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How To Make Green Tea Shots

    Go green with this Irish whiskey shot! Even even though this Green Tea Shot could not indeed include inexperienced tea, it even though in some way tastes as even though it does. This splendid whiskey shooter combines Peach Schnapps, candy & bitter, lemon-lime soda, and Irish Whiskey and is remarkable for oldsters who can be just dipping their toe into the arena of whiskey. This shot is suitable for all you Jameson drinkers accessible, too, because even though it has a hard and fast of components, you could surely flavor the famous Irish whiskey taste profile. These awful boys are best as birthday party pictures, pre-gaming images, or just a few amusing little shooters to bust out with when you have friends over. And in case you desired our Green Tea Shot recipe as an entire lot as we do, proper right here are a few other associated combined drink recipes you can dig:

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    What’s In A Green Tea Shot?

    So if the Green Tea Shot consists of no inexperienced tea, what’s in it? Its most effectiveness consists of a few factors:

    • Jameson Whiskey
    • Peach Schnapps
    • Sour Mix
    • Lemon-Lime Soda

    The Green Tea Shot was invented by the Jameson whiskey organization so that you can live real to its origins, live with Jameson. But moreover, experience loss to alternatives for your desired Japanese, Irish, or American whiskey. You must complete your pix with a touch of lemon-lime soda to dilute some of the intensity, upload a piece of sweetness, and introduce some carbonation for a rounder and additional balanced drink. And even though it is called a Green Tea “Shot,” do no longer feel as if you want to down it multi-feature skip. Most pick to drink it in four-5 sips.

    The Green Tea Shot is a fun and delicious clean-to-make drink, and you need to deliver it a shot!


    • half of the ounce of Irish whiskey
    • half of ounce peach schnapps
    • half of the ounce sweet-and-bitter mixture*
    • Lemon-lime soda (collectively with 7Up or Sprite) to top


    Add the whiskey, schnapps, and candy-and-bitter blend into a shaker with ice and shake to sit down lower back.

    Strain right into a shot glass.

    Top with a small splash of lemon-lime soda.

    *Sweet-and-bitter blend: Combine 1 detail lemon juice, 1 detail lime juice, and multiple factors of easy syrup, adjusting portions to flavor.

    What Does It Taste Like?

    A green tea shot is extraordinary, vibrant, and peachy, with the boozy taste of whiskey to warm up the again of the throat. It’s straightforward to drink, and gained’t get you below the effect of alcohol cause an inexperienced tea shot only consists of 1 ounce of alcohol. While the scale of a shot glass sincerely varies via us, within the United States, a picture is 1—forty 8 oz. So you will get a nice little buzz that needs to close a hint of a good deal in less than an hour.


    If you may opt to sip on a cocktail, in choice to toss lower back a shot, or you may do that! Just shake the whiskey, peach schnapps, and sour combo until very bloodless and strain it into a rocks glass over ice. Top all that off with as much lemon-lime soda as you need.


    The color of the green tea shot is, on the whole, controlled by the resource of the bitter mix. Some are brighter than others, and those with extra lime juice can also produce a greener hue.

    It’s clean to make a sour combo at home. Not simplest is it less expensive, but it offers you control over the flavor because you may upload extra lemon or lime juice as you see suit.


    • Jigger
    • Cocktail shaker
    • Shot glasses

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