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How to Trim MP3 Files on Windows 10

    Are you attempting to trim audio files with Windows 10 but need to know how to go about it? Don’t worry that you’re not the only one. Cutting audio files can be difficult, particularly when unfamiliar with Windows 10’s features and tools. With just a few steps, you’ll understand how to cut audio files with the Windows 10 computer.

    In this post and article, you’ll discover how to cut audio files in Windows 10, giving you the option of personalizing the audio files you use to meet the needs of your audience.

    The article also offers two ways to help users easily cut and modify MP3 documents. One involves Filmora Video Editor, a well-qualified video editor software Filmora Video Editor. Another is to use the Windows Movie Maker software.

    What is an Audio File?

    An audio file is a digital format that saves sound in a form that an electronic gadget can playback. The format is typically presented in MP3, WAV, MP3 and AIFF. The audio files are used for various reasons, including creating sounds, making music recordings, etc.

    How to Trim MP3 Files on Windows 10

    MP3 is among the most commonly used formats to store audio and video files. Cutting these files only takes a minute, requiring virtually no technical expertise. If you’re concerned about spending much time, put your worries aside. There are a variety of methods you could pick from. Keep checking them out.

    How to Trim an MP3 File in Windows Media Player

    Many people want to know if it’s possible to use Windows Media Player directly to cut MP3 files. Indeed, the software that comes with Windows 10 cannot directly attain the task. However, it is possible to use the plugins it comes with, such as the SolveigMM WMP Trimmer Plugin.

    Step 1 Install SolveigMM WMP Trimmer Plugin

    First, connect and download the plugins SolveigMM WMP Trimmer plugin; for the computer running Windows 10, run Windows Media Player to enable the plugin in “Tools” and then “Plugins” > > SolveigMM WMP Trimmer plugin.”

    Step 2: Add an MP3 file.

    Browse your MP3 file with Windows Media Player and click on the “Edit the File” feature to view it (Or go towards “Open Media File” within the plugin).

    Step 3 Choose a portion of MP3 you wish to reduce

    You can separate the slide to pick the start and end positions using the “Add marker” feature.

    Step 4. Save and output the cut MP3

    Export the trim MP3 file using “File” then “Save to” …” as” Windows Media Player.

    Step-by-Step Guide on How to Trim MP3 in VLC

    Step 1. Start your VLC media player on your PC. If you do not have the player installed, go to the VLC’s official website and download the VLC version that is compatible with your computer. After that, launch the VLC media player on your computer.

    Step 2. Step 2. On the VLC screen, click “View” in the main menu. Click the “Advanced Controls” feature.

    Step 3. Then, open the MP3 file by using the VLC media player. Proceed to the bottom and choose where to begin trimming the MP3 file. Then, click the red button at the screen’s very bottom.

    When you start, the VLC starts playing, and the MP3 recording will begin until it has reached the point where you wish to cut; hit the red button. The recording will cease.

    Step 4. The file you cut is saved to your computer’s “My Music” folder.

    It’s as simple as that! Just like that! VLC media player and use it for audio playback and cut audio files.

    Using Audacity

    Audacity is a powerful, open, free audio editing and recording software. It has many tools that benefit users who record audio and edit files like professionals. professional, MP3, MP3, AIFF, OGG, FLAC and MP2. Other formats are also supported through the installation of ffmpeg.exe. Learn how to cut audio files on Windows 10 together. Audacity:

    Step 1. Download the latest version of Audacity from

    Step 2. In the upper menu bar, Click the File tab and then Open (hotkey “Ctrl + O”) to insert the audio file. You can also drag the file into the software.

    Step 3. Select the selection tool (F1) in the toolbar. Then, find the beginning position of your desired audio component in the waveform. After that, press the right button to select Split Clip. The end location can be set similarly.

    Step 4. Double-click on the desired clip, then open edit > labels > add label to Select (hotkey “Ctrl + B”). Label the video.

    Step 5. Now, open File > Export > Export Multiple (hotkey “Ctrl + Shift + L”).

    Step 6. When you open the Export Multiple window, select the destination folder and the output format. Make sure that your split file is founded upon Labels. Click Export.

    Step 7. Make sure to click OK before you output the audio clip.

    How to Trim an MP3 in Windows Media Player

    All you require is a third-party plugin called SolveigMM WMP trimmer. This is a lightweight app and costs nothing to download. Without further discussion now, let’s take a review of how to cut an MP3 using Windows Media Player easily:

    Step 1. First, download and install the SolveigMM WMP Trimmer on your computer before you launch Windows Media Player. Windows Media Player app.

    Step 2: Then, to the WMP, tap the Windows Media Player, Tools > Plugins> SolveMM Trimmer Home Edition to turn on the trim function. There will be a cutting tool on the right side of the home screen.

    Step 3: Once you have the trimmer for audio, tap the icon of the folder to open the File Explorer and import an MP3 file. Be aware that this program allows for trimming just one file at a time.

    Step 4: Click the Edit File button to start cutting the MP3. To trim, move the slider in orange to where you want to start, and then press the button to add markers. Do the same process to establish the endpoint. Also, you can enter your duration in the form of a text.

    Step 5: Press the play button and preview the audio before pressing the Trim button to trim the audio. The process is easy.

    What Are Different Reasons to Trim Audio?

    There are a variety of causes that you may require trimming the audio recordings. The most frequent examples are:

    Remove unwanted parts from the audio file

    To reduce it

    Audio files can be compressed to make them smaller in size.

    How can I install Audacity on Windows 10?

    A3. To install Audacity on Windows 10, visit the Audacity website to download the installation. After the installer is downloaded, you can open it and follow the directions on how to set up Audacity. After installation, you will be able to play an MP3 file. Choose what portion you want to keep and save it to the new MP3 file.

    What is the excellent way to use the Groove Music app in Windows 10 to trim MP3 files?

    A4. For the Groove Music app in Windows 10 to trim MP3 files, you need to open the MP3 file using the Groove Music app. Choose the segment of the MP3 file you would like to keep, and then press the Save button. It will save the part of the MP3 you chose in a brand-new MP3 format.

    Can Windows Media Player trim MP3 files?

    Windows Media Player has a basic trimming function that allows users to cut MP3 files. This feature, however, is rather limited compared to the dedicated audio editing software.

    Do I have the ability to reduce several parts of an MP3 file using Windows Media Player?

    It’s not true; Windows Media Player’s built-in trimming function lets you cut only a single section of the MP3 file in one moment.

    How do I trim a large audio file?

    The software you use will vary, but all programs can trim audio files with a large amount of them. However, the desirable alternative is to use desktop applications together. These have greater processing capabilities and provide a user-friendly interface. They can manage large audio files and handle them simultaneously.

    How can I cut the mp3 files within Windows 7?

    If you’re working together on Windows 7, you can use Windows Media Player or Audacity to edit to edit MP3 files. If you are using Windows Media Player, download the SolveigMM WMP Trimmer plugin. It lets you trim, split and cut functions for audio files. However, if you cannot find the plugin you need, it’s desirable to utilize Audacity to do this.

    How Do I Trim an MP3 File?

    If you plan to trim the length of an MP3 file, the method is identical to trimming any other audio file. Open the MP3 file with your preferred application and use the trimming tool to eliminate any portion you don’t wish to see. After you’re pleased with your altered file, save it in MP3 format.


    In this tutorial, we’ve talked about how to edit MP3 tracks on Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android. It is evident that it’s the easiest editing of audio, provided you use the correct program. If you want to create top-quality audio, consider AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate.

    A great BGM could greatly influence how you feel, particularly when you set strict standards regarding how your channel performs on YouTube and Instagram reels. To cut the MP3 file for Windows, Mac, and iOS, This article demonstrates the need for a skillful MP3 cutter. We recommend not to rush trimming your audio files; a sophisticated editor can bring incredible improvements. Feel free to try iTop Video Editor to produce flawless MP3 video clips with no difficulty and record your screen using the voice.

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