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how to put multiple pictures on instagram story

    Sharing Instagram stories is one of the current fundamentals of online interactions. It is possible to share any content via Instagram stories. It could be the photos of your most recent excursion or even the latest album you’re currently listening to memes or even random thoughts.

    With the myriad of custom features available on Instagram, you can create your unique style for each post. In addition, stories are only temporary so you can customize them to your liking!

    Presently, posting photos to the Instagram story is generally easy. However, adding more than one picture is more difficult. If you’re trying to figure out how to post more than one photo in the Instagram story, you’ve found the right spot.

    In this post, we’ve discussed four ways to add multiple photos to your Instagram story for both IOS as well as Android users. Continue reading to find out how!

    How do you add multiple photos to an Instagram Story?

    Creating a Story series consisting of several photos from your library takes seconds on Instagram and lets you add up to 10 images at each time. Here’s how:

    Click the camera to start your Story.

    Click the picture icon located at the lower right on display.

    Select the icon with multiple photos to open the gallery of your photos.

    Tap the images you would like to add to the order you would like to display within your Stories. A number will appear as you tap each picture to show the order. You can include up to 10 images in your Stories at one time.

    Tap Next to add stickers, text, or music to your photographs. Tap Next to begin adding stickers, text, or music to yours.

    After you’ve edited your photos, click Next.

    Use Tap Your Story to share your pictures in chronological order.

    How do you share your Instagram collage? Story

    You’ve created a collage on your smartphone that you’re eager to show the world. You need to upload it to Instagram Story. Instagram Story like you would any other picture.

    Do you need some refreshers? Don’t worry. Learn how to utilize Instagram Story create mode. Instagram Story lets you publish an image using your phone’s camera roll.

    1. Start the Instagram application and click the plus icon on the right side of your screen. Choose Story. This will let you access the camera roll. Tap the collage you want to upload.

    2. Include any additional texts, stickers, or effects you’d like to add. Once you’re finished, click the arrow at the corner to the right.

    3. Select the best place to publish the Instagram account’s Story (to your public account, on the Close Friends List, or send it out as an encrypted message). Press the Share button when you’re all set to share your Story.

    If you’re now an expert at creating stunning collages on Instagram Stories, you’re ready to start creating beautiful collages for Instagram Story, looks like you’ve got some time on your hands. It’s a great time to learn more helpful tips for using the power of your Instagram Stories for business.

    Use Layout To Add Multiple Photos On Instagram Stories

    Have you had a look at the latest Instagram Layout? This fantastic tool can create collages of your favorite photos for Instagram Stories. Here’s how to make it happen:

    Step 1. Step 1: Open Instagram Stories by tapping the camera icon in your screen’s top left corner.

    Step 2. Click the Layout button on the left-hand side of your screen.

    Step 3: Look through the various layout options on the menu below the shutter button.

    The fourth step is to choose the photos for your collage and click the photo icon to the left lower corner.

    The 5th step: you can add stickers, text, or music when you’ve created your collage by using the icons right at the very top.

    Step 6: To show your layout to the people you follow, tap on Your Stories.

    How do I add multiple images in one Instagram story on Android?

    The feature is also available on Android devices but was just recently. Android users had to utilize third-party apps to make grids or collages to include multiple images in an Instagram Story. With the new photo feature, it’s much simpler.

    Follow the steps below for how to add more photos to the Instagram story using Android:

    1. Start Instagram on an Android device.

    2. Click on “Your Story” in the upper right area of the screen.

    3. Make a snap, upload one, or select the background color.

    4. Click to activate the “Sticker” icon at the top of your screen.

    5. Select”Photo” from the “Photo” Tool.

    6. Select the photo you would like to include in your Story.

    7. Tap on it to alter its shape.

    8. You can change its direction by holding it while dragging its position across your screen.

    9. Click the image to make it bigger or smaller.

    10. Follow the same procedure for each additional photo you want.

    11. Once you’re done when you’re done, tap”Your Story” in the “Your story” bubble at the bottom-left edge of the screen.

    Why would you want to add more pictures to Your Instagram Story?

    Learning how to add multiple photos in Instagram stories is essential for those who are avid Instagram users. This will not only help you save time but also allow you to create visually pleasing coherent, collages-like Instagram stories that create extremely engaging and captivating content.

    Now that this feature is available, every Instagram story you share will be sure to be a major impact. If you’d like to know if anyone has taken a picture of your post, check this article. If Instagram does not allow you to upload photos, This article will assist!

    What’s the best method to add multiple images to your Instagram Story

    So, as we’ve discovered, there are plenty of ways to add more than one picture to the Instagram Story. The choice is based on what you want to capture and how you plan to present the image.

    Businesses wishing to highlight the latest deals could prefer the standard alternative we discussed earlier in the article. But there are times when you need to choose alternative alternatives. For instance, a person at a trade show might favor using the Boomerang or Multi-Capture.

    Explore these options to determine what works best in different settings. This is the best way to get the most out of the benefits of Instagram Stories for your business.

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