually are better than dried herbs, especially for infusions.

    Throwing in some berries to the infusion, especially in case you litter them first, can liven fennel tea. Peaches are first-rate with fennel seeds as well.

    I sweeten my cup of fennel tea with honey but attempt yours with brown sugar for a deliciously, caramelly infusion.

    Don’t underestimate the strength of cinnamon. Steeping a cinnamon stick in fennel tea offers a heartwarming and comforting personality that’s no longer hard to love.

    How to sweeten the tea without sugar?

    First of all, this tea needs now not always be sweetened. I like to drink tea with its herbal taste and without sugar. If you pick, you could upload honey, agave nectar, or maple syrup, depending on your desire.

    If you’re given get proper of entry to to palm sugar or coconut sugar, you are blessed. Try making it with those raw sugar and enjoy the difference.

    But collectively, diffused sugar will not damage this seed’s flavor or medicinal home. Add or skip using it.

    In truth, we revel in how this warm fennel tea slides into our mouths. And feels find it impossible to resist clears the way as they go along with the float.

    When to drink fennel tea?

    There isn’t always any strict timing for gambling on this tea. You may additionally have it on every occasion you enjoy like having it. However, drinking after a meal or at midday is good. It is a perfect substitution for your espresso time. Alternatively, I suggest striving it through yourself and discovering a higher time.


    This fennel seed tea recipe yields the appropriate drink after a delicious heavy meal! Beyond being flavorful, fennel tea includes numerous fitness benefits, too. Round out the flavor with honey and garnish with an orange slice.

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