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how to remove watch links

    This tutorial will walk you through the steps to remove a hyperlink from your watch band. A small screwdriver is required to remove one or several links from your watch. This tutorial is five steps long and should be completed in less than 15 minutes if done correctly.

    Be sure to choose a smooth surface for your work that won’t scratch or otherwise damage your watch. If you need to work on a hard or rough surface, lay down a towel/soft rag.

    Is it possible to delete links from a watch?

    Before you begin, it is essential to understand the complexity of your project.

    You can remove watch links with the right tools. This is a routine watch maintenance and use operation. It doesn’t take much technical knowledge to reduce the number of links on your wrist to the correct size.

    Once done correctly, you will never have to worry about purchasing desired watches.

    Calculate How Many Links To Remove

    The first step is vital. You will have a watch that is lopsided if it has the wrong amount or places of links. You can measure the number of links you need by putting them on your watch. Position it where you usually wear it. Take off all excess links and count them. You want to keep the clasp in the centre of the band. Instead of removing all excess links from the watch’s middle, grab an equal amount from each side of the clasp.


    Metal watches are designed for customization. You can customize your watch by measuring your wrist. There are several ways you can do this.

    Use the watch alone

    Keep your watch close to your wrist.
    Make sure you have enough links to link the way you need them.
    Make sure to evenly take the links off the watch from both sides so your clasp stays in the middle.
    Use cloth tape to measure

    Place your watch flattened onto a table.
    The cloth tape measure measures your wrist.
    To ensure your watch is in the right place, measure your wrist and remove any links from either side.

    Stop Adding Necessary Links

    Every watch has a different bracelet. Every watch will have a slightly different method of removing the links. Here are some steps you can use to remove links.

    To begin, hold your watch in your left palm and take out the spring bar that is left of the watch clasp.
    The pin pusher will be used to release the spring bar. The spring bar is the small bar that holds the watch bracelet in place.
    Next, you must pay attention to the arrows next to the bracelet links you want to be removed. These will indicate where you should insert the pin pusher. Once the pin appears on one end of the link, pull it out.
    Keep going until all the links are removed. Take out the clasp from both ends and take out an even number. This will help keep your watch face centred

    Re-attaching Links

    Once you have removed all excess links, it’s time for you to re-attach any remaining links. Pins will always return in opposite directions to the arrows. Before you insert pins, ensure that you verify the direction of the arrows.

    Once you have aligned all the links, push it in. Push the pin in from the longer end. You could use a pin-pushing device to push it into the link.

    Using the Kit, slide the pins into links and place the bracelet in the blocks. The pins with the longer ends should be facing upwards. Give the pins a few taps with a soft and nylon-ed hammer. Put a pusher in your pin slot, and give it a gentle tap to ensure it’s flush.

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