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How To Stream Ps4 on discord

    Gaming has evolved over the years from a recreational activity to a huge industry that is just as lucrative and profitable as any other. This is highlighted by how many gamers use social media and streaming services to get traction. Online game streaming is now in the spotlight.

    This is the place where Discord communities come to play. Discord has grown to be a global communication platform that supports all forms of gaming. You can stream your PlayStation to YouTube, but Discord doesn’t allow you to stream PS4 to YouTube.

    Do not stress. We have created a simple workaround allowing you to stream PS4 content on Discord at no extra cost. Although the process is simple, it’s a bit complex. It takes patience to get it done, but you will be up and running no matter how long.

    Can you connect your PS4 with Discord?

    Yes, Discord can be connected via your PS4! Open Discord on your PS4 and sign into it. Once signed in, click the three horizontal lines at the top-left corner of your main screen to open Settings. Next, click on the Connections tab. Then select Discord. Click OK to connect your PS4 with Discord.

    How can you screen share PS4

    There are two ways to screen share your PS4. You have two options to screen share your PS4. One is using the Share button located on your controller. The other is using the PlayStation app. The first option is the easiest, but it has more features.

    How to stream PS4 on Discord Through Twitch

    It is possible to make it more complicated than the official method. We hope that you will continue to be patient with our efforts.

    To begin, navigate to Settings from your PS4 homescreen.
    How to stream PlayStation 4 on Discord, without remote play
    Next, locate and select Broadcast in the settings panel.
    The expanded window will open with the Link with Other Services option.
    Follow the next steps to connect Twitch and the expanded option list.
    How to stream PlayStation 4 on Discord 2022
    Once your Twitch has paired up with your PS4, you can start streaming from the PS4 to your Twitch.

    Going Live on Twitch from PS4

    First, start any game you would like to stream.
    The second step is to press the “Share” button on your PS4 controller.
    The display menu will be displayed on your screen. You can then select Broadcast Gameplay.

    How to stream PlayStation 4 on Discord, without PC

    You will also be prompt to choose the platform you want to live on. Choose Twitch.
    The next page allows you to change the quality or name of your stream.
    Next, click Select Broadcasting in the lower right corner of the screen.
    After that you can adjust Audio Sharing settings on the new display window or jump into Start Broadcasting.
    Voila! After hitting the Start Broadcasting button, you can go live instantly.

    Streaming From Twitch To Discord

    Now your streaming has gone live. It’s time to log in to Twitch using your laptop or computer.
    Navigate the profile icon to the top right corner and then hit Channel from the drop-down menu.
    Twitch then displays the PS4 streaming.
    Once you’re done, return to your home screen and open Discord.
    Once on Discord, choose the channel you’d like your stream broadcast to.
    To share your channel content, click Screen. A window will appear telling you which window to choose. Select the Twitch window.
    Additionally, you will be brought into a new browser where you need to approve the streaming setting.
    The last thing you need to do is just start streaming. Have fun.


    This guide will explain how to stream PS4 through Discord. Although Discord streaming is not available on the PS4, there are several workarounds you can use depending on your preferred method. Using this guide, you can navigate your way to streaming from your PS4 and Discord.

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