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How to See Dislikes on YouTube

    Recently, the decision to eliminate the”dislike” button from YouTube has provoked debates in the YouTube community. The removal of the button could be used to shield material creators from criticism and harassment, but it has also sparked some mixed reactions from users.

    Many argue that the like number provides useful information and transparency that can help users make educated choices about the material they are exposed to.

    However, the lack of YouTube dislikes can create an atmosphere of positivity and a more welcoming environment that allows creators to share their thoughts with no fear of retribution. For those who wish to see YouTube dislikes and want to resolve them, there are options. We will dive into this topic today and discover how to spot YouTube’s dislikes by 2024.

    Why Was The Public Dislike Counter Removed

    The primary reason for this shift was the creators of certain videos were being subjected to threats, intimidation, and manipulation by users who would overwhelmingly dislike their videos to hurt their brand’s reputation. It was also reported that their dislike score was being employed as a measure of popularity, resulting in an unhealthy rivalry between creators.

    Through reducing public disapproval, YouTube aimed to create an uplifting and supportive community for its members in addition to reducing the pressure that artists face when they create material that appeals to an algorithm rather than staying true to themselves and their viewers. Furthermore, YouTube encouraged users to offer additional feedback to videos via alternative methods such as comments or private messages as well as to work towards building positive and respectful communities.

    Restore YouTube Dislikes With a Browser Extension

    It is possible to restore your dislikes of YouTube within a couple of steps with the benefit of a browser extension that’s imaginatively titled”Return YouTube Dislike. The extension currently can be used for Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Brave as a native app.

    Firefox and Chrome have their native versions of the application and the remaining browsers all work with Chrome. Chrome version. Certain browsers, like Edge, might require you to accept extensions from different stores prior to allowing extensions from other stores.

    If you’re using another browser, all possibilities are still open. There’s a userscript for the Tampermonkey add-on that will enable the extension to function on desktop versions of Safari. If you happen to be using one of these, it is also possible to install an iOS tweak on jailbroken devices.

    After you’ve added the extension to the browser you prefer, go to the YouTube video to check the proportion of likes to dislikes.

    YouTube Studio

    YouTube is still allowing material creators to look at the number of people who dislike YouTube. YouTube channel. This is why:

    Connect to the YouTube app on your mobile device and select the profile image icon.
    You can navigate to the YouTube Studio from the drop-down menu.
    Select the Content opportunity on the left side of the screen. It will display all the videos that you have uploaded, along with their view information.
    Move your mouse over the number of likes displayed within the column that is last in the video you have selected. The amount of likes as well as dislikes will appear.

    Check YouTube’s Dislike Count using Easy.

    There is no way to know or quantify the number of YouTube dislikes. Yet, some extensions like Return YouTube Dislike attempt to bridge the gap by making an estimate based on users and historical information. Beyond the dislike counter, Users can still count on user comments to determine the quality and value of a particular video.

    Comment below what you think of the content and whether it helped you to check your YouTube dislike number on your web browser or your Android smartphone.

    Is it safe to install an extension for your browser to view the dislikes of YouTube?

    With any extension, you must be aware. Make sure you download extensions only from trusted sites such as Google’s Official Chrome Web Store or other trustworthy app stores. Please make sure you are aware of the permissions demanded by the extension prior to installing it.

    Will YouTube ever be able to restore the number of dislikes?

    It takes work to know for certain. YouTube hasn’t offered any indications of changing its decision; however, feedback from users could affect future decisions.

    Do I get to see who isn’t liking my YouTube channel?

    There is no way to determine the person’s username that is disliking your content. You can, however examine the amount of dislikes that you’ve received for the uploaded material using YouTube Studio/ YouTube Studio/

    What happens when you don’t like an article that you watch on YouTube?

    If you don’t like a particular video, you tell YouTube to instruct the algorithm not to recommend it in the result, outcome, or any other place within the application.

    Are there any risks in using browser extensions to view the dislikes of a user?

    In general, reputable extensions come from official retailers and are secure. However, it’s still an excellent idea to look up reviews and avoid extensions that request unreasonable permissions.

    The Bottom Line

    The dislikes of people are a significant source of information both for the creators as well as viewers.

    If you made the video, you can access this information through the material tab within YouTube Studio.

    If you’d like to know information about the negative aspects of someone else’s content, the accurate method is to download the Return YouTube Dislike plugin. It can provide you with solid estimations of the dislike ratings for every video uploaded to YouTube.

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