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How To Sign Out Of Google Play

    This wiki shows you how to sign out of Google Play on Android and computer. Google Play Store is not available on Android. To completely log out, the only option is to delete your Google account through Settings. It will also sign out all Google Apps on your Android Device. The only alternative if you don’t wish to remove your Google Account from other Google Apps is to use a different Google Account to sign into the Google Play Store.

    Google Play Store App: Sign Out.

    It is easiest to log out via the Google Play Store itself. If you choose to sign out from the Google Play Store and all Google apps on your device, this will affect the services you use. This is how to go about doing it.

    Step 1:The first thing you need to do is launch Google Play Store.

    Step 2:Tap the icon for your profile in the upper-right corner.

    Step 3: To remove your name, press the downward arrow.

    Step 4: Choose ‘Manage account on this device.

    Step 5:Then, tap on the desired account.

    Step 6:Then, select ‘Delete account’.

    Step 7: Confirm the selection you made in the popup.

    After you sign out, your Google Play Store account is removed from the Android device.

    Google Play: Why you should sign out?

    Occasionally, there can be a glitch when downloading or updating the app. The problem could be due to an unreliable internet connection. An older Play Store version could cause this issue.

    Google Play Store might respond after you download or update the app. When opening the Play Store, some users sometimes complained about the “authentication” error. The issues are resolved by either removing Google Play or signing out. Many users have no idea “how to log out from the Play Store.” There are three main ways to do it. Three of them will be briefly discussed.

    What is the third option if you don’t see a Remove Account button?

    If you cannot remove the account in Account Settings, factory resetting is your only option. It will remove all your data from the phone.

    • Turn off the phone.
    • You will now be booted into recovery mode.
    • The boot loader will appear (the secret menu), and you’ll find many options.
    • Select Recovery by pressing the Power button after highlighting it with the Volume Down button.
    • The device now boots in the recovery mode.
    • Select Wipe data/Factory Reset by pressing the volume down key. Then select “Yes” to delete all data.
    • You are now done.

    Google Android: How to Sign Out?

    Android has a different method for signing out your Google account. You can’t sign out via a web browser. To log out from Google, you’ll need to use the settings.

    1. Choose Accounts under Settings.

    2. Google.

    3. Choose Remove Account when the Sync Account and Remove Account buttons appear at the bottom.

    How can I update my Google Play main account?

    Here are the steps you need to follow to switch your main Google Play account:

    1. You can open the Settings application on your Android phone.

    2. Scroll down, and then select “Accounts” and “Accounts Synchronization” (the exact phrase may be different depending on Android and the device you are using).

    3. The list of Google Accounts associated with this device will appear when you click on Google.

    4. Google Play lets you choose which account to make your primary Google account.

    5. To access the menu, click on the Account icon and then on the three dots in the upper left corner.

    6. The options will appear. Select “Default Account” or “Make Default” to make your account default.

    7. It should confirm that you have set the account as default.

    8. when you log into Google Play or other Google services requiring authentication, this newly created account is used.

    Changes to the Google account will also likely affect any other Google apps or services. Always consider all the potential consequences of changing your account’s settings.

    How to Sign Out of Google Accounts Without Logging Out All?

    These steps will allow you to sign out without logging out of your other accounts.

    1. Visit the Google home page on your computer (

    2. The top-right corner will show your avatar. Click it. It will bring up a dropdown menu.

    3. A list of Google accounts will appear in the dropdown menu. A sign-out option will be displayed when you hover your cursor on the report.

    4. This will sign you out of that account while keeping the other tabs logged in. The performance will be closed while the rest of your accounts remain logged in.

    You may need to follow slightly different steps depending on what browser you’re using or if any browser extension is installed that modifies the Google interface.

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