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How to Remove eSIM from Android Phone

    It is possible to reach a point where an electronic SIM is not valid anymore, just in the same way that physically-based SIM could not be required anymore. For example, you could get a new physical or virtual SIM after joining a new network using an unlocked phone. It is possible to eliminate the eSIM, which is more straightforward than removing the physical version because eSIM is essentially an electronic data file. It’s stored in your phone’s internal memory, similar to other information, and is erased with the same ease. This is a brief instruction on deleting the eSIM on your Android phone.

    What exactly is eSIM technology?

    The eSIM is a digital-only SIM card. Instead of being a tangible object that you can insert into the handset’s SIM tray, you can add an eSIM using the QR code. Most modern phones have support for eSIMs. Some, including Apple’s iPhone 14, even don’t have an actual SIM slot for cards.

    eSIM cards allow switching between carriers effortlessly, allowing instant activation, and are ideal for trips as you can connect the physical SIM card simultaneously. There are some limitations to this, however. Not all phones support dual SIM functions with eSIMs. If your phone is damaged, it’s impossible to pull out the SIM card to use in case of a replacement phone.

    Methods to Remove eSIM on Android

    It is easy to remove your eSIM on your Android device without contacting the carrier. Follow these steps, and you’ll be in good shape.

    How to remove eSIMs from Google Pixel phones

    Launch the Settings application.

    Select Network & Internet.

    Click on SIMs and choose the eSIM that you would like to erase.

    Scroll to the bottom and then tap Erase SIM.

    Click on Erase SIM again to confirm.

    Click Yes if you need to upgrade your current SIM.

    How do I transfer a SIM card From an Android to an iPhone?

    If you plan to move the SIM card Android to the new iPhone, the first thing to determine is whether your SIM card will be compatible with operating on the newest phone. Additionally, you should check the SIM card’s dimensions as the iPhone needs a SIM to be a nano SIM card. Using a SIM cutter for the card to accomplish the same is possible.

    Follow these instructions:

    You can remove your Android smartphone SIM card using the steps mentioned above.

    You can use the remove SIM card tool on the iPhone to pull the tray off.

    Insert your Nano SIM Card inside the tray, then push it into it. You’re done!

    Do I have to delete my eSIM before I restart activation?

    The deletion of an eSIM will not delete the account or number that is associated with it. It can be activated again through reinstallation. It works like you had it added initially; however, it may require contact with your network for an updated code.

    What happens when I erase my electronic SIM?

    If you erase the eSIM on your phone, you cannot make calls or use cell data together. Eliminating your eSIM is similar to removing actual SIM cards from your mobile. All your information and mobile plans will remain in place after you have deleted the electronic SIM.

    Can I erase an eSIM without having to contact my provider?

    You can certainly remove an eSIM on your Android device without having to contact your provider. This process is different depending on the device’s manufacturer, such as Google, Samsung, OnePlus, or Apple.

    Why use an eSim

    In light of all the hassles that transfer the eSIM could create, you might be thinking about why eSIMs are a thing. Physical SIM cards have to be removed from one handset and put in another. Travelers often have the most significant benefit from eSIMs.

    Since you can store more than one eSIM on one device, it is possible to utilize several networks. This means you could use a different network to connect with your country of origin and another you frequent simultaneously. You’ll need to open the settings and enable your international plan whenever you’re there.


    The removal of an eSIM on your Google Pixel phone is an easy job. It’s easy to follow, regardless of whether you’ve got the Pixel 3a or newer model. Here’s a quick recap:

    In Settings, click Network & Internet. Select the Mobile Network choice, then select the eSIM, and hit delete or remove.

    The process is quick and easy; you can remove the eSIM profile from your smartphone. The removal of the eSIM does not end your plan with the carrier. Call your carrier and request cancellation of the service. Also, you can temporarily deactivate your electronic SIM. You can choose ‘Turn Off’ or ‘Disable’ instead of deletion. This tutorial will help you efficiently and quickly control your eSIM using the Google Pixel phone. Remember that contacting your provider is the desirable way to proceed with any change regarding your service provider for any change regarding your service provider.

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