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How To Pair Sony Speaker to Iphone

    Bluetooth can be used to pair an audio device with an iPhone/iPod touch or iPad. The settings icon allows you to change the pairing mode on your audio device. By tapping on the Settings icon, you can access the settings for your mobile device. To use Bluetooth, click the Bluetooth icon. To access Bluetooth settings, click on the Settings icon. Make sure Bluetooth has been turned on. Look under OTHER DEVICES to locate the audio device.

    Verify Bluetooth connections between devices

    If the Bluetooth connection between your headphones/speakers and multiple devices is broken, please check the Bluetooth connection. You can then reconnect with the desired audio source again. Check the manuals to learn how to disconnect the Bluetooth connection from the other device.

    Notice: Although the headphones or speakers can be linked to multiple devices, they are not compatible with more than one device.

    Why won’t my Sony Speaker connect to my Iphone?

    If the Speaker isn’t charging, plug it into an AC outlet or connect to a computer. A speaker that is not initialized may prevent an iPhone/iPad/iPod from connecting to it. After being deleted from the iPhone/iPad/iPod, you should pair it again.

    How do I reset my Sony Bluetooth speaker?

    If the Speaker does not turn on or is not working, please open the cap and push the RESET button. The Speaker will now turn it on after being reset. Once you push the RESET button, the Speaker will be turned on.

    Why is my Sony Bluetooth speaker not working?

    You can delete your Bluetooth source device’s speaker device information and then pair the device again if it is already registered. Connect the Speaker with a Wi-Fi network to delete information from your Bluetooth device. Click on the button to activate Bluetooth pairing.

    How do you sync your iPhone with your Sony speaker?

    • Set your audio device to Pairing Mode.
    • In the mobile phone’s settings, tap Settings. Tap Bluetooth. – Tap Bluetooth settings. – Turn Bluetooth On.
    • Select the audio gadget from the OTHER DEVICES section.


    You’ll Learn:
    How to pair your Sony XB20 Speaker with an Android, iOS, or Windows device.
    Before We Start:
    Make sure your Speaker is fully charged and ready to go.

    1 Pairing Mode
    Hold down the Power/Bluetooth switch until you hear rapid flashing of the Bluetooth light and beeps.

    If your NFC-enabled device is nearby, you can place it near the NFC logo to pair it with your device.

    How do I pair my Sony Bluetooth Speaker with my computer?

    If the Speaker is turned on for the first time, the Bluetooth indicator should appear.
    When you hear the Bluetooth indicator or voice guidance, the Speaker will switch to pairing mode. To hear the voice guidance, press and hold the power key.
    Within five minutes, pair your source device.
    Why does my Sony Bluetooth speaker stop connecting to my iPhone?
    Hold the reset button down. Go to the settings on your device and check that Bluetooth is enabled. The Bluetooth light will blink white if it is in close proximity to the pairing device. If the Bluetooth light does not flash in white, hold the pairing key down until it beeps.

    Incapable of pairing the Speaker with a Bluetooth device

    Keep the BLUETOOTH and Speaker within 1 m (3ft) of one another.
    If the indicator (BLUETOOTH) is not flashing quickly and white, press the power button PAIRING until you hear a beep and the indicator (BLUETOOTH) begins flashing quickly and white.
    A USB AC adaptor is required to connect the Speaker (not supplied) to a booted PC or AC outlet. You can also charge the battery by plugging it into a USB AC adaptor (not supplied).
    The Speaker may not allow an iPhone/iPad/iPod to be connected to it after it has been initialized. This is why you need to delete any pairing information from the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch and then pair them again.

    Why aren’t Bluetooth Speakers Connecting?

    Setting > System > Advanced > Setup Options will allow you to reset your Android smartphone’s WiFI, Bluetooth, and mobile settings. If you own an iOS device or an iPadOS device, you will need to unpair them all. You can do this by selecting the info icon and choosing to Forget This Device.

    How to connect Sony SRS XB12 with iPhone

    After turning off your SRS XB12 (the power button is black), follow these instructions to link it to your iPhone. For this demonstration, we’re using an iPad Air computer because we don’t have an iPhone at the moment. However, the procedure works almost exactly the same.

    1. Go to the Home Screen for your device
      To open the home screen on your smart device, press the Home key.
    2. Get the Settings App
      We found ours as shown on the next page of the Homepage screen.

    Image of an iPad Home screen. The Settings App is highlighted by an arrow. How to connect the Sony SRS XB12 iPhone to it.
    iOS Home Screen With Settings App Highlighted

    1. Setup the Settings App
      Third, tap the Settings app icon.

    The smartphone will now display the first page from its settings.

    1. Follow the Bluetooth Settings Page for How to Connect the Sony SRS XB12 To an iPhone
      Our Bluetooth Settings screen displays as follows. Our Bluetooth is activated here. It is not listed in the BT device list because it is currently off (it isn’t in Bluetooth pair mode). We also don’t see the XB12, as we have never connected it to our iOS device.
    2. Turn on the wireless Speaker Sony SRX XB12
      You can turn the XB12 on by pressing its Power button quickly. You can see this in the next photo, which is marked with the green arrow.

    Sony SRS XB12 Portable Speaker Power Off, Showing the -Power – Button

    The Speaker will then power up, and its status light blinks blue, as you can see in the next photo. This is a sign that the Speaker is ready for a Bluetooth connection request. If it slows blinks, it’s waiting passively for the Bluetooth connection request. If it flashes quickly, it’s sending its Bluetooth connection information over Bluetooth to let other devices find it.

    However, your iPhone is not yet aware of the Speaker and therefore will not automatically pair with the SRS XB12.

    Picture of the Speaker turned ON, and the Status lamp lit. How to connect the Sony SRS XB12to an iPhone
    The Status lamp was lit, and the Speaker turned ON.

    1. Set the Speaker in BT Pairing Mode
      Now place your Sony SRS XB12 speakers in Bluetooth pairing/discovery mode to view them on your iPhone. When the Speaker sounds twice, hold down the Power button. Once the status lamp blinks quickly, release the Power key. Look for the green arrow, which points to the Power button.
    2. Continue reading to find the Speaker on your Smartphone.
      You can see the screen below. Our SRS XB12 was found, as indicated by the green arrow.

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