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how to reset apple watch without paired phone

    Apple Watch allows you to accomplish a range of tasks like sending text messages, making phone calls, and even reading emails. There are instances in which you’ll have to reset your smartwatch.

    The Apple Watch can be reset without pairing a phone pressing the power button when locked, or using the Settings menu when the Watch is not locked.

    We’ve taken the time to write a quick guide that explains the reasons behind resetting the device. We’ve also created step-by-step directions to help you complete the task without sweating.

    How do you restart your Apple Watch without an iPhone?

    If you don’t have an iPhone, don’t fret. It is possible to reset the Watch without having to use your iPhone.

    This is the step-by-step procedure to get an access code for your Watch-

    Then, you must open “Settings” from the
    Next, tap on “General.”
    After that, swipe to the bottom to reveal the “Reset” tab.
    Apple settings

    Click on “Erase all content and settings.” If you’ve had a password to access the Apple Watch, enter it into the appropriate box. You may also keep or terminate your cell plan if you have GPS+Cellular. GPS+Cellular
    Then, swipe down and choose “Erase All” / “Erase All and Save Plan,” Which one is on the menu?
    Delete all settings and content

    Perhaps you’ve tried to reset your passcode previously but need help remembering it in the resetting process. This is how you can reset an apple watch, and that too, without the need for a passcode-

    Then, connect your apple watch to its
    Next, press the power button until all the options are displayed.
    Hold “Power off,” then let it run.
    After that, click “Erase All Content & Settings” to reset your Watch.

    How To Factory Reset Apple Watch Without Passcode?

    If you cannot remember your passcode, you can change the password on your Apple Watch using the physical buttons. It is important to note that you’ll have to connect the Watch to your iPhone when the process is complete.

    Let’s Discuss How You Can Erase your Apple Watch Without Apple ID Passcode
    There are two buttons on the sides of your Watch. The first one is a 360-degree rotating button known as”the Digital Crown, and the one on the other side is the side (or the power) button. Once you’re all set, take these steps:

    The first step is to first, connect firstly, connect your Apple Watch to its charger.
    When your device is charged, hold and press the button Side (the one located beneath the Digital Crown) until you get “Power Off.”
    Could you press on the Digital Crown and hold it?
    Tap Reset, and allow the device to reset to its default settings.
    Then, your Watch will be restarted, and the data and media will be deleted. If you can restore a Cloud backup, you can restore it in the future.
    Remember that resetting the Watch will erase all media, but it is not the same for your Apple account. You’ll have to connect with your iPhone and then log in for the second time to continue.

    What will unpairing the apple watch does?

    When you disconnect the Apple Watch from its paired iPhone, it returns to its original settings.

    Unpairing will erase all information on the Apple Watch.

    Each time you remove the Apple Watch from the iPhone, Apple automatically creates backups to your Apple Watch’s data before taking it off it. This backup can be used or any backup you have previously made to restore the data on your Apple Watch.

    When you back up to your iPhone through iCloud, iTunes and Finder for your iPhone are included in those iPhone backups and provide backup for your Apple Watch backup.

    If you decide to unpair to your Apple Watch when it’s away from your iPhone or outside the reach of your iPhone, the apple watch backup may contain only some current information.

    What can I do when your Apple Watch doesn’t force restart?

    It’s not a reason to panic when this occurs. You can try charging it and observe if anything happens. If the battery gets too hot, disconnect the charger and allow it to sit for a long time until the heat is gone.

    It is possible to do the factory reset in case forced restarts aren’t helping.

    Can you reset the Apple Watch with no Apple ID?

    Make use of an iPhone to reset the Apple Watch without Apple ID. If your Apple Watch is paired with an iPhone and you are using Apple Watch, the Apple Watch app on your iOS device, you could use one of the app’s features that allow you to reset the Apple Watch without the Apple ID.

    How do I reset my Apple Watch?

    An easy way to restore the settings on your Apple Watch is to unpair it with your iPhone. Launch the Watch app on your iPhone. Select your Watch and press the I (information icon). Choose Unpair Watch, then confirm and input the Apple ID and password when asked. The Apple Watch is reset to its default settings after the unpairing process.

    What can I do to change the password on the password on my Apple Watch and pair it after multiple attempts at a passcode?

    Check that your iPhone and Watch are near one another.
    On your iPhone, starts the Watch app, then tap My Watch.
    Go to General > Reset.
    Select Erase Apple Watch Content and Settings. Follow the instructions on the screen.

    How do I reset my Apple Watch without a paired iPhone?

    If you don’t have an associated iPhone in your pocket, You can still set Your Apple Watch. Press the Apple Watch’s Digital Crown to access your Watch’s screen in the app, then click settings > general > reset. Click Erase, All Content, and Settings enter your passcode, and tap Erase All.


    In this article on how to reset an Apple watch that is not paired with a phone, we’ve reviewed the benefits of opting to go through the procedure. We’ve also discussed two possible methods you can employ to reset your Watch using or without a passcode.

    If you follow the steps in this guide, you no longer need to worry about it. After going through the steps, the Apple Watch has been restored quickly to its original settings and is functioning more smoothly than ever.

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