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How To Make Forky

    Forky is a small toy Bonnie develops in the film with a spork, along with some crafting supplies. Many people believe that since that he’s a spork, his title ought to be Sporky however it’s not the way Bonnie has decided to call Forky, therefore Forky that’s what he’s called!
    The girl loves him, and takes her home for him to be the latest toy for her! Kids will certainly be looking for a handmade Forky of their own, so make sure to check for these simple directions.

    Find out the steps to make an original Forky for your student or kid! Make sure you take a look at our exciting Toy Story 4 crafts for children.

    Create Your own Forky Craft

    If you did not get the chance to join us at the TOY STORY 4 Family Party in which we showed everyone how to make the perfect Forky We’ve got you covered. Below is an inventory of the things that you’ll require along with easy-to-follow directions to ensure that when your children have been begging for the Forky following the film, you’ll have everything all set and ready.

    And if they enjoy this, be sure to head to for future Family Parties, where we have all sorts of fun games and activities just for kids to go along with the latest and greatest family movies.

    This is what you require:

    • 1 plastic one
    • 1 large stick of popsicle
    • 1 Red Pipe Cleaner
    • 2 adhesive googly eyes
    • A quarter-sized white ball of art dough
    • Blue and red Sharpies

    STEP 1

    Cut a stick of popsicle in half, then place an equal-sized white art dough over the top of both pieces. They will become Forky’s feet. (Remember that dough is likely to remain soft for about 24 days.)

    STEP 2

    Set two eyes with adhesive over Forky’s face. Make use of Sharpies to draw the Forky’s mouth and eyebrows.

    STEP 3

    Put the sporks into the tart dough. Finish with Forky by making a pipe cleaner red on his body and creating arms.

    That’s all there is! However, before leaving make sure to take a look through the photos from Forky In Alamo Drafthouses across the country.

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