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How To Mark All Emails As Read Gmail

    It is easy to create a group email using Gmail (sometimes known as distribution lists or mailing lists) and then send an email to the contacts in just a few clicks. This is convenient as it doesn’t require you to manually enter several names into the “To” line of an email every time you’re required to send an email.

    If you’re like many Gmail users and have an inbox filled with hundreds or even thousands of emails that have not been read, it can be challenging to determine if you have new messages. Making sure to mark all your notes that you have read may help you get a new beginning and assist you in prioritizing but Gmail’s default interface allows only keeping one page of messages each time. Do not go over your mail page after page using Gmail’s advanced searching feature, which permits the user to highlight all your statements that are not read at the same time.

    What exactly is the meaning behind marking every email as read?

    This means that we must mark all messages or conversations in an archive file as read. The word “read” means that we have gone through the news, and the message doesn’t require any attention.

    The read message and the unread message appear different to attract users’ interest. You can choose any folder like Updates, Social, Primary, etc., in the Inbox.

    How can I mark all emails as read by Gmail?

    This can be accomplished in just a few steps:

    You can access your Gmail account from your browser
    On the bar of search, enter: unread and then press Enter.
    Click on the Select All checkbox.
    Choose the option marked in blue “Select all conversations that match this search.”
    Hit the Mark as a reading button.

    How to Mark All Emails in Gmail Inbox as Read on iPhone

    The counter can be helpful; however, displaying this many numbers isn’t an excellent way to know the number of new emails you must read. Furthermore, you do not wish to read all emails and mark each one as read. Google Mail has a button that allows you to keep all messages read; however, it is only applicable to emails on the current page. This is how you can mark all messages within Your Google Inbox in the Inbox as reading. Note that you aren’t able to perform this on your iPhone. I’d suggest using a laptop or computer because it’s much more manageable.

    1:Open Gmail

    2:Type in: unread into the search box at the top and then click the Search button to search for all emails unread.

    Click on the checkbox at the top left of the Inbox screen to choose all emails.

    You will now notice that all emails displayed in this list are chosen. You’ll need to filter all the emails that are in your Inbox. So, click to click “Select all conversations that match this search.”

    Select the button More (3-dot icon) located to the right of the toolbar. Select Mark As Read

    All done. It should be possible to see the counter for email disappearing on your iPhone shortly. If you have different ways to mark your email messages as read on your iPhone and share your thoughts with us by leaving comments below.

    How to Mark Emails as Read in Gmail on the Web

    If you’re on Google’s Gmail website for the Windows or Mac machine, you can mark individual or all messages as read.

    To mark an email as read, hover your mouse over an email in your Inbox and click the “Envelope—”Envelope” button.

    To mark multiple email messages as you have read, you can use “Select” to save various emails when you read the “Select” tool on the left side of the email list. Select the “Checkmark” icon for all emails you want to check read.

    If you want to label all emails displayed on your screen as read, select the “Check Mark” icon from the toolbar above. All currently displayed emails will be marked as read. Use the “Select all conversations” or “Select all conversations” options to select all conversations in your Inbox or by category.

    After making your selection, click on the “Mark As Read” button on the toolbar at the top. It will then mark chosen email messages as reading.

    To mark emails as not read, You can choose the email and click”Mark as Unread. “Mark As Unread” button from the toolbar.

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