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how to make safari dark mode

    If you own an iOS device, i.e., iPhone or iPad, and wish to turn on dark Mode in Safari for iOS and iPadOS, follow this step-by-step guide. Here are the most effective methods to enable dark themes in Safari, the browser on iOS, or iPadOS. Apple has already added these features to these platforms. All you have to do is install the most current version of the respective platforms.

    We all use our computers and mobile devices for long periods of duration. While some experts do not claim to have a harmful image on their eyes due to the blue light, many people feel relieved when they enable darkness mode. Dark Mode may aid in reducing eye strain when watching the screen for an extended period.

    Today, nearly all mobile and desktop applications include a dark theme option, as with Safari. There is no exception for Safari available for iPhone or iPad and iPad. The most appealing feature of Safari is that you do not have to install any third-party software to access the dark theme, as Apple added this function a while.

    To help you, For your convenience, we have provided pictures of the iPad. But, you must follow similar steps and choices to enable the dark themes for your iPhone.

    How do You Enable the Dark Mode on unsupported Safari websites for iOS or iPadOS?

    You are thinking about how to enable dark Mode on websites that don’t support it. It’s not a built-in feature that can do this. Therefore, we’ll use the third-party Safari extension to activate a dark theme on non-supported websites. But don’t worry, the App Store contains some valuable extensions.

    After trying several extensions, I’ve found Nightfall good enough in all aspects. It’s even available for download for free. So, you don’t have to spend a dime to reap the benefits of this application.

    In addition, Nightfall supports not only iPhone and iPad but also Mac. For the OS requirements, ensure your device runs iOS 15 or later, iPadOS 15 or later, or macOS 11 or later.

    How can you enable your Mac to switch automatically to dark Mode?

    Mac night shift

    In the earlier section, the Auto function can set up your Mac to automatically change into dark Mode. Some users might not need darkness on constantly, so this might be the best option for them. Please turn off your VPN to ensure it can accurately determine your location.

    Another thing you have to turn off is the feature known as Night Shift. Night Shift is an inbuilt blue light filter that began appearing on MacBooks when Apple introduced Big Sur. Night Shift is not required in the case of a dark screen. Therefore you should turn it off.

    To do so, go to System Settings > Displays. On the left side is an option for an evening Shift button.

    When the box appears, select the Schedule menu, then select Off.

    Use Dark Reader Mode in Safari

    Safari has an integrated reader mode. It allows you to view a clear version of the page free of advertisements. It also comes with a dark theme that will enable you to read the content of websites that are dark, such as:

    Step 1: Open Safari and then open the website you wish to go to.

    Second step: click on the Reader mode icon on the left side of the address bar to enable it.

    Step 3. The page will load with a dark theme Reader view.

    It is now possible to enjoy the content on the website without distracting or straining eyes while in Dark Mode.

    Automatically Enable Reader Mode for Websites

    Are you looking to get Safari to automatically open the page in the dark Reader view? Follow these steps:

    First step: right-click the icon for Reader mode.

    Step 2: Select Reader Websites Preferences.

    Step 3. On the next screen, you can click on the drop-down list to select “When visiting other websites.”

    Step 4: Set it to On.

    Beginning today, the next time you click on an article, it will open in dark reader view. On will be displayed with the Dark Reader view within Safari.

    How to Turn On Dark Mode in Safari [iPhone/iPad]

    1. The Launch settings are available on either Your iPhone or iPad.

    2. Click to change your Display & Brightness settings.

    3. Click on the Dark option beneath the Appearance menu.

    Then, you’ll see the iOS device’s interface in dark colors.

    Enable Dark Theme on Reader Mode

    1. Start the Safari browser on either your iPhone or iPad.

    2. Go to a site you wish to view in Dark Mode.

    3. Click the A text button to the bar’s left for search.

    4. Then, click Show Reader View on the list of options.

    5. Click the aA button again to see the themes list.

    6. Finally, choose the Dark circle that you want to apply.

    Can I utilize Dark Mode with Chrome on Macs? Mac?

    Unfortunately, it’s not an option available by default. That means you’ll have to utilize a Chrome browser extension similar to the ones mentioned in the previous paragraphs. When you use the above steps to enable Dark Mode on your Mac, it won’t impact third-party applications or browsers such as Firefox and Chrome.

    Can I turn on Dark Mode with Mozilla Firefox on my Mac?

    Fortunately, yes! Firefox simplifies a lot of things than other browsers on the web, as well. Dark Mode is one of the most useful. Turning on Dark Mode on Firefox is similar to doing it for the Mac or PC. All you have to be able to do is tap the three horizontal lines located in the upper right-hand corner of the browser. After that, select ‘Add Ons. On the next page, you’ll find a Themes option on the left side; click, after which you can choose an option from the list to enable Dark Mode.

    There are a variety of colors, so pick one you like. In the meantime, the Firefox system will display the colors in Dark Mode, but not all websites will, and you might have to enable Night Eye in Mozilla or an additional add-on.

    Dark Mode and other applications

    Dark Mode is a feature that can be utilized to run other applications and not only your Safari browser. When dark Mode has been enabled, some apps will allow it automatically. Here’s a quick guide on activating and deactivating the most well-known applications on iOS.

    Plans – If you wish to have a dark background on maps with dark Mode turned on, start the app, choose “View,” then select “Use dark map.”

    Mail: If you wish to switch to light Mode while checking your email, go to your mailbox and choose “Email,” then “Preferences.” Select”View.” Click on the “View” tab and uncheck “Use dark backgrounds for messages.”

    Notes: Notes will be displayed in black if dark Mode is activated. You can switch it off by clicking “Preferences” and then deselecting “Use dark backgrounds for note content.”

    TextEdit: It is possible to change to dark Mode while you work in TextEdit by clicking “View,” then “Use dark background for Windows.”

    Safari: If dark Mode is turned on, the website will display as dark upon loading them. If certain websites aren’t compatible with Dark Mode, you should utilize Safari Reader.

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