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How To Update To Windows 11

    Finding the correct driver can be a time-consuming task. You may find it difficult to track down the driver you need for just one device. Not to mention that there are often many hardware devices on your computer.

    Before you begin

    Windows 11 requires a minimum set of system requirements. The PC Health Check app is a great way to verify minimum system requirements if you are currently using Windows 10 on your device. Windows 11 is not recommended for devices that don’t meet system requirements. More information is available on Windows 11 installation on devices not meeting minimum system requirements.

    Windows Update settings (recommended)

    • We recommend that you upgrade to Windows 11 from Windows 10 only after you receive a notification through Windows Update. Windows 11 may be available for your computer by selecting Start > Settings > Updates & Security > Windows Update.
    • Windows has a hub for health issues. You can check this to see if there are any known issues with your device.

    Windows 11: Where can I find it?

    Windows Update will give you Windows 11 if your Windows 10 computer is fully updated and has been supported. You can still download it if Windows Update doesn’t show up or if your PC is fully updated and supported.

    Microsoft offers multiple ways to manually install Windows 11 on your PC. You can use Windows Update to install a standard upgrade by using the Installation Assistant, an app you download on your PC. Windows 11 Media Creation Tool allows you to create a bootable USB or download an ISO. If you already have a USB stick, you can choose to either use the Setup application from Windows 10 or boot directly from it for a full install. The ISO can be burned to a CD, but it is faster to install Windows from USB drives. Microsoft allows you to download ISO files directly.

    Am I required to pay anything?

    Windows 11 can be upgraded for free to Windows 10 Windows 11 can be installed and activated on any PC running Windows 10 Home, Pro, or Enterprise, whether or not it is supported by Microsoft.

    Windows 10 and Windows 11 are required to be purchased if Windows 11 is being installed on a newly built PC. The retail price for these licenses is between $120-140. Officially, you may be able to buy a Windows product code from a resale website for as little as $15 up to $40. Some of these sites may be shady. Therefore, we don’t recommend linking to them.

    I’ve been using Windows 7 product keys and Windows 8 to activate Windows 11 editions. Windows 10 will accept old product keys, even after 2016’s “official” upgrade. We have tested this and the keys still work.

    What “support” is required for my PC?

    Windows 11 Home needs a Microsoft login and Internet access. Windows 11 Pro, however, can be used using a Local Account in Windows 11 Version 21H1. In the 22H2 Update, the Pro version also requires Microsoft sign-in. Later, we’ll talk about workarounds.

    It is important to note that the minimum processor specification for this program is 8th-generation Intel Core Processors. AMD Ryzen 2000-series processors are also supported. They are all processors that were introduced in the late part of 2017 or early 2018 Windows 11 cannot be officially installed on computers older than a year. Windows 11 does not officially support older computers. Windows 10 supported almost anything running Windows 7 or Windows 8 as a matter of course.

    In this review, we will explore these reasons (and see if they stand up to scrutiny) further. There are three major requirements: the CPU requirement (and TPM) and Secure Boot.

    Please check that your PC meets the requirements

    Check that the PC you want to use to upgrade to Windows 11 is compatible. To upgrade your PC to Windows 11, you’ll first need one that is compatible with Trusted Platform Modules (TPMs) 2.0. Your BIOS must also have Secure Boot enabled. You must ensure that it meets some minimum hardware requirements.

    Microsoft Windows 11’s specs page can be compared with your PC to determine if it is capable of running Windows 11. To check what specs your PC has if not sure of the hardware, you can follow these simple steps.

    Windows Update offers a way for you to get Windows 11 free of charge.

    Windows 11 can be upgraded for free if you already have a Windows 10 desktop or laptop. All you need to do is run the Windows 11 Update tool.

    Step 1: In the Windows search box, type Windows Update. Select the results.

    Step 2 – If your PC has been fully updated, then it is likely that you will be receiving the Windows 11 upgrade. Select the blue Install and Download button to start. To complete the Windows 11 installation, simply follow the onscreen instructions.

    Get the Update

    Windows 11’s first major update is available to users today. Windows 11’s launch strategy leverages well-established updates systems and procedures. Windows Update will be able to download the Windows 11 update as soon as your device meets our criteria. We’ll initially increase offering availability during the first few weeks, as we track quality signals. When we notice that an app is not compatible with your device or that it may be experiencing an issue, we can put the update on hold until we resolve that problem. Windows release status provides information on the Windows 11 rollout. It also explains the different safeguard holds, and how they may affect your device. Windows 11 Installation: Learn how to do it.

    Windows 11 devices

    Windows Update can be accessed from Settings > Windows Update. Users who have Windows 11 running version 21H2 on their devices and wish to receive the newest feature update or are eager to download it, should select Check for Updates2. You can watch the video below to learn more about how Windows 11 users will experience the 2022 Update.

    Windows 11 ISO Download

    It’s my favourite way to install an OS if I am upgrading. If you choose to download the.ISO files, they can easily be placed on an external disk drive. If you want, you can save it as a USB flash drive, or even burn it to DVD. Windows 10 and Windows 11 will not allow you to. Windows will automatically mount your files if you right-click on the file and choose “Mount”. The installation will be started in just one step.

    It’s best to treat ISO files like you would any random USB drive you may have picked up on the street. But, if it wasn’t from Microsoft, you need to be careful. Microsoft provides detailed instructions to confirm the ISO’s “hash”, which is its identity. These are located at the end of Microsoft’s installation page. As long as you have downloaded the ISO, the check should work.


    Windows 11 is Microsoft’s most important update in the last few years. Microsoft’s main focus was on revamping the entire interface to improve the user’s experience.

    Windows 11 puts a focus on work productivity along with user experience. Microsoft built MS Teams right into Windows 11 as a standard application.

    Windows 11 gained immense popularity since its release in October 2021. Windows 11 upgrade is a hot topic. To help you install Windows 11, we have created a guide. You can also check in our guide if your PC is compatible with Windows 11.

    Follow the steps in this guide to successfully upgrade your Windows 7/8/10 desktop to Windows 11.

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    Wondershare Repairit offers fast and secure file recovery software. This software is a third-party that allows you to quickly recover formatted or corrupted Windows Computer files.

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