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How To Screenshot On iphone 11

    Capturing a photo with your iPhone is an excellent method of saving and sharing memories, such as achieving the highest score in your favorite game or preserving a conversation via Twitter, Facebook messenger, or even iMessage. Additionally, screenshots help to identify bugs. Whatever else you wish to save and take a picture of, you can do so.

    Beginning with the iPhone X series to the latest iPhone 11 in the year 2019. iPhone 11, taking a snapshot on these phones, is completely different from the previous versions. If you’ve used previously with the iPhone X series before, you won’t have a problem taking an image with the iPhone 11 since they have the exact same buttons for taking screenshots.

    The present is a new technological age featuring Face ID and a gesture-based way to navigate iPhone devices; the newer version does not have home buttons. This means that taking screenshots can differ from older iPhone models that have home buttons since there are new buttons for taking pictures.

    The new method of taking an image with iPhone 11 can be revealed below, using the buttons and the method of taking a screenshot without using the physical buttons on your iPhone. Check out the following article to learn the method.

    How do I take a complete page screenshot on iPhone?

    It might or may not be a surprise that taking a full-page screen using an iPhone is as easy as taking a standard snapshot. It is possible to take a complete page screenshot from the iPhone 11, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, and every iPhone or iPad in the event that your device runs iOS 13 or iPadOS 13 or greater. Here’s how:

    • Find the webpage you want to visit within the Safari application.
    • Take a snap (screenshot) by pressing the lock button and the volume up button simultaneously.
    • Be sure to keep an eye on any previews of your image which appear on the left-hand side of your phone’s screen.
    • If you are able to see the preview, just tap it, and you’ll be brought to a page that offers the ability to edit your images (here, you’ll be given the option of cutting the image and marking it up, including your personal signature, and so on.)
    • After you’ve completed your editing, you’ll see two options over the image. The default option for screenshots can be “Screen,” but to the right, you’ll be able to see the “Full Page” option.
    • Choose “Full Page” to transform your normal screen capture into a full-page screen, and then use the slider on the right of your screen to scroll through the entire web page.

    How do you take a screenshot of iPhone models that have Touch ID and the top button

    • Press the top button as well as the Home button simultaneously.
    • The image shows arrows that point to the Home button and top
    • Release both buttons quickly.
    • When you take a photo, A thumbnail will appear in the lower-left corner of your screen. Tap it to open it, or swipe left to delete it.

    How Do You Take a Screenshot on an iPhone 11 Without Buttons?

    The most efficient method of taking a picture for iPhone 11 requires the Side and Volume Up buttons; you can take screenshots without the buttons, too. Here’s how:

    • If you’re using Siri to make calls, you can ask Siri to snap a picture for you. Simply turn on Siri (by pressing the Side button or calling “Hey Siri” if you’ve enabled that feature) and then say, “take a screenshot.” The rest of the process is the same as in the previous section.
    • Are you looking to impress acquaintances by showing off your iPhone skills? You must learn how to take screenshots by pressing your iPhone (see the steps below).

    How Do You Take a Screenshot on an iPhone 11 by Tapping The Back?

    When you’re using iOS 14 or higher (on your iPhone 11 or any compatible model), This hidden feature allows you to capture a photo by tapping twice on the back of the phone. Double-tap is created to make some tasks more accessible to those who have motor-skill problems, but anyone is able to use the feature. Here’s how:

    • Tap Settings.
    • Tap Accessibility.
    • Tap Touch.
    • Settings, Accessibility, and Touch on iPhone
    • Tap Double Tap.
    • Tap Screenshot.
    • Back Tap, Double Tap, and Screenshot on iPhone
      When you’re looking to take a picture, do a hard double-tap at the bottom of your iPhone.


    The screenshots you take will be stored in your iPhone’s Photos application on your iPhone 11. To view the screen captured by your iPhone:

    • Click on Photo App from the home screen of your iPhone.
    • Tap on Albums
    • Tap on Screenshots
    • Then, choose the screenshot you wish to see, edit, or send to others.

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