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how to put apple watch on vibrate

    Tired of missing Apple Watch notification alerts? You don’t want to miss important notifications. Read our guide to making Apple Watch vibrate to get notifications.

    Apple Watch is one smartwatch you should consider. Every part of it is thoughtfully designed. You will be alerted about any notifications, messages, or calls.

    Apple Watch can make sounds and vibrate like your iPhone to notify of any notification. This is how your Apple Watch can vibrate for notifications if it hasn’t been done before.

    How to Make Apple Watch Vibrate Only on Your Watch

    Here’s how your Apple Watch can vibrate.

    Go to the Home Screen. The digital crown can be found on the right-hand side, just below the Apple Watch.

    Navigate To Settings. You’ll see the Settings icon. Click on it. It will appear as a small cog in silver.

    Navigate the Sounds Settings. In the first few options, you won’t see it. Scroll down until Haptics and Sounds appear.

    Adjust the Haptics Settings. Click on the slider near it to turn it on. When it turns blue, it indicates that it’s active.


    It will default when you turn on the settings. It can be made prominent to put more emphasis on the alerts.

    Apple Watch does it have a Do Not Disturb Schedule?

    Press the Digital Crown/Home on the clock screen and then choose the. Settings app

    Scroll to the bottom and choose Focus. Then, click on Do Not Disturb.

    Select Add new to make a reservation for Do Not Disturb.

    Select from or To.

    What are Crown Haptics and Apple Watch?

    Apple Watch Series 4 (and later) provides tactile feedback for the Digital Crown. This makes scrolling through content more enjoyable. The Digital Crown rotates and the system gives users linear haptic detents (or taps) by default.

    How to use Apple Watch with Vibrate for Messages

    Apple Watch will automatically vibrate only when it receives messages. This is unless you set the device to silent mode and enable haptic notifications. However, it is possible to configure the Messages application on the smartwatch so that it vibrates only when it gets a new message.

    Open the Apple Watch App on your iPhone that is connected.

    Go to My Watch and click on Messages.

    Haptic should be turned on in Alerts. This will ensure that the alert vibrates only when a new message is received.

    How can I turn off notifications coming from an app on my Apple Watch using the Apple Watch App Controls?

    You can disable notifications from specific apps on your Apple Watch. To do this, go to the Settings menu. Navigate to the Apple Watch Application > My Watch Section> Notifications > Select the app to be disabled and then click “Notifications Off”.

    Why is my iPhone not vibrating when I have my Apple Watch on me?

    If your iPhone is locked and vibrates are disabled, you will not receive any notifications or vibrations on the iPhone. If your iPhone is locked, it might be in silent mode with vibration disabled. Settings > Sound & Hippotics > Vibrate Silent to make your iPhone vibrate.


    Guys, that’s it. This guide will teach you how to make Apple Watch vibrate just for notifications. You can also disable haptic input for the digital crown to increase the strength and power of your watch’s vibrations.

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