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How To Make Find My Iphone Say No Location Found?

    Discover My Friends is a new feature application developed by Apple. It’s an excellent app for tracking people in any specific place. It also allows users to connect with the people in the vicinity. It can be used across every Apple device, such as a phone, iPad, and watch. It is possible to experience the issue of having no address displayed on the application. It could be an issue with a minor flaw on your phone or feature. You can solve it.

    This feature is beneficial because it’s a valuable tool for planning and maintaining the safety of your family members and friends. It can even allow users to keep track of the locations of family and friends. This is the best page to bring the situation under control when a useful feature does not perform as expected.

    This is a detailed list of all possible reasons and solutions for me to find my friend, but there is no location found. Follow these steps, and the majority of your issue is solved.

    Why Is My iPhone Not Connected?

    What’s the reason your iPhone not working? It’s not common for this to be the case even if you’ve installed iOS 15. If not, the reason likely is that the battery went out. It could also be that you switched it off. In any case, if an iPhone is running an iOS version older than iOS 15 and is not powered, Find I won’t give the location of your device.

    The app can only function when it is connected to iCloud in the first place and logged in to an Apple ID. To enable the feature, it is necessary to sign in to the accounts. But, you can disable both features, cutting off your connection with Find My.

    What’s the problem? Find My iPhone say no internet-based location was found?

    There are many possible reasons Find My iPhone may say that there’s no location online. One possible explanation may be that your phone isn’t linked to the Internet. A different possibility could be that the device is off or is in aeroplane mode.

    What exactly does it mean when it states that there is no location?

    The app’s message “no location was found when searching for my friends” will show when the user is out of coverage on the network. Maybe they have switched off GPS, or perhaps the user’s phone’s battery ran out.

    Is there no evidence that they’ve turned off their place of work?

    There may be a myriad of reasons that a location cannot be tracked when trying to follow the person. One possible explanation is that they’ve switched off their setting for Location. A different possibility could be that they’re located near an internet tower or a WiFi hotspot. Therefore, the location of their device isn’t easily pinpointed.

    What does the word “no location” in Find My iPhone mean?

    Suppose you see a “No Location Label for Friends. It is possible that you aren’t able to view the Location of your friend due to the following reason: They may have to change your device’s date. Select Settings » General > Date and Time. The device is not working or doesn’t have WiFi or cellular.

    What is the reason why my Find Friends say Location Doesn’t Exist?

    Identifying the primary causes behind this problem is crucial to prevent it from occurring again. Before we move on to solutions, let’s first look at some of the reasons that could cause it to happen:

    The date that appears on your friend’s iOS device might be incorrect.
    The apparatus of your friend may be disabled or isn’t connected to WiFi or cellular.
    It’s also possible that your friend has disabled “Location Services” on their device.
    Your friend may reside in a country or region where Find My Friends is not accessible.
    The Find My Friends app may be ineffective when your friend has turned on the “Hide My Place” or “Hide My Location” feature.

    When sharing a location, it states “location not located.”?

    In the end, many users have experienced this issue in their attempts to share their location with others. Your friends’ devices could be the source of this issue, so be sure to look.

    Your device’s date and times could be wrong.
    One thing to consider is that it’s possible that your family or friends members haven’t yet signed up to”Find My Friends. “Find My Friends” service.
    Find My Friends is only accessible in a small number of locations. Therefore there could be a moment when your friend isn’t accessible via the service.

    Stop sharing information with certain people.

    If you’d like to stop sharing your address with a particular person, you can change this setting using the latest Find My app. Click the People icon near the lower right of the app, and then choose the person you wish to remove from the list. After that, click to stop sharing My Location, and they’ll be able to see “Location Not Available” when they start to Find Me and search for your Location.

    You can also opt to turn off device tracking within the app if you’re not looking to use Find My iPhone. If you’re looking for the ability to locate your lost phone while protecting your Location from those on your contact list, switching off location sharing is the most effective option.

    Why is it that the Location says Isn’t Available in Find My Friends?

    Find My Friends might display Location Not Available if the location services are off and both of you are inaccessible to WiFi and cellular data. Either you or your friend could have altered their privacy settings, so they’re no longer visible to anyone else on the application.

    If any of the above factors are in place, then the Find My Friends app will not perform as it should.

    This article will offer solutions to resolve any issues you might encounter using apple’s Find My Friends feature.


    Sharing your Location is an excellent way for family and friends to keep track of you when needed. But, there are times when it could compromise your privacy. Hence you can turn off sharing your Location to select members, as well as every single one. We’ve listed all options to prevent sharing your locations without them being aware of the sharing.

    The suggestions above can help you when confronted with the issue of “Find My Friends’ location not accessible”. The majority of the time, this is a straightforward problem that can be resolved quickly with the help of one of the options listed above. If the issue continues to persist, we suggest you use FoneGeek iOS System Recovery to promptly fix any bugs in your software that might cause the problem.

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