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How To Sign Out Of Apple Id

    If I try to sign out of my Apple ID for a test today, I notice that it is impossible to do so “Sign Out” option is blacked-out with the message “Sign out is not available due to restrictions.” I’m unable to sign out from the Apple ID. What’s the reason? I looked online for answers and found several users experiencing the same problem. So I gathered data and then wrote this article to explain why and the solution “can’t sign out of Apple ID.”

    How do I sign out to Apple ID without a Password?

    Unfortunate events happen from time to occasion; therefore, forgetting the Password to your device is common. While the effects of a mistake can be severe, there are a few methods to help you deal with the issue and gain control of your device and your data. This is why it’s great to learn how to log out of the iCloud service without using a password.

    All Apple devices, including iPhones and iPads, rely on Apple ID, which gives access to all devices using similar credentials. Apple ID is also utilized as a security feature on the device. Therefore when the iPhone already has a user account using a particular Apple ID, it might require an account password to access it. This is the reason why Apple ID is vital for every Apple tablet or phone user.

    In most cases, the person who owns the phone has that Password. However, it is only sometimes the case, and there are exceptions if the device was loaned out or purchased second-hand or if you have forgotten your Password. In this regard, it is crucial to know how to sign off from Apple ID without a password.

    Common Problems of “Can’t Sign Out of Apple ID on iPhone.”

    A few reasons are common to all users who need help leaving their Apple ID Mac name on their devices. These are the reasons.

    “Sign Out” is Grayed Out at the Apple ID Section

    Go to Settings > iCloud on your phone, and you will notice that the sign-out button is grayed out, and there’s a text “Sign-out is not available due to restrictions.”

    You’re stuck when you try to sign Out of Apple ID.

    When you hit “sign out” to sign out of your Apple ID, The spinning symbol will show that it’s working; however, it doesn’t stop.

    You can’t sign in with the details of your Apple ID because your phone is being restored.

    You cannot select “sign out” to sign out of your Apple ID and receive this error “you can’t sign out your Apple ID because your phone is being restored.”

    Verification Failure The error was connecting to iCloud.

    When you enter the Password to log out of iCloud on your iPhone, A message pops up with the message “Verification Failed – There was an error connecting to iCloud.”

    This should give you the reason for what’s wrong with me. Why can’t I be able to sign off from my Apple ID on my iPad? Try the suggestions below if you cannot sign out of your Apple ID.

    Sign out using either your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

    • Navigate to Settings > > [your first name]. Go to Settings > [your name].
    • Scroll to the lowest point.
    • On the bottom of an iPhone screen is the option to Sign Out, which has red letters.
    • Tap Sign Out.

    Input the Apple ID password and tap Switch Off. Forgot your Apple ID password?

    Make sure you are connected to the data you want to save to your mobile device.

    • Tap Sign Out.
    • Tap Sign Out to confirm that you are attempting to sign out of iCloud.
    • Sign in on your Mac
    • Choose Apple menu > System Preferences.
    • Select Apple ID, then click Overview. If you’re using macOS High Sierra or earlier, then click iCloud.
    • Click Sign Out.
    • Check the appropriate boxes if you wish to keep a backup of the iCloud information on your Mac before signing out. After that, click Keep a copy.

    If you wish to save copies from your Safari usernames on your Mac, Click Save on This Mac.

    Sign in with your Apple ID without a password by using iTunes

    Using iTunes, you can log out from an Apple ID on your phone without passwords. It would help if you backed up your phone to safeguard your data before starting.

    Please turn off the Find My iPhone feature by going to Settings and iCloud and flipping the switch in front of Find My iPhone to turn off the feature.

    • In Settings, select “Settings,” select the iTunes & App Store option, and then click on the option to sign in with your Apple ID at the top.
    • A pop-up box will be displayed, and you can sign Out to delete your Apple ID from your phone.
    • Please note that this process does not sign out your phone. If you use your identical iCloud account on more than one device, you’ll need to sign each out separately.

    You might log off to Apple ID and sign in again.

    When you transfer your device to someone in your family, You may need to take off your Apple ID and add theirs. By doing this, you can ensure the contacts aren’t altered by them or by reminders, calendars, events, etc. Also, it will keep your and the new owner’s data distinct.

    • If you’ve made a new Apple ID or your workplace or school-issued one, you’ll need to leave the existing one.
    • If iCloud does not sync items like messages, reminders, contacts, photographs, and so on across all devices, logging off Apple ID and signing in is a reliable option.
    • If you cannot enable iMessage or FaceTime, removing your Apple ID and adding it again could help resolve the issue.

    Apple Support and other tech websites may request that you log out of the Apple ID and sign in for a second time to fix a problem related to the device.

    Utilizing iTunes to sign out of iCloud without a Password

    Logging in to sign out from your Apple ID can be done differently, as iTunes provides a few unique advantages in this respect. To allow this process to be successful, you need to disable the ‘Find My Phone option.

    • Click on The Settings menu of any device that has iTunes installed.
    • The next step is to select the iTunes & App Store option in the Settings menu. Then, click the Apple ID button. The action will display a dialog box from which you’ll have the option to close your account.
    • Selecting”Sign Out” from the menu will be able to Sign Out option from the menu, and you’ll be able to sign off of Apple ID successfully. Apple ID without the need to input an account password.


    This concludes our suggestions for logging off of Apple ID without a Password. There’s no doubt that Apple products are among the most secure in the world. However, it’s sometimes difficult to access the features on your device if you need to remember your Password. If this is the case, be sure to adhere to the steps above to log out of your old Apple ID and create a new one to regain control over your iDevice.

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