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How to manage subscriptions on google play

    One benefit of Google Play Billing is its ability to manage all your subscriptions from one location; however, its UI and functions are inaccessible for Android.

    In the menu of your account within the Google Play Store Android app, select “Payments & subscriptions,” then choose “Subscriptions,” which returns a blank page. “Discover subscriptions” and “Get started” give the impression that you’re paying something yet.

    You can also find your subscriptions listed on the list. Active subscriptions have an upcoming payment date; tapping it will bring you back to the same page.

    In other words, you can’t change your subscriptions with your Play Store app on Android now. However, the workaround is visiting in a web browser.


    Making use of Google Play Store Google Play Store to handle your subscriptions has many advantages. It offers a single interface that lets you manage your subscriptions in various ways, showing you when you are due and the due date. It also enables you to manage your timetable for payments easily. If you have carrier billing, this is a one-time payment at the close of each month instead of a series of smaller payments.

    Although subscriptions such as Netflix and Spotify can’t be found in the Play Store, there’s a large selection of apps and services, including the most popular like Duolingo, Disney Plus, Dropout, and gacha-themed games.

    How to Manage Your Google Play Subscriptions From Your Computer

    You can also control the details of your Google Play subscriptions from your personal computer. It’s necessary to visit Google Play’s Google Play site and sign up for an account with subscriptions you wish to view.

    Click on the picture of your profile and select the subscriptions tab. The subscriptions you have will be split into two categories: Current and Expired. Choose the Manage opportunity to find out more details, like when you’ll get charged a second time, your primary payment method, your backup method, and the feature to unsubscribe.

    To cancel your subscription, select”Cancel” in the Cancel subscription feature and then select the reason for withdrawing. Make sure you confirm your cancellation, and your Subscription will be gone. You can go through the exact steps to verify if you don’t recall your renewal date.

    Unsubscribe from the internet

    Notification: Removing the application won’t cancel your account.


    Verify that you’re logged in with the right Google Account.

    To the left, you can click My Subscriptions.

    Choose the Subscription that you wish to stop.

    Click Manage > Cancel Subscription.

    When you see the confirmation message, Click Yes

    Restarting a Subscription

    You’d want to renew your subscription once you’ve had a few months. It’s pretty simple to renew subscriptions to apps like Fitbit Premium. Follow the instructions below to get started with another subscription.

    Open Play Store on your mobile device using the app or the browser.

    Choose “Payments and Subscriptions” and select “Subscriptions.”

    Click or tap on the account you cancelled or stopped.

    Select “Manage” then “Resume” to verify.

    The Subscription is activated in a matter of minutes, and you can enjoy all the benefits associated with a premium account.

    How To Setup Privacy

    The process of getting started by registering with Privacy is straightforward. You must complete the following four steps:


    Give the necessary information for verification of your identity.

    Connect a bank account or debit card

    Make sure you request your virtual card

    Privacy Virtual Cards can be used on most merchants and websites that take U.S. Mastercard(r) and Visa(r) card transactions, includ, ing Linincludeemium and Tinder Gold, and streaming platforms like Apple TV, Philo, and Amazon Music.

    This plan offers complete free domestic transactions. It comes with 12 virtual cards each month. You also get access to browser extensions, Mobile apps, expenditure limits and a closure or pausing of cards.

    Do I have the choice of with my Google Play Store subscriptions after the cancellation?

    Yes. You can access your subscription for payment throughout the current period. Of course, there is a limit to this. The only exception is when you ask for reimbursement.

    What time do I have to request a refund?

    If it is applicable and compatible with the terms you agreed to when signing up, you’ll be eligible for an exchange if you ask for it within the first 48 days.


    Subscribers to Google Play Store Google Play Store is an easy way to receive access to premium features and material inside your most loved applications. With this easy-to-follow guide, you can explore and manage your subscriptions. You can make educated choices about the services to sign up for and how to receive the maximum benefits from these subscriptions. Be sure to periodically review and monitor your subscriptions to ensure they align with your personal preferences and requirements. Enjoy your Subscription!

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