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How to Remove a Crown on Discord

    Do you notice an inscription with a crown beside yours or someone else’s name on Discord? Here’s a detailed explanation of what it means and ways to take it off.

    There’s the crown symbol on the right side of someone’s name when you visit the Discord server. If you create the server yourself, you’ll also receive the fancy crown. The crown represents the owner of the server.

    The crown symbol may disappear. It could be that yours is gone, and you’re looking to get it back. No matter what you’re in, we’ll give you all the information you need to learn concerning Discord crowns. Discord crown.

    What Does the Crown Mean?

    In Discord, the crown icon appears next to the server’s administrator members’ names. You only have to go to the server and review the members’ list on the left. There, you’ll be able to see the entire list of members on your server and the crown badge.

    The crown signifies who runs the server. It also shows other users who is in charge and whom they should contact with any problems. Some people associate it with confidence or responsibility. However, some may prefer to keep an eye on their servers in a way that is not noticed or ignored.

    Get rid of the crown on Discord Mobile App (Android and iOS)

    1. Log into the Discord server, and then tap the menu with three dots on the right side of the server’s name. In the menu that pops up, select “Settings” to see your server’s settings.

    2. In the “User Management” settings, select “Roles” and click the floating action button to create an entirely new role.

    3. Designate the role and activate the “Display roles members in isolation from members who are online” switch. After that, click on the Save icon to save changes.

    4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and turn on the “Administrator” toggle in the Advanced Permissions settings to allow administrators access to those with the job title.

    5. It is then your choice to assign yourself your role and remove the crown next to your name. Disco this: tap on your username from the menu on the left and select “Manage Users.”

    6. Now, you will recognize the role you’ve just made. You can enable it, and then you’re done. The crown icon should disappear completely from your Discord profile. If you’re still not experiencing the change, shut down the Discord application and restart it.


    The requirement is that you grant an administrator role. If you don’t want any person to be an administrator, it is possible to create an untrue role.

    Step-by-step instructions:

    Go to Server Settings

    Click on Roles

    Click the small + symbol to establish the role of a brand-new one.

    Create a new role with the name you want, such as “Dummy,” to indicate that this role is not to be utilized

    Switch “Display the role of each member separately from members who are online” on

    Toggle “Administrator” on

    Click on Save Changes

    Start Discord, and you should see the crown disappear!

    If you grant anyone in the group this privilege, you will grant them administrator access. That means they’ll have every right available to them and bypass channel-specific access rights. They’ll be able to modify almost everything on the server and establish new administrator roles.

    Transferring ownership involuntarily

    Sometimes, you’ll need to submit a request for ownership transfer to another. It’s not easy to send a request to Discord support for the owner. In certain cases, it’s likely. The server needs to satisfy the following requirements:

    It has at most 100 participants.

    The server is open to the public.

    The owner’s account is blocked or inactive for 30 days or longer.

    The requester has been active on their Discord account within 30 days and has moderator/administrative privileges on the server.

    It is possible to file this request if the account owner has stopped using it for a long time or the account has been compromised. In rare instances, a server becomes insolvent if the owner leaves the account without transferring ownership.

    Do you have the ability to remove the administrator from the server?

    Even if you possess “Owner” status, which was handed to you by your first owner, you cannot inflict the same on the other owners. The process involves taking the owner of the server. They will, however, be allowed to join again with the new invitation.

    If I Remove Crown, Will I Enjoy Admin Privileges on Discord?

    You will not have all the rights of an owner or administrator, such as adding bots to the server and removing or excluding others on the server if you do not possess the crown status.

    We’re sure you’ve learned how to uninstall the crown on Discord for both mobile and desktop versions. Stay tuned to TechCult for the most up-to-date technology walkthroughs. Please get in touch with us through the comments section if you have any questions or suggestions.

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