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How To Make Spicy Mayo For Sushi

    This domestically made Japanese spicy mayo is a creamy, tangy, umami sauce that you must region on past sushi and poke bowls.

    Spicy mayo is a first-rate condiment to have inside the fridge. It’s of direction first-rate with Japanese materials like salmon rice bowls and shishito peppers. Still, it tastes tremendous as a dipping sauce for smashed potatoes and vegan onion rings.

    When eating out, it’s miles commonly served with high-quality sushi rolls and ahi tuna poke bowls. But you possibly never knew how easily you may make it at home.

    What Is Spicy Mayo Made of?

    Spicy mayo is an easy combination of mayonnaise and a warm sauce. As an alternative spiced mayonnaise, you can find out served on the facet of your preferred sushi is regularly made with Sriracha warm sauce.

    However, you could make versions with the resource of using other fairly spiced combos. Try chopped chipotle peppers with adobo sauce from the can to make a Tex-Mex spicy mayo. Give pretty spiced mayo a North African twist via the use of harissa.

    Is Spicy Mayo the Same as Yum Yum Sauce?

    While the two sauces are comparable in appearance, highly spiced mayo isn’t always like yum yum sauce. The yum yum sauce is only sometimes highly spiced, and the signature color comes from ketchup in preference to a warm sauce.

    What Can I Use Spicy Mayo For?

    Spicy mayo is a versatile condiment. It can be loved with sushi or as a flavorful dip or unfold. It is an extraordinary dip for french fries, in addition to slathered on a sandwich or hamburger bun.


    2 tablespoons mayonnaise

    2 teaspoons Sriracha warm sauce

    ¼ teaspoon sesame oil


    Place 1/2 cup mayonnaise, 2 tablespoons Sriracha, 1 teaspoon lime juice, and 1/eight teaspoon toasted sesame oil in a small bowl and stir to mix. Taste and add greater Sriracha if preferred. Serve right now, or switch to an airtight area and refrigerate for at least one month.


    Spicy Kewpie Mayo Sauce. Kewpie Mayo, togarashi, Sriracha, sesame oil, mirin.

    Mix additives: Add Kewpie mayo, Sriracha, sesame oil, togarashi, and mirin to a small bowl. Mix till the components are covered.

    Serve or maintain – serve right away or cowl and refrigerate for 5 days.


    Regular mayo – in preference to Kewpie mayo, you could use everyday mayo. It can also have a great deal, much less of an umami flavor, but it will be delicious.

    Vegan – use vegan Kewpie mayo instead of Kewpie mayo to make this recipe vegan.

    Chili powder – use chili powder, yuzu kosho, or gochujang (Korean chili powder) near togarashi.

    Rice vinegar: Use rice vinegar and 1 / 4 teaspoon of sugar if you do not have a mirin.


    Lemon – upload a dash of lemon zest or juice to give the sauce a colorful and lemony flavor.

    Soy sauce – add a splash of soy sauce to add a richer, deeper, umami flavor.

    Extra quite spiced – upload greater Sriracha and togarashi to make the sauce enormously spiced.

    Mild spice – make the sauce masses much less extensively spiced through a bargain, a great deal of Sriracha and togarashi.

    Lime juice: Add a squeeze for a high-quality and zesty flavor.

    Where can I discover Spicy Mayo Sauce?

    There is a debate available approximately this question. Is it much less complicated to make or less difficult to discover this issue in shops? I count on its miles manner less complicated to make, and you could control how surprisingly spiced the sauce is this way. If you are determined to shop for from shops, it can be discovered in the condiment aisle or the Asian meals aisle at most grocery stores. Or click on proper right here or the hyperlink to the proper to buy off Amazon.

    Why we adore this recipe

    Over the years, this recipe has often ranked among Umami Girl’s maximum famous and for the correct motive. It feels nearly like a magic trick — so short and easy but appreciably powerful at respiration into many meals.

    The thriller to sushi restaurants’ simple but truly epic extraordinarily spiced sauce is Japanese-style mayonnaise, which is much less tough than ever to seek out at domestic. This sauce’s -issue eating place model will be exactly what you got here right here looking for.

    How to make it

    Here’s a pinnacle stage view of what you may do to make a quick, clean, and completely stellar batch of rather spiced mayo for sushi — a fundamental restaurant version or deluxe model. You can see the stairs in motion within the video accompanying this submission and get all the information in the recipe card underneath.

    grade by grade

    • Place mayo and Sriracha into a small blending bowl for each variation.
    • Please give it a stir and flavor for a spice degree, adding extra Sriracha.
    • For deluxe mayo, stir in soy sauce and shallot.
    • The sauce is prepared to apply for sushi, poke, salads, and extra. That’s it!

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