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How To Put Two Pictures Side By Side On Iphone?

    Do you want to know how to place two images together on an iPhone? It isn’t possible to do this with the gallery app by default. You’ll have to utilize the Shortcuts application or a third-party app. Many of these applications offer free trial periods.

    I wanted to merge two of my favourite images for my profile photo and was able to do it using the shortcuts app. I’ve covered how you can accomplish this using the app and other available apps.

    How do you Do Side by Side on the iPhone?

    If you’d like to create a side-by-side image on your iPhone, it is possible to do this by either using an online program or using an app installed on your phone. The online tool allows users to upload photos stored on their desktop computer into the online tool and create a picture together. If you have both images on your iPhone and iPad, you could utilize an app to upload them to your gallery.

    Mix images by using Shortcuts

    The most efficient and straightforward method to place two or more pictures in a row is to use a designated shortcut. A shortcut does not require an app from a third party and is the most efficient method to join images using your iPhone.

    The main drawback is that you’ll need to create the shortcut; initially, this could be a bit difficult to set up, but once you’ve done this, it’s straightforward to utilize. The shortcut isn’t as powerful in capabilities compared to the actual applications. It’s therefore only valid when you need to connect a few photos and without any hassle. If you’re looking for more advanced grids and layouts, you’ll need to use a third-party application.

    Shortcuts that blend photos are readily available for download across the web. But, I’m going to demonstrate how to make an original one. Let’s go with the most basic solution to combine horizontally and save them in the gallery.

    Layouts by Instagram

    It doesn’t require any background information about Instagram. The most popular social media platform allows users to share videos and photos. Instagram also provides apps and tools to help us make our pictures and videos appear better. The Layout is among the apps offered by Instagram.

    Make use of Photoshop Express.

    Photoshop Express has become my preferred third-party application for combining several images using the iPhone. It’s easy to use but offers many alternatives at the same time. It also provides a variety of editing options. Here’s how to merge several photos using Photoshop Express:

    Get Photoshop Express from the App Store.
    Start the app, and then select Collage.
    Choose the images you wish to combine, then tap Next.

    Utilizing Siri Shortcuts App Siri Shortcuts App

    If you’ve got the Shortcuts application installed on your iPhone, it is easy to open it and follow the following steps. If you don’t already have it, visit the Apple App Store and install it there. The Shortcuts app is only available for iOS 12 and above.

    How can you create an image collage with iPhone without an app?

    There are many methods to create an image collage with your iPhone without needing an application. One option is to make use of Photos. Photos program to build a collage of photos. Launch your Photos app and choose the images you want to include in your Collage. Next, press the “Share” button and select “Collage.” It will then create a collage. Photos app will make an image collage with your chosen photos.

    Take photos side-by-side with ease on an iPhone.

    There’s no reason to master complicated photo editing abilities when you need to join photos on an iPhone. Utilizing the two simple techniques above, you can swiftly and efficiently have all of the images you have selected combined into one.

    How can you create a montage with iPhone?

    There are many methods to create a montage with your iPhone. One way is to utilize apps such as Diptic as well as PicPlayPost. These apps let you quickly make collages and montages using your videos and photos.


    If you’re looking to combine two images in a single shot on iOS without using third-party applications, you can use the Shortcuts application. Create a shortcut that lets you select and merge multiple photos. Save the new image under Recent Photos.

    The Layout created by Instagram is straightforward to use. However, it isn’t as advanced as Photoshop Express. This is why I would recommend using it primarily when you need to create collages quickly.

    It’s that simple. There are many choices for putting two photos side-by-side with your smartphone. Therefore, you can pick the one that fits your needs most. Please tell us in the comments below if you have any feedback or questions.

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