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How To Remove A Pop Socket

    Popsockets are one of many modern items to hit the scene and for the correct cause. If you non-public one, you apprehend how a laugh it’s far to apply! Once related to your smartphone or pill, you may mess around with the pinnacle of a pop socket by pulling it interior and out. However, in the long run, you could want to dispose of your pop socket and stick it in a different location. Doing this is very smooth. All you need to do is slide your fingernails below the bottom and tug gently.

    What is a PopSocket?

    Invented in 2012, a PopSocket is an accordion-normal stand that sticks to the decrease once more of smartphones. These modern-day cell add-ons are to be in many colours, patterns, shapes, and sizes.

    The PopSocket is a lovable, realistic way to prop up your tool. This makes it less complex to examine movies or video chat with friends and circle of relatives.

    What Are PopSockets Used For?

    The little accessory is available for selfies, watching movies, or even texting. The advantages of using a PopSocket make it a must-have cell accessory.

    Check out all of the uses for a PopSocket:

    • Media Stand
    • Video Chat
    • Cord Wrap
    • Texting and Photo Grip
    • Camera Protection

    Tools You Need

    You could adopt several techniques to remove your PopSocket without a few negative elements. You’ll want clean gadgets you’ve got throughout the residence. Some of the want-to-have systems encompass:

    • Dental floss
    • Hair dryer
    • Duct tape
    • Alcohol
    • Baking soda
    • Nail polish remover

    How to take away a Popsocket from your cellular phone

    An iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and Pixel smartphones saw a decrease in back status after each precise, barely overlapping, at the cushion of a brown leather-based sofa.
    You can thoroughly remove a Popsocket from your smartphone with the useful resource of following some easy steps:

    Push the Popsocket virtually so it’s flat towards your telephone.
    Pry the Popsocket out of your device. Remember to be slight. Try using your fingernail, a credit score score score card or certainly one of a kind plastic card, or a few dental flosses to get in many of the Popsocket and your smartphone if you’re having the problem.
    Pull the Popsocket away from your telephone cautiously until it’s eliminated.

    Can you reuse a Popsocket?

    You can reuse a Popsocket after eliminating it from a tool. It’s excellent if you speedily switch it from one device to another. Remember to clean the instrument to which you want to attach it. Additionally, suppose you observe that the Popsocket is grimy. In that case, you could rinse it below running water, which permits it to dry for spherical 10 minutes earlier than attaching it to a few other factors.

    How To Remove PopSocket Adhesive?

    Business cards are an excellent manner to do away with a PopSocket. The thin card can slide most of the adhesive and the cellphone, permitting you to peel it out slowly. You can also use a commercial enterprise card to eliminate lint or debris stuck to the glue.

    If the PopSocket stays firmly associated, consider using a hairdryer to warm the adhesive. This will make it less complicated to eliminate. Please start with the hairdryer on the low place and hold it about six inches from the PopSocket.

    Removing PopSocket Adhesive

    Move the hairdryer from side to side over the area for about 30 seconds. Then, try and dispose of the PopSocket once more. If it’s even though no longer coming off, repeat the approach.

    Once the PopSocket is removed, you can smooth the adhesive off your cellular telephone with rubbing alcohol. Rub a cotton ball soaked in alcohol over the area until the glue is lengthy past.

    Get Rid Of PopSocket Sticky Adhesive With Duct Tape

    You observe that properly. Duct tape is your awesome buddy with regards to putting off PopSocket adhesive. It may also even paintings while the PopSocket remains on your smartphone. Just tear off the duct tape, then region it over the PopSocket and pull.

    The adhesive should come off without trouble. However, there is probably a little residue left. To remove that, area every distinct piece of duct tape over the adhesive and pull it all over again. Repeat till the sealant is sincerely long past.

    The duct tape acts like a sponge and absorbs the adhesive, which is first-rate if a massive ground place is too easy. This method may additionally even create artwork with each different sticky product.

    Did you ever consider that they will usually be included in a blue or silver substance? That’s duct tape! This sticky substance is used to hold the sticky stuff in the region.

    How To Clean Popsocket

    Fill the pop socket halfway with cold water and seal it for three seconds to clean it. Because the sockets are small and sticky, you don’t need to water them in masses or preserve them in water for an extended period. The drying time is extended when the sticky surface is too moist.

    It is a small, plastic button with one sticky give-up that may be used for some packages. It is a pop socket on the manner to tug out, like an accordion, to improve your grip on the mobile phone whilst you pop it out or amplify it. Popsockets are attractive because they may be made in nearly any layout or colouration you can reflect on consideration. Sockets are small and sticky, similar to being small and moist. After 3 seconds in smooth cold water, clean the pop socket with it. The Popsocket can be dried inside the exterior. Allow the aggregate to soak for no more than ten minutes. If it takes longer to dry, gently wipe the bottom with a paper towel.

    How To Revive A Popsocket

    When your PopSocket loses its stickiness, you may rehydrate it by rinsing it beneath the water, permitting it to dry, and then sticking it once more to your cellphone. It is never a good idea to leave your PopSocket on the floor for more than an hour.
    One of the brilliant methods to store coins for your cellphone is to reuse your PopSocket, which you may do in numerous instances. When reattaching the PopSocket, take greater care not to head away if exposed to air, as this can reason the gel to dry out.

    Magnetic PopSockets Are Easier to Remove

    If you find it difficult to remove sticky PopSockets, you may want to exchange them for a magnetic PopSocket. Magnetic PopSockets don’t join your telephone case with glue. They rely upon magnets, and because of this, you may take away their results. Of course, adhesive-based PopSockets are more robust. If you don’t purchase a smart cellular phone monthly, you must circulate for a sticky PopSocket.


    To eliminate your PopSocket from your smartphone, first, you want to crumble it. Then, bypass your fingernail around it till you control to detach it from your tool. Alternatively, you may slide dental floss below your PopSocket. Be sure to attach it to your new instrument before the adhesive gel dries.

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