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how to turn off active status on facebook

    Do you wish to appear inactive on the Facebook Messenger application and avoid conversing with all your acquaintances? You can do that with the “Active Status” feature in Messenger lets users conceal the status of their internet activity and show it as offline in Messenger. If the active group is switched off, you will no longer be vibrant or energetic recently in Messenger. But your contacts can message you when you’re not online. So, you’ll be able to escape having a negative chat with somebody.

    The setting to switch your status off or on is available for some time within Messenger. However, Facebook is constantly updating its app interface, making it hard for users to locate specific options. For example, the chance to see messages within Messenger 2019 is integrated. In the same way, the opportunity to switch the active status has been changed in the latest version of Messenger. Let’s now discover how to block your active status from Messenger on iOS and Android.

    What exactly is Facebook Messenger’s active status?

    Active status lets you know that you’re active on Facebook messenger every time you log in to Facebook Messenger. It displays a message to your contacts that you’re busy or have recently been actively using Facebook and Messenger.

    Friends on Facebook messenger can check your status online using the green mark. The green spot is highlighted every time users log in. Once the user leaves, the green light shuts off.

    Sometimes, we must hide our current status in Messenger for privacy reasons. Following this guide, you’ll discover “how to appear offline on Facebook messenger” using your Android or laptop.

    How do you turn off”Active Status” on Facebook on a PC

    The Facebook application isn’t dependent on the system. The fundamental actions are identical if you’re running a desktop computer, whether a PC or Mac, Mac, or even a Chromebook. Although the active status options have been altered because of updates, the procedures are identical across all platforms. The most important steps are explained in the following sections.

    Switch off Facebook Active Status on your iPhone in just 6 Steps

    Step 1: Open the Facebook Application: To launch Facebook app: Open the Facebook application from your mobile device, and follow these steps:

    Go to the gallery of the app.
    Look up Facebook.
    Click on enter.
    After that, open the Facebook application.

    Step 2 Tap on “Menu” Once the app is opened to display on the screen; you need to tap on the three horizontal lines on the lower.

    Step 3 Click on “Settings” Step 3: From the upper right-hand side of the display, locate the ‘Settings’ tab as illustrated below, and click it.

    Step 4 Go to ‘Activity Status’: Under Settings, select the option ‘Active Status’ to increase the speed of advancement.

    Step 5: Turn off “Active Status’: When you click on the checkbox, you’ll be presented with another option that reads “Show when you’re inactive.” This feature is enabled by default.

    Click the toggle button next to the option to switch off the light.

    Step 6 Click on the “Turn Off”: Confirm that you have turned off the system by clicking the ‘Turn Off’ button in the pop-up notice.

    Your active status has been removed from Facebook.

    What happens when it is active? Off?

    People will still be able to see you inactive, recently active, or present in the same conversation as them wherever you’re on Facebook or Messenger unless you’ve turned off the settings for each app or location.
    You don’t know if your contacts or friends have been active recently or are currently on the same channel as you.
    All messages will be posted to the chat list for you to review later.


    If you have any additional questions or concerns about preventing anyone from accessing this sensitive information, don’t hesitate to write a message in the form below. I will get back to you.

    Facebook is a great social network, but the times are when you don’t wish to be in contact with other users. Therefore, instead of turning off the application, it’s preferential to be offline. It only takes a few seconds to disable your status update on Facebook and to avoid any unwanted interruptions.

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