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How to Remove Stickers from Whatsapp?

    WhatsApp stickers are a fantastic accessory to the application. The stickers can make conversations much more enjoyable and often funny too. However, we’re sure you’ve downloaded lots of stickers to test out and may be left with many sticker packs you don’t like.

    If so, you need to remove the sticker packs from WhatsApp is a breeze and will take no less than a few minutes. Storing many stickers you might not want to use will only make it more challenging to locate the ones you would like to use.

    Let’s take a look at ways to get rid of WhatsApp stickers.

    How do I delete a sticker pack?

    If you wish to remove one particular sticker pack, click the pack’s icon > Delete > delete.

    To alter the order of your sticker packs, tap Edit. Next, press and hold Reorder close to the pack of stickers and move it up or down.

    How can I get rid of stickers from WhatsApp quicker?

    There are several methods to remove stickers from WhatsApp. One option is to utilize a sticker removal program like Sticker Remover for WhatsApp. Another option is to use an alternative keyboard like Gboard. Gboard has a sticker removal function that lets you quickly remove stickers from WhatsApp.

    How do I handle the stickers I have on WhatsApp?

    You can manage the stickers you add to WhatsApp through the app’s settings. In the sections of “Chats” and “Stickers,” you can check out the stickers you’ve created and remove those you don’t need no more.

    How can I remove stickers in WhatsApp ANDROID?

    WhatsApp for Android has a design called material that is standard for native Android applications. The steps below will help you eliminate stickers from WhatsApp’s Android application.

    Step 1: Open WhatsApp on Android.

    Step 2: Open any message and tap the Emoji icon on the menu of messages.

    Step 3: Click on the sticker icon from the conversation.

    Step 4: Click the + icon in the upper right.

    Step 5: Open My Stickers by clicking the menu below.

    Step 6: Click the delete icon to take the sticker pack off of WhatsApp.

    In the menu above, it is possible to also arrange sticker packs in a way that you can reorder the packs.

    How do I remove the stickers from WhatsApp iPhone?

    Launch WhatsApp and choose a contact.

    Navigate to ‘Stickers,’ then tap the icon ‘+’ at the top-right of the Stickers section.

    Select the sticker pack that you wish to download.

    Click the ‘Download’ icon to begin the download process.

    To delete, visit My Stickers Tap and then press the delete button.


    WhatsApp does not allow you to block stickers posted by other WhatsApp users. That is, you can’t remove the option. But, you should be able to find a way to bypass this limitation by activating Power Saver. Power Saver and install an older WhatsApp version. Do you regularly make use of WhatsApp stickers? What is your most-loved sticker pack? Tell us via the comment section below.

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