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How To Raid On Twitch

    Are you interested in raiding? The feature was first introduced in the keynote of 2017’s TwitchCon presentation; the concept of raiding has become an essential part of the live-streaming world. Whether you’re a brand-new creator who’s just beginning to explore streaming or a fan who would like to learn more about this intriguing feature, we’re sure you’ve thought about how you can get into Twitch.

    Then you’re at the right spot!

    In this brief guide to raiding, we discuss the ins and outs of raiding. This includes:

    • How to do it
    • How do you manage and configure raids?
    • The advantages of raiding
    • The distinctions from similar features, such as hosting
    • In the end, We’ll guarantee you’ll be able to snare anyone on Twitch.

    What Is a Twitch Raid and How Does It Work?

    Let’s get started with the fundamentals. Raiding is a practical feature that allows you to move your live viewers to another channel when the stream has ended. You may use it in conjunction with your live stream. However, visitors who arrive will only view your stream, not the raid targets. This is why it’s better to apply it after the broadcast.

    Twitch raids let you extend the fun by redirecting viewers to a different stream.

    It’s also an excellent opportunity to develop an understanding of the community among your fellow streamers. Raiding is a great social experience where streamers can help each other.

    Imagine the benefits of raiding a more significant channel and then having the track recognize it and raid back! The increase in follower count is just one of the potential benefits of raiding. We’ll discuss the advantages in greater detail later in our article.

    Let’s now focus on the collaborative part of raiding, similar to hosting.

    Twitch Raid Basics

    RAIDS on Twitch are when viewers from one channel join together to view a different channel of the streamer. If a streamer has to end the stream they’re streaming, or even during a stream, they’ll publish the link or inform viewers to go to an alternative stream. The viewers will then go to another stream to raise the viewer count significantly.

    This contrasts with Hosts, where viewers remain on the streamer’s channels and will chat. The majority of the time, raids are viewed as superior to hosting since they boost the number of views a streamer can get and allow chats to be more. However, there are times when the Host is the best option when you wish to refrain from interrupting the streamer’s talk or disrupting their concentration!

    How can you avoid missing the Raid?

    A Twitch Raid stream can help your stream. However, you’re only given a short time frame to maximize its benefits of it. If you’re immersed in your game, you might miss the notification in chat. This is often the case, especially when you are in a busy conversation.

    To prevent this, you can install a widget for free known as Sidekick with an auto-shoutout feature. It can also let you play it automatically and broadcast Twitch clips that show the raider! Who wouldn’t be thrilled by this? Sidekick is simple to set up and has various other distinctive features, so it’s worth a look.

    How can I get into Twitch?

    Now that you understand what a raid is, how can you execute one? Follow these steps to find out how to use an attack on Twitch:

    To begin raiding, type /raid doomed in what channel you’d like to be intruding in chat. If you want to go after Imane “Pokimane” Any, enter the command /raid pokimane.
    If that doesn’t work, you can always try using the Raid Channel option on your dashboard.
    When you’re done, you’ll get a pop-up in chat that will inform you of the number of people who are participating in the event. After ten seconds, press the Raid now button to redirect your viewers onto the brand-new channel.
    There’s nothing to it. You can help your users to exaggerate the person who was targeted in particular because a message on chat will inform everyone of the Raid.

    Some channels are not raidable, however. When some users began using raids to propagate hate, Twitch added new settings in the creator dashboard that let users stop all attacks or allow them to be allowed on specific channels. It could be because of this if you’re unable to access a channel for raids.

    Here you go, an easy guide on how to get on Twitch. This should allow you to get the word out, especially if you’ve discovered what it takes to broadcast on this platform.


    This quick guide to gaining access to Twitch is a great feature that lets you make known new streamers trying to get into the game. If you’ve any queries regarding how to make a raid on Twitch, you can send us a message through the comments below, and we’ll respond to you as quickly as possible. If interested, go to our community hub, where you can chat about anything Twitch-related with like-minded fellow Twitch users.

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