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how to turn off active status on instagram

    Instagram users should learn to toggle off their active status. You may take a short break from Instagram. Or, you are tired of the constant stream of notifications. If you are in this predicament, learning to turn off Instagram Active can help!

    In this tutorial, you will learn how to switch off Instagram’s active mode to enjoy the app without distraction.

    Instagram doesn’t have a secret to increase your number of followers. But you can learn how to switch off the active status. You can ghost more people if you turn off active status.

    Take your phone, and read on to discover how you can turn Active Instagram off!

    What does the term “active on Instagram” mean?

    Simple answer: If an Instagram user has been browsing the app at any time, that person is considered “active.” This is indicated by a little green dot next to their profile pic.

    Instagram: Find out who’s online

    This feature will only be available if both of you follow one another. You can find out whether your friend has logged in.

    You can find the photo of each of your subscribers at the top left of the direct message (DM) page. If they’re active, a green dot will appear in the corner of their profile image.

    Users who have read a message will be marked with “Seen since Xh ago” if they’re online.

    Chat header: You will see a notification that says “Active now” when you start chatting. If they talk to you, this status becomes “You are both in chat.”

    How do you turn off active status in Instagram Android?

    Instagram has recently become one of the most popular social media websites. You can turn off active status for their Android App by following the steps below.

    Start Instagram from your Android device, and then go to Your Profile.

    Choose “Settings” from the menu by selecting the three vertical lines.

    To change settings, click the button.

    Tap “Privacy,” then scroll down and choose “Activity” Status.

    Touch on privacy

    Select “Show Activity Status” by clicking the button.

    Turn off the active status on the website

    This is how you can access it on the desktop version of the website:

    You can choose the Settings option by selecting your profile icon on the right-hand side of the screen.

    Select Privacy and Security at the top of the panel.

    Remove the checkmark from Show Activity Status by clicking on it. The changes will automatically be saved and take effect right away.

    How do I disable the Active Status on Instagram?

    Restrict the individual to turn off your Instagram status. This is how you can turn off the active status of Instagram for one person:

    1. Click on your name to open Instagram.

    2. Go to the profile you would like to limit.

    3. To view their profile, tap on the three dots (ellipsis) at the top-right corner.

    4. Click on “Restrictive” under the dropdown menu.

    This will restrict the individual’s ability to view your Instagram active status.

    What Happens If You Turn Off the Activity Status on Instagram

    On Instagram, when you switch off Activity Status for your Instagram account, there are several changes to how others see your Instagram activity:

    If you deactivate your Activity Status, the “Last-Active” timestamped, which indicates when you last used Instagram, will be hidden from your followers and those you have directly messaged. This information can no longer be seen in either the Direct Message (DM) or the direct message thread.

    When chatting via direct messages, your current active status is next to your username when speaking, and you cannot tell when or if you were active last in any chat.

    In the same way that you may hide your status as an active user, you will also be prevented from seeing other users’ status as active if they have turned off this feature. Direct message conversations will no longer show the “Active status” for users who have turned off this feature.

    It is essential to keep in mind certain things.

    Remember the following when you decide whether to switch your Instagram activity off or on:

    Instagram only reveals your activity to 25 people on your list of direct messages, even if your account has yet to be deactivated. It is possible to deactivate the activity status to prevent your chatter or communication with people you are familiar with being seen.

    Also, it’s worth mentioning that any updates or reinstallations of the Instagram app may result in your modifications to active status being lost. You can hide your status by repeating the previous steps.

    If you turn off the active status, your Instagram account may still appear as involved in any other location where it is functional. In other words, if your Instagram account is happening on both your smartphone and laptop, you must turn off your status.

    Are others notified when my status is turned off?

    You won’t let anyone know when you turn off the active status of Instagram. No notification was sent to your contacts or followers.


    Your followers, and those you’ve directly messaged, will be unable to know when you were active on Instagram.


    The green dot will be absent from their profile image and the “Last Active” or “Active” timestamps.

    You can also turn off your active status on Facebook.

    If you’re using Instagram, it can be as easy as making your Facebook status inactive. It’s as simple as going to Settings and Privacy and clicking “Settings.” Then, click “Audience and Visibility” and find and turn off Active status.


    It would help if you remembered that provides solutions and answers to common questions for Instagram users.

    I wrote this blog with the hope that it will be helpful to you. You can see all of the required screenshots and some others to confirm that you can disable your active status when chatting on Instagram. Please enjoy this content and let me know if you have found it helpful.

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