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How to Make Free eBook Cover

    Digital publishing is about capturing the reader’s heart with an attractive eBook cover. The first and last impressions are indeed important. So, having a captivating book cover will go a very long way. It may seem expensive, but this guide can teach you how to design an eBook for nothing. We can get you started, even if design is not your forte!

    You should design a high-quality cover for your ebook.

    If you want to create an ebook cover, first decide what your body should look like.

    What Is an Ebook?

    It is a version of the book converted to digital form. They can be viewed using smartphone, tablet, or computer reader apps. More people now prefer mobile gadgets to reading books. As a result, publishers are releasing both printed and digital editions.

    Ensuring that your ebooks are designed to be read easily on all devices is essential. For a more comfortable reading, consider the font and spacing choices. You can find more design inspiration in this article, which includes best ebook examples designed to engage your audience.

    When you plan to sell ebooks, ensure that they can be viewed on various screen sizes.

    You can create an eBook in just 60 seconds.

    You can start by clicking on ‘eBook Cover Format’ in the drop-down list.

    Find or browse through thousands of unique, ready-made templates. Stand out and design a premium eBook cover in just seconds.

    Customize your cover with the drag-and-drop interface by adding elements, images, mockups, icons, or assets.

    When you are done designing your cover for your eBook, make sure to download the file in several formats like JPEG or PNG. Then, upload it onto your platform of choice.

    In 5 simple steps, you can create an eBook on Venngage.

    Create a Venngage Account using Gmail, Gmail account, or Facebook.

    Then, choose the ebook template format that best fits your eBook.

    You can edit the layout of your pages as well as add, remove, or customize your eBook’s cover.

    You can change your eBook’s fonts, color schemes, charts, and even images. One-click will align your template with your branding guidelines.

    Download or upgrade your book to be able to distribute it.

    Making eBook covers is a simple task.

    And yet, you’re still looking for a faster way to make professional-looking covers of eBooks. It’s because many alternatives need significant improvement.


    Web-based design software is often clunky and can be challenging to navigate.
    Plus, you will have to pay for their best graphics and photos, which you want your customers to see.

    Freely design a professional cover for your book.

    The book you’ve created is fantastic. Cover design is critical to selling your book!

    Canva’s online book cover designer is easy enough to use for novices or writers who may need to be more technical. Book cover maker lets you choose from hundreds of different layouts. It’s easier to create an unforgettable cover.

    Canva can be used to create an ebook cover for free.

    Canva is a free service that lets you quickly create a cover for your Kindle books.

    There is no need for computer expertise because it’s all done by clicking or dragging.

    Check out these screenshots.

    Learning how to create a cover for your Kindle eBook will be easy.

    As soon as you register, you can start creating your cover.

    1. You can choose your book cover design

    Canva offers a wide range of templates.

    Book cover and ebook cover templates are available for you to choose from.

    I use the Book Cover Template because the ratio is 1.6 and has 1410×2250 pixels.

    Here is the perfect size of an Amazon ebook cover.

    The ebook template is smaller at 800 x 512 pixels.

    Clicking on the “Book Cover” template takes me directly to the design pages.

    1. Select your book cover design template

    Choose from all of the ready-made templates to the left.

    To start designing your cover, scroll through the list until you find one that suits your style.

    1. Book Cover Text: Edit the text

    When you click it, you will see your selected option on the design screen. It’s as simple as changing the cover text. Each text box can be edited by simply clicking it.

    The text boxes can also be moved by simply dragging them. Change the colors and fonts to make your book look better.

    1. You can now download your ebook cover

    You can now download your new cover.

    Canva offers you options. You can choose PNG (or JPEG), PDF, or both. All three can be downloaded if so desired.

    Most publishers and platforms will accept any of these formats for an ebook.

    But, if your publication is through Amazon KDP, you can only publish in JPEG.

    This is it: you have finished designing your first ebook cover.

    1. Create a beautiful free book cover in only 5 minutes

    You can see the results of just a few moments of working with the template for the book I selected.

    As you can see, I have edited the text and changed the font and color.

    The final change was moving the subtitle above the author’s name to the top.

    This is a good cover.

    You can compare it to many ebook covers found on Amazon.

    Add your book covers to Google Docs.

    You may want to immediately add the new book cover when you create your eBook using Google Docs. So, when you convert your book into a PDF file, your body will also be there.

    You can do so by following these simple steps.

    Your cursor should be at the top of the page.
    {Go: Your book cover will be uploaded by going to Insert-> Image-> Upload from Computer]. It will take up the entire page.
    Keep the footer and header of your book clean. You can do that by clicking the header section and selecting “Different page.” Keep this area empty.

    You can make your copy of the sample book to avoid confusion. Then, insert your cover artwork using “Replace images” instead.

    You can edit an ebook.

    The ebook cannot be changed once saved into one of these significant formats. Therefore, you should ensure that the version is in an editable format in Microsoft Word.

    Why would you make your ebook uneditable if it was not necessary? If you make ebooks inaccessible, the content and format of the book will remain unchanged.

    Adobe Acrobat’s editable PDF feature allows for the editing of ebooks. Acrobat makes editing PDFs easy.

    You can find more ideas for book covers here:

    Fotor’s cover maker is the best place to look for inspiration when creating your design. This tool offers book cover templates that you can refer to. Fotor’s book creator will help you make a book that suits your taste, from the novel to the magazine.

    What are some free ways to create book covers?

    Fotor’s cover maker offers a variety of free book design templates. The free cover templates can be applied to eBooks, paper books, and Wattpad. You can create book covers by using your imagination.

    What mobile devices can I use to create graphics?

    Yes! You can download Simplified Graphic Designer to your cell phone or tablet via a mobile site. Create graphics for your social media posts on the move with all of the functionality available in the web-based app. Keep an eye out for Simplified’s app.

    What is your company’s refund policy?

    Free Forever allows our users to experience Simplified’s basics and make educated decisions. There are no refunds. If you don’t like your current plan or need to upgrade it to something better, you can either downgrade to a lower plan level or cancel your subscription. Click here to learn about our policy on refunds.

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