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how to reset google home mini

    Google Home Mini Google Home Mini was introduced in the year 2019 and offers an entire home with various features, including controlling smart home devices and weather updates.

    None of these features can be helpful if the device fails to work. You can restart your Mini, but it will not always fix the issue. Factory resets are the only option if everything other options fail.

    If you reset your device factory Google Home Mini, your settings and data will be deleted from the device. They are often utilized before selling your Mini or if you are experiencing frequent problems.

    Resetting your device is quite simple; however, you’ll need to know which model generation you’re using. Google Home Mini and Google Nest Mini are different in some ways; however, they look pretty similar. They do have one distinct distinction: they require two other methods for completing the factory reset.

    How To Factory Reset A Google Home

    If you’d like to carry out the full-on factory reset on Google Home, your first step is connecting the device and turning it on. It is important to note that Google Home does not have an official Factory Reset (FDR) button; therefore, we need to use the microphone mute switch.

    Hold and press the microphone button located at the lower right of the Google Home for 15 seconds to reset it. You’ll be able to hear that the Google Home device warns you that prolonged pressing and holding of the microphone switch can erase the memory and settings from the Home.

    How to Factory Reset a Google Home Mini

    It is possible to reset the device and return it to the factory state by pressing the reset factory (FDR) button. The factory reset erases all the data on the device, including settings and any personal information.

    Making a factory reset for Google Home is just one minute if the steps are followed:

    Google Home Mini Google Home Mini has a designated FDR button at the side of the gadget. Find it under the power outlet. You’ll find an unassuming circle.

    Google Home small reset button
    Set Your Google Home mini with a simple push of a button. Lifewire
    Hold the button down for approximately 12-15 seconds to reset factory defaults. Google Home Mini.

    The Assistant will announce that it’s resetting the device.

    Let go of the switch. The device has now been reset.

    2nd Generation

    To reset your 2nd gen Home Mini (aka Nest Mini):

    Find the microphone button on the back of the Home Mini and switch it off.
    If the light turns orange, Press and hold the middle button of the device.
    Make sure to keep it for a minimum of 5 seconds to begin your factory reset procedure.
    Hold the button for another 10 seconds until the speaker makes an audio signal for the complete reset.

    What do I know to tell whether the reset was successful?

    The Home Mini will undergo some procedures to reset by removing the device with your online account completely. It could take about one time of around a minute.

    This Google Home/Nest Mini device will boot up just as it did its first time.

    It’ll sound like a welcoming chime, and it will also show you how to set it up.

    How Do I Reset My Google Mini To A Different wifi Network?

    Start your Google Home application and select the Google Home mini, in which you would like to switch to a new wifi connection. Choose your wifi settings and select Forget. After that, you will be capable of connecting to another network with the credentials.

    Should You Reset Your Google Home?

    Resetting the factory settings on the Google Home device should be an option last resort. If you’re experiencing issues connecting your television, follow the troubleshooting steps to solve the problem first. If Google Assistant routines aren’t working, ensure that you’ve configured them correctly.

    The idea is always to do your best to resolve issues before resetting and wiping the Google Home device. As soon as the device is reset, it’s likely to need to do it to start all over again.

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