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how to make pennis thicker and longer naturally

    Men tend to believe that the larger your penis, the better your sex life. However, the truth is that most women prefer them to be with a bigger and more hefty penis. So how can you improve the size of your penis? Penis stretching refers to using devices or hands to lengthen the length of the penis. Does it even really matter if this might be happening? This article will explain this issue that is backed by recent research.

    Many men are happy to discover that there are many natural methods to increase the size of their penis. However, the real force behind your sword lies with you – the one who is the mastermind behind it. You can be sure that the size of your penis is more critical for us than our companions. A study published in the British Journal of Urology International (BJUI) proved this by revealing that 8 of 10 women were content with their partners’ penises. This means that most women would prefer to have a smaller amount than we men believe.

    This article could help you gain some weight but prefer to avoid an operation to enlarge your penis and the risk of harmful side adverse effects.

    Do You Have a Small Penis?

    After having measured more than 15,000 penises, researchers think that only those with penises smaller than 1.6 two inches, when flaccid or smaller than three inches they are erect, can improve the size of their penis, whether through penis surgery or any other method. About 2.5 percent of men are in that category.

    It is essential to determine the size of your penis correctly. Make measurements across its upper part from the point where it joins the body to the top of your glans. If you’re taking measurements of the penis’ thickness–i.e., its circumference–do this at the mid-point of the shaft.

    How can you enhance your sex life?

    The position you are in and your entry point can influence your sensitivity and enjoyment. Think about changing your approach! It could be that it increases your and your partner’s overall happiness.

    You can change your position.

    Certain positions permit deeper penetration and stimulate more nerves in both partners.

    Try this:

    Get some pillows. Place them on your partner’s butt, and then raise your partner’s legs onto your shoulders as you step into.
    When having a vaginal affair, make sure that your partner keeps your thighs together. This could cause the vaginal canal to narrow.
    Do it in a dog-like manner. For example, get your partner kneeling on their hands and come in from behind. This lets you both regulate the pace and movement.
    Kneel to the bandoleer. Place your partner on their backs and lift their feet, bringing their knees pointing towards their chest. You can kneel before them, placing their feet on your chests and their backs onto your legs as you enter.

    The majority of men desire an extended penis. This leaves men with an image that swells their thoughts over time. Do you realize that most women don’t seem to care about the length of your penis? There are some fascinating facts you must be aware of regarding the size of your penis.

    What is the Average Penis Size?

    Hormones are the main reason for the size of the penis. However, you cannot dismiss the influence of diet, genetics, and overall health as contributors. A flaccid ranges from 3.4 to 3.7 inches, and an erect penis is from 5.1 to 5.7 inches. When it comes to diameter, an erect penis can range between 3.5 inches and 3.9 inches. So, if you’re somewhere between these numbers, the penis will be perfect. However, if you’d like an increase in your endowment, you’ll be able to improve your situation.


    medical-grade vacuum pumps to the size of the penis and its girth

    Usually, a pump, commonly known as a penis pump, is used by males to treat and combat Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Penis pumps that are medical grade differ from those you’ve heard about but not the one you chuckled over during Austin Powers. Penis pumps that are medical grade allow males to have sexual relations through a process that increases profusion in the penis (more blood flow) to the corpus cavernosum in the flaccid penis. As a result, it creates an immediate erection and also grows the length and girth of the penis.
    Let’s talk about Penis Growth.
    The growth of the penises begins as soon as the boy reaches puberty. The typical timeline starts between the ages of nine and fourteen and continues through the following five years. However, there are some males for whom the penis continues to grow to their 20s.

    There is a consensus that the penis reaches its maximum length around either 18 or 19. The growth rate is pretty consistent from ages between 11 and 15. However, when a man turns nineteen, the pace is pretty slow. So if you’re feeling like your penis isn’t growing anymore, the chances are that it’s at its longest.

    1 IT’S NOT PERFECT FOR ERECTILE Dysfunction Only

    While a vacuum pump is used primarily to restore an erectile capacity, the mechanism that drives its efficacy can also be used to expand the penis and increase its length.

    Researchers from the Tehran University of Medical Sciences conducted a study on 37 men for 6 months to determine if these devices could effectively prevent longing the penile. However, since the vacuum pump method was developed initially for Erectile dysfunction, the research was only for 6 months. Therefore, the findings were temporary, primarily in terms of the growth of the penis.


    The size of your penis will become more prominent when you experience a sexual assault. So naturally, when you experience a stronger erection, you’ll have a larger penis to showcase to your partner. The secret to getting more powerful erections is training your penis in the most efficient way using a well-tested method such as The Private Gym, which has been proven scientifically to improve the strength of the abdominal muscles.


    Jelqing is a method for stretching the penis that can have many advantages and is beneficial to those suffering from the disease Peyronie’s. As per Healthline and The Journal of sexual medicine, penis stretching or exercises that traction is a method to make your penis lengthen, increase penis size, and increase girth. At first, it appears that stretching your penis is similar to masturbation. However, the jelqing workout lets you test and massage your body and increase the penis’ length and girth.

    Other natural alternatives

    Specific botanic treatments are effective in increasing the size of the penis. They improve the flow of blood into the penis, increasing its overall size and length. Specific botanic remedies include Cistanche Cnidium Cuscuta, Damiana, deer antler, etc. Our all-natural solutions for enlargement and growth of the penile and concentrate on expanding the penile chamber. It is a formula that boosts nitric oxide levels within the penile chamber and causes an increase in testosterone and other chemicals that lead to increased growth of the penile tissue and increased blood flow into the room.

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