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How To Refresh Browser

    A hard refresh cleans your browser’s cache for a specific web page that makes it load the most current version of the page. This could be a result of new styles, scripts or features.

    Important: Clicking on the “Refresh” arrow on your browser’s address bar isn’t an actual hard refresh. Here’s how to remove your cache using an unintentional refresh on any browser:

    Google Chrome

    Windows users: press Ctrl while pressing F5 on your keyboard.

    Mac users: Hold Cmd and Shift, then hit R on your keyboard.


    To Windows users: press Ctrl while pressing F5 on your keyboard.

    Mac users: Hold down? Cmd and ? Shift, then press R on your keyboard.

    Safari (Mac)

    • Go to Safari > Empty Cache, or hit Opt + Cmd + E
    • Click the refresh button in the address bar or press Cmd + R to refresh.
    • Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge (Windows)
    • Hold Ctrl down and then hit F5 on your keyboard.

    How to Perform a Hard Refresh in Your Browser

    For most browsers on PC and Mac, it is possible to perform an easy action to make an immediate refresh. Press the shift key of your keyboard. Then click on the icon for reload on the toolbar of your browser.

    Reload the browser on Google Chrome on Windows 10

    There are keyboard shortcuts that accomplish the same hard refresh. Since there are a variety of ways to accomplish the same task, the following shortcuts are listed below:

    Chrome, Firefox, or Edge for Windows Use Ctrl+F5 to open them. (If this doesn’t work, Try Shift+F5 and Ctrl+Shift+R).

    Chrome or Firefox for Mac: Press Shift+Command+R.

    Safari for Mac There isn’t a shortcut on the keyboard to refresh your browser. Instead, use Command+Option+E to clear the cache, and then hold Shift down and select Reload on the toolbar.

    Safari on iPhone and iPad There’s no method to force a refresh of the cache. You’ll need to go through your browser’s settings to delete its cache.

    When you complete this hard refresh, you will notice the website page going empty, and the loading process will take longer. This is because the web browser has downloaded all the images and data on the website.

    If forcing refresh did not solve the problem, try a fresh refresh. If that doesn’t work, the issue may be related to the site itself, or your browser might need an update. Best of luck!

    Why should I refresh the cache of my browser?

    While storing webpages in the browser’s cache helps load pages quicker, it also means that any changes made to the website’s content don’t always show up until you make a complete refresh. Many of our web design clients have noticed that when we implement modifications to their website, visitors aren’t aware of the changes until they go to the website. We also use constant hard refreshes in SEO work to ensure we’re seeing new results from search engines.

    The reason is that the browsers they use have cached versions. In this scenario, you will need to hard refresh your browser to remove your cache and download new content. Making a hard refresh simple, and the steps differ under the software and browser you’re using.

    If you prefer learning visually, we’ve created the following infographic you can download. If you share it, refer to Fabric by pointing to our site.

    Auto-Refreshing the Browser

    There is a way to automatically refresh the browser of Android by using third-party software such as Dolphin Tab Reload, described in the instructions below.

    Visit the Play Store on the main screen of the Android device.

    Installation of the Dolphin browser and using the Dolphin Tab Reload application.

    Start your Dolphin browser, and navigate through a site.

    To refresh your browser, click”Control Panel” to refresh your browser’s “Control Panel” icon at the upper-right corner.

    Choose”Tab Reload” or the “Tab Reload” option, and your browser will be refreshed successfully.


    In this article for refreshing the web browser of an Android smartphone, we’ve covered several methods to assist you in refreshing pages with the latest information in your browser. We’ve also covered the installation of a third-party browser and its app that automatically refreshes browsing tabs.

    I hope one of these strategies has worked for you, and now you can have a smooth and enjoyable browsing experience.

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