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How To Make Jello Shots With Tequila

    Do you have ever wanted to know how to make Jello shots? They’re easy to make and taste delicious! Strawberry margarita Jello shots make a great variation on a traditional cocktail, and are certain to be a major success with the guests at your event! You’ll be getting requests for this delicious jello shot recipe!


    1 cup boiling water

    1. (6 oz) pack of gelatin mix flavoured (we made use of strawberry)
      1-cup Tequila
      1/2 cup of cold water
      Optional: whip cream or sprinkles to garnish


    • Put boiling water in a bowl of large size and mix the gelatin mixture until it is dissolved.
    • Mix in tequila, and then chilled water.
    • Mix the ingredients into shot glasses or cups.
    • Refrigerate for at least two hours or until it is ready.
    • Sprinkle with whipped cream or sprinkles, if you like Enjoy!


    1. step: On the tray with a rim, you can place 14 (2-ounce size) containers of jello-shot (also called containers for condiments). Set aside.

    2. step: is to place it in the large bowl that has the pour spout and mix it with the lime-flavoured gelatin and boiling water until the lime gelatin is fully dissolved.

    3.step: is to add the cold water, limeade concentrate, as well as silver tequila to the lime jello mix. Mix until it is well combined.
    4. Step: Gently put the jello shot of tequila mix into each glass. The goal is to complete filling each cup to 3/4.
    5. step: Move your tray of jello shots made with tequila into the refrigerator for it to allow them to settle and become firm. The process can take anywhere from 5 to six hours.

    6. step: When the tequila shots have become firm and you’re prepared to serve them, they can be garnished by adding salted rims and lime wedge.
    7. step; is that you will require a small bowl in which to mix the salt, as well as a smaller bowl for adding the syrup.

    8. step: Gently flip the jello into a second layer and then dip the entire rim of the cup in the simple syrup and the salt. Be careful not to spill salt on the lime Jello. Put the salt-rimmed tequila shot on a tray for serving and then add one lime wedge onto the edge of the jello shot cup. Repeat the process with the remaining jello shots made with tequila.

    Jello Shot Cups

    Make your Jello shots with disposable small cups. It is all you have to do is mix the ingredients, pour the mix into tiny plastic cups, and you’ll have to wait.

    If you’re looking to take your photography further and go the extra mile, consider using shot glasses. Our selection of gorgeous shot glasses made by skilled artisans from Mexico can make your shot appear even more intriguing and appealing.
    Make your Jello shots in the form of an ice cube tray or baking dish. You can then slice the pieces after which you can place them on serving plates. This is an extremely luxurious method to impress your guests!

    Whatever cup you’re using the process of making these cups is similar.

    Recipe Tips

    • Make use of a device equipped with a spout for easy pouring JELLO mix into small cups.
    • Be careful not to fill the cups. Make sure that you leave some space at the very top of the cup.
    • Utilize a cookie sheet or tray to keep the tequila JELLO shots during the time they’re stored kept in the fridge. It makes it much easier to transport them.
    • There may be a need for spoons to help you eat the.

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