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How To Make Pictures Fit On Instagram Without Cropping

    Instagram is a fantastic tool for sharing your daily highlights and experiences. The app’s high-quality images make it much more enjoyable. Everyone is looking for their photos to look great on Instagram, and when you find your perfect photo, it’s a pain when you see your image reduced in size by Instagram.

    Instagram has different aspect ratios. These include 4:5 for portraits and 1:1 for squares as well as 1.91:1 for landscape photos. If the image you upload doesn’t conform to the standards for pictures on Instagram, the image will be reduced to make it fit.

    There are various options to add images to Instagram and not have them cropped. These include resizing the image, adding borders, and using third-party software to fit your photo into the Instagram frame. Learn more to find out ways to make your pictures create a neater and more uniform look.

    How to make a Photo fit Instagram without cropping

    If you’d like to share a full-size picture on Instagram with no cropping required, you could attempt Microsoft Paint or iLoveIMG.

    Microsoft Paint

    Microsoft Paint is a built-in photo editor that runs on Windows. It allows you to alter the size of photos by per cent and by Pixels without cropping.

    Here’s how:

    Step 1: Look for the picture you wish to change the size to fit Instagram by right-clicking on it.

    Step 2: Select Open With > Paint to display the picture using Paint.

    Step 3: Click Resize. The pop-up will appear. Select Pixels and de-check the option Maintain aspect ratio.

    Step 4: Step 4 “1080” in the Horizontal box and “608” in the Vertical box. Select OK to apply the adjustments.

    Step 5: Choose File > Save to save your image in JPG size.

    How to Resize a Post for Instagram

    There are a lot of free photo Resizers available online. However, Kapwing is the best choice for resizing Instagram photos as it allows you to create white space in order it meets the ratio of 4:5.

    • If you use a mobile device, Go to and select Start.
    • Choose 4:5.
    • Tap Upload.
    • Tap Click to Upload.
    • Tap Files.
    • Visit your photos app and select the image you want to resize.
    • Check that the image appears how you like, then click Export.
    • Tap Export a JPEG.
    • There’s a preview of the image that has been edited. You can scroll down to see alternatives.
    • Tap Upload file.
    • Upload the resized image to Instagram as usual.


    Instagram is a wildly well-known photo social network. If you wish to get some interest in your Ins in the future, you should not have to post. Therefore, learning how to design a picture work on Instagram is vital.

    This blog post will discuss the dimensions required by Instagram’s image guidelines. We also discuss how you can make your picture appear on Instagram. This article will help you out. Thank you.

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