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how to remove eyelash extensions

    Eyelash extensions will instantly transform your beauty routine. It’s a low-effort way to achieve a glam look that lasts for weeks. The fluttery lashes you see a month later may look less polished than they did on your first salon visit. Your eyelash extensions might start falling out, and you may be left with some stubborn stragglers.

    Here is where you decide whether to go back to your salon for a fill or to take a break to give your natural eyelashes some rest. If the latter, then we are here to help. Follow these expert-approved eyelash extension removal tips to eliminate those last few false lashes. It’s possible–we promise.

    How to Remove Eyelash Extensions at Home (Step-by-Step)

    If you want to successfully remove eyelash extensions at home, then you need to do everything that your lash stylist says.

    Remember when your stylist told you that oil-based makeup removers were not recommended?

    Oils are well-known for causing adhesive failure when applying for eyelash extensions. This can lead to poor extension retention.

    These are the steps to remove eyelash extensions at home. This tutorial is also available from Dr. RupaWong. She used coconut oil for her eyelash extensions.

    Get a Hot Shower

    You can speed up the fallout by taking a hot bath. In the same way, your lash artists advise you not to get your eyes wet and to avoid steam; doing the opposite can help to remove any stubborn lashes.

    Keep your eyes off your lashes to achieve the best results. The process of removing false lashes is easy if it’s done correctly. Don’t cut your lashes. Richardson warns that picking at them will cause damage to your natural hair, and the extensions will eventually fall out.

    Use your new glue-dissolving product every single day.

    Clark claims that this product is going only to work as fast as well as professional lash removers.

    The adhesive-dissolving ingredient in a beauty product may take up to a few days for the natural lash to fall between the extensions and natural lashes: patience, grasshopper.

    Here are some ideas:

    Use baby oil, coconut, or oil-based cleansing products to eliminate eye makeup.
    Are you looking to reduce the use of oils? You can apply a rich moisturizer containing glycerin around your eyes.
    Before bed, use Vaseline on a cotton swab and lightly brush it across your lashes.

    Use steam

    Your face should be covered with hot steaming water. Cover your head and neck with a towel to stop steam from escaping.

    Keep this position for around 15 to 20 minutes to soften the adhesive and allow it to begin to break down. While I wait, my earbuds are usually on, and I can listen to my favorite songs through my headphones.

    Gently pull the Lash Extensions of Your Lashes.

    If you resist eyelash extension glue, you will need more remover.

    Continue to pull gently until the glue starts to loosen.

    Seek professional help if necessary

    If your eyelash extension is not being removed properly, you should seek professional assistance.

    You shouldn’t remove eyelash extensions at your home.

    While taking off lashes one at a time might be tempting, it isn’t good for your natural lashes. Clementina Richardson, a celebrity eyelash expert and founder of Envious Lashes, says, “Unfortunately, there’s no over-the counter or DIY oil-based product that can safely take out lash extensions.” You can remove the extensions, but it is possible to pull your lashes out. They are attached strand-by-strand and may cause bald spots, which can never grow back.

    What is the best eyelash extension method?

    A trusted lash technician can remove your eyelash extensions safely.

    The average cost of a lash extension service is between $25 and $35. The process includes certified lash techs who use professional-grade solutions and removers that are highly effective in breaking down lash bond bonds.

    The removal process will be painless and easy.

    You can remove your lash extensions at your home by being gentle with any of the methods above.


    There are pros and cons to the eyelash extension process. It can be expensive and take many hours to do. However, eyelash extensions are not entirely permanent. They start to fall off soon after. To remove lashes, it is a good idea to consult a professional. The serum is the best way to maintain your natural eyelashes. You can keep your skin looking smooth and natural by using the serum.

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