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How To Stop Autoplay on YouTube

    YouTube video autoplay is beneficial, which means that you don’t have to click or tap for a new video to play on YouTube when your present video has ended. However, it could create annoyance in certain circumstances, cause unexpected noises on your device or laptop, and consume battery power, processing power, and even data allowance. You can choose to turn YouTube video autoplay off or on whenever you’d like.

    This feature can help stream music or video clips and suggest content you’re not keen on. It’s a good thing you can switch off this feature in one click and gain total control over the material you see. This step-by-step tutorial will guide you through the process.

    What is autoplay in YouTube?

    Autoplay is the method YouTube uses to make you watch more material and generate more revenue. Instead of stopping playback altogether, the algorithm of YouTube chooses a film related to your previous one and something connected to your last watch history. Sometimes, this pays off in discovering gems, but it’s also unsettling — think of watching something about the origins of goth and then getting deadlifting tips or stand-up comics. If you’re playing natural ambient sounds to go to sleep, you tend to listen to trance tunes and be awed by the music from Tomorrowland.

    How to Stop YouTube Autoplay on Desktop

    If you are on a desktop computer, you only need to turn off the toggle that will automatically stop YouTube from playing every video.

    To attain this, move your cursor on your present video to display the options for playing. Near the end of the screen, you’ll find a switch that lets you either disable or activate autoplay.

    To stop autoplay or turn off autoplay, click the switch. The Pause icon will appear.

    For autoplay to be turned back off, you need to click the exact switch, and you’ll see the Play icon.

    How to Turn Off YouTube Autoplay on Your Computer?

    If you are together on your PC to browse YouTube videos and want to turn off YouTube autoplay for your computer, then follow these instructions:

    1. Open your desktop web browser and then go to

    2. Join with your Google account. It isn’t essential since you can turn off YouTube autoplay regardless of whether you’re registered or not. If you log into an account on Google account, the autoplay option will be turned off for you on the device you’re together with your account.

    3. select a video to start it up and then watch it. There is no need to see all of the videos.

    4. Your mouse will be directed to the YouTube control panel, and switch off the autoplay button.

    How do you change YouTube’s playback inline settings via the internet?

    If you wish to alter the inline playback options of YouTube via the internet, start a browser on the web, visit, and go through these steps:

    Select your profile image From the YouTube home screen on the right-hand side.

    Choose Settings from the menu dropdown.

    On the left-hand side on the left side of your screen, click playback and performance.

    After Browsing, in the center of the screen, press the toggle right next to Inline playback.

    Mobile Via App Settings

    Autoplay is quick to load videos and can consume many data. It is recommended to keep your files safe if you have a small amount of data. To limit the high use of data, you could turn off this option by making a few changes to app settings on your phone. To do this:

    Open the YouTube application and tap the icon for your profile image in the lower right-hand corner.

    Select the settings (cogwheel icon) at the top of the right.

    Select Autoplay, then turn off the Mobile Telephone or Tablet opportunity.

    Autoplay drains the battery power of devices quickly due to the continual playing of videos. So, turning off the autoplay will also conserve battery power.

    Benefits of Turning Off Autoplay On YouTube

    The ability to turn off autoplay on YouTube has several advantages which can increase your viewing experience.

    Saving Data Use Autoplaying video can be used to access your mobile data, especially with no Wi-Fi. Turning off autoplay helps conserve data, reducing unexpected charges.

    Control of the way you view videos: If you turn off autoplay, you can control what material plays in the future. This will stop YouTube from auto-playing material that may not interest the user.

    Minimize Distractions: Autoplay could cause distractions and entice viewers into watching more content than you intended. By turning it off, you can focus on your chosen material.

    Better Battery Life: Constantly watching videos could drain the battery on your device. Autoplay is a great way to increase battery longevity by reducing unneeded video playback.

    Privacy and Security: Videos that autoplay may display material you do not wish others to view. By turning off autoplay, you can ensure that only those videos you explicitly decide to play are displayed on your monitor.

    Can switching off Autoplay will also disable the previews that appear on YouTube?

    The answer is no; turning off Autoplay won’t turn off video previews. Previews are snippets of videos that will play whenever you hover them with the mouse over your desktop. It is possible to turn off previews within the YouTube settings. However, this is an independent setting from Autoplay.

    Is there a way to stop Autoplay for YouTube on specific devices?

    YouTube’s Autoplay settings are universal to every device you own. It is impossible to disable it on the sole device, such as your smartphone, and leave it active on your PC. You can turn it off or on all the time for your account.

    Can turning off autoplay impact YouTube across every device?

    If you turn off autoplay, the settings for videos you like will be applied to your YouTube account on every device, such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops.

    Can turning off autoplay reduce the data used?

    Turning off autoplay will benefit saving data, particularly if you’re in a plan with limited data. It stops unnecessary video streaming and the loading of subsequent videos.

    How can I turn off autoplay only for specific videos that I have liked instead of all?

    The autoplay feature is universally available to all your liked videos. There’s an insufficient opportunity to deactivate autoplay for particular videos in your favorite videos collection.

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