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How To Transfer Text Messages From Android To Android

    If you’ve recently purchased a new device and aren’t looking to delete the SMS messages you had from your previous device, Help is available. This article will walk users through transferring text messages from one Android phone to a different one. The program used to save messages from your older phone and restore them to the new one can be called Droid Transfer.

    There’s no requirement to root your phone to utilize the application. Additionally, backups made via Droid Transfer are done in a single location using a Wi-Fi or USB connection.

    Due to modifications to the Google Play Store policies, the Backup & Restore feature isn’t available with the most recent version of Droid Transfer.

    You can download and install version 1.34, enabling this function for you. More details about that are listed below.

    Send Messages from Android to Android in just one click.

    How can I move old messages from my new device? We recommend that you utilize DroidKit to use the Android Phone Toolkit to transfer messages if you prefer to eliminate all the stress of going through the prerequisites and moving your messages as fast as possible. It’s a top-quality Android toolkit that allows users to move text messages between Android and Android with just one click. It is compatible with all kinds of messages, whether SMS or MMS. Alongside texts, this app helps you transfer other information, such as video, photos, contact logs, call logs, and other types of data. The most important thing is that most Android phones are compatible with DroidKit, including Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, Xiaomi, and more.

    Here are a few of the reasons customers prefer using DroidKit instead of Android to send SMS between Android into Android:

    All messages are supported. It can support SMS, MMS, and attachments. Other files stored on Android devices include photographs, music, and more. It could also be transferred via it.

    You can transfer whatever you want. It is possible to preview and decide what items to move. Also, you can transfer the items in small pieces or bulk according to your preference.

    One click, three minutes. It is as simple as hitting the button to transfer the data. It is easy to use this software. It is possible to complete the process in just 3 minutes despite 1,000 messages.

    Security assurance: Your text messages and other personal information won’t be exposed. Privacy and data security promise.

    It is also possible to transfer information to and from iPhone and Android to Android, Android to a computer, and from a computer to Android with the Help of DroidKit. Additionally, DroidKit is a complete Android solution that could bypass the Google account following a factory reset, open Android screens, recover any lost images or information, and so on.

    How to Transfer Android Text Messages Wirelessly

    Through the SMS Backup & Restore app, you can transfer messages from Android phones via Wi-Fi. There is no PC or USB connection is needed.

    1. On the original device (the phone that you wish to transfer messages to), download SMS Backup and Restore from the Play Store. Open the app and tap Get Started.

    2. Tap Allow to grant needed authorizations.

    3. Tap on the menu icon (the three horizontal lines).

    4. Tap Transfer and then select Send from This Phone.

    5. Follow identical steps to the phone you are using as a destination (the phone you wish to transfer messages to), except for tapping the Receive button on this phone.

    6. On the device you started with, Tap the device you want to connect to.

    7. On the device that you want to connect, Tap Accept.

    8. On the device from which you are originating, Select Transfer messages and call logs from the present status of the phone. In the end, click Transfer.

    9. On the device you wish to connect, you want to restore, click Accept and Restore.

    10. When you are done After the process is completed, you should check your destination device to ensure that the texts were transferred successfully.

    How do I transfer texts from Android to iPhone?

    A Google Pixel 7 next to an Apple iPhone 14 on a table made of wood that displays the phone’s screen locks.

    Apple provides an easy method to transfer messages from Android to iPhone. This is how:

    1. Install Moving to iOS onto the Android phone.

    2. Turn on your brand-new iPhone and start the configuration procedure. Be sure to connect to the Wi-Fi network.

    3. When the pop-up message regarding Apps & Data shows, Select Move Data from Android.

    4. Outline the security number displayed by your iPhone.

    5. Open Go to iOS on your Android device and type in the security code if asked.

    6. In the Move to iOS app, choose the data type you wish to move. Ensure you choose Messages.

    7. Complete the set-up process on your iPhone.

    Does the Transfer erase my information?

    In contrast to a sync function similar to the one you’ll find in iTunes, the iTunes app, the Droid Transfer message restore function doesn’t duplicate or erase your data. It intelligently fills in spaces in conversations and does not duplicate messages. In addition, it adds contacts in conversations to your list of contacts, even if they’re not on your list already!


    Here you are! With these methods, you can quickly transfer messages between Android into Android. Of all the options, MobileTrans – Phone Transfer offers the fastest and most practical solution. Dr.Fone Phone Manager helps make Android SMS Transfer more customizable and adaptable. Visit its official site and test this free tool. This tool will allow you to transfer your files from one device to the next quickly.

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