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How To Make Sweet Cream Cold Foam

    This cold sweet foam makes a great topping for cold brew, coffee, or any coffee drink. And it’s a snap to prepare! What’s best is that it tastes exactly like the Starbucks sweet cream vanilla cold foam but may be more delicious!


    Sweet Cream Cold Foam is the topping Frothed Starbucks serves on their drinks. Starbucks takes sweet cream (the creamy liquid in the sweet cream cold brews they sell) to froth it, then pour in a froth to top off drinks with the foam.

    To make the cold brew with sweet cream, start by making sweet cream. When frozen, it’s a little light and fluffy than cream whipped, offering a more sweet and vanilla-like taste.

    I looked at the ingredients listed on Starbucks’ site to determine how best to prepare this cold foam. The ingredients are listed as milk, cream as well as vanilla syrup.

    Vanilla Sweet Cream vs Cold Foam

    Before we begin to cook the dish, let me clarify some things.

    My daughter has told me that many Starbucks customers are curious about the difference between cold foam, sweet cream, and cold foam.

    Incorporate whipped cream, and you’ll get a variety of delicious cream choices and plenty of confusion.

    We’ll start by making chilled foam.

    Vanilla syrup and heavy cream milk, and two glasses of cold brew coffee.
    Starbucks vanilla-flavoured sweet cream is created using just three ingredients.

    What exactly is cold foam?

    Starbucks cold foam is made of whipped non-fat milk served over cold-brew drinks. The first sip of a chilled glass with a topping of hard foam in one of the brand-new strawless cups offers an enjoyable blend of cream and coffee. It’s possible to imagine it as the ideal drink.

    For clarity, Starbucks cold foam is not just cold milk. The non-fat milk is blended at a very rapid speed using a blender that is blade-less. It results in the appearance of a “foam”, similar to melting ice cream.

    Naturally, you can request that the cold foam be served on top of any Starbucks beverage. However, it’s meant to be served along with Nitro cold brew.

    In addition, baristas can create cold foam with any milk. But, it might produce less foam than the non-fat dairy milk version.

    What exactly is vanilla sweet cream?

    Once you’ve figured out what cold foam is, Let me tell you exactly the vanilla sweet cream.

    Starbucks vanilla sweet cream is an easy mix of syrup, 22% milk, and heavy cream. The vanilla-flavoured cream makes the ideal addition of creamy flavour to a cold brew cup of coffee.

    However, if you purchase an alcoholic drink that contains sweet vanilla cream, that cream will not be made into foam.

    Consider this cream the thinner vanilla whipped cream that hasn’t yet been whipped.

    If you glance at the Starbucks menu image, note the sweet cream cascading down the cold beverage. It’s not a fluffy topping.

    What exactly is vanilla sweet cream cold foam?

    As of now, I’m confident that you’ll figure out what vanilla sweet cream cold foam is.

    Starbucks vanilla cold cream is simple vanilla sweet cream blended to create a rich foam. The cream mix is put into a special blender for the stiff froth to transform into sweet vanilla creamy cold foam!

    As Starbucks says, as a fog of sweet vanilla cool foam.

    Why you’ll love this recipe
    If you’re a fan of making sweet cream cold foam to the beverages you purchase at Starbucks, You’ll be thrilled to have the option of making it at home and mixing it into all of your favourite chilled drinks!

    This recipe is incredibly simple, especially when you own an electric mixer… It’s not needed for whipping (literally) the recipe; just a mason jar can suffice.


    It’s just three ingredients to create this delicious cold foam of sweet cream! It is. However, I would prefer making my vanilla syrup to make it. And should you decide to make that also, you’ll require some additional ingredients (and a little time to let it steep). If not, get an entire bottle!

    This is what you’ll require (see the recipe card near the lower of this post for ingredient amounts as well as full directions):

    • Milk
    • Heavy cream
    • Vanilla syrup (homemade or bought from the store)

    If you’re looking to make your homemade vanilla syrup (it’s simple! ), This is what you’ll need:

    • Water
    • Sugar that is granulated
    • Vanilla bean

    How Do You Construct Ice Cream Sweet Creme

    These are step-by-step directions for making sweet cream:

    Hand Mixed Method

    Incorporate cold heavy cream in an adequate-sized bowl.
    With a mixer or a hand mixer, beat the mixture until it reaches the consistency that can be poured and the desired thickness.
    Add sweetener, and optional vanilla, until it is blended.

    Electric Frother Method

    Pour the cream into the milk frother on an electric machine and adjust the setting to cold. Start frothing and push it until the milk reaches the consistency of foam that can be poured.
    Include sweetener and vanilla in the mixer, then mix it for a couple of seconds until blended.
    Serve cold foam with the coffee with ice or any other iced drinks.

    How do you Serve Sweet, Cold Foam

    Here are a few ideas to serve cold vanilla foam:

    • Serve it with just about all iced beverages.
    • Sweetened hard foam can be a wonderful topping for berries and other fruits.
    • Blend it into smoothies.
    • Add Strawberry milk or chocolate milk.

    Add a splash of the drink. Pour your favourite iced liqueur over ice, such as Irish cream, Rumchata, Bailey’s, Chocolate Liqueur, etc. This vanilla cold foam served over lemon Rumchata iced is simply amazing!!
    Create your honey almond milk cold brew or the salted caramel cream cold brew, and finish them with the delicious foam recipe.

    What’s the main difference between COLD FOAM and VANILLA SWEET CEAM COLD FAM?

    Cold foam is made from only skim milk and vanilla simple syrup. The resultant foam is mildly sweet and extremely it’s foamy! The foam is full of tiny bubbles. It could be smoother. It’s light and perfect to drink in the middle of your hot coffee.

    However, sweet cream cold foam is made of heavy cream, 22 per cent milk, and vanilla syrup. Because of the amount of fat in the cream and milk, this sweet, creamy cold foam will be slightly thicker and heavier than the lower-fat hard foam we discussed. It’s creamier, too!

    While it floats over the cold liquid, it is evident in the pictures that it seeps into the coffee. Then, you can hang it in the air over the beverage or stir it with your drink. Do what you want to do.


    Strawberry crunch cheesecake bites with cupcake pans or cupcake liners made of silicone.
    Spread the Golden Oreo crumbles and cheesecake fillings into mason jars that weigh 8 ounces for easy Strawberry crunch cheesecake containers!
    Also, you can make it easier by pouring the recipe for the cream cheese filling into a ready-to-use 10-inch pie crust made of graham crackers!
    You can also make this recipe using fresh and dried blueberries or raspberries!


    If you think you’ll end up with leftover vanilla sweet cream to use, do not froth it if you are planning to keep it.

    Please put it in an airtight jar or container, close it, and place it in the refrigerator for five days or more.


    It’s how you can make a cool vanilla foam that tastes as if Starbucks makes it!

    In truth, this sweet vanilla cream drink could be more delicious if made in the kitchen. This is also much less expensive and faster than taking the glass.

    It’s got the most amazing taste and soft texture that I have never stopped creating this delicious vanilla sweet cream cold foam. It’s become one of my most-loved cold coffee drinks iced, and I think it’ll also be one of yours!

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