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how to use google classroom for teachers

    Since distance learning is an everyday requirement for thousands of teachers and students across the globe, Teachers must swiftly master the latest technologies to connect with their pupils. A popular online teaching platform is Google Classroom.

    The free online tool is perfect for assigning homework or giving exams and quizzes to students. We at GoGuardian understand how challenging it is to use new technologies in schools closing. We’ve put together this complete guide to help you understand how to use Google Classroom for your students.

    Why Google Classroom?

    In comparison with the other LMS (Learning Management System) that have gained popularity during the last several years, Google Classroom is amazingly easy to use. While Google Classroom is primarily an instrument instead of an LMS, it is, nevertheless, an all-in-one source for administration. It’s also a free service available to educators and students. The (relatively tiny) problem is that a person can’t join until the institution or school signs on to an account with the Google for Education package.

    Benefits of Google Classroom

    As Google Classroom can be integrated into Google as well as its numerous other apps, the possibilities of advantages and uses are infinite. For teachers, some benefits that come from together Google Classroom in your classroom include:

    Easy to set up: connect students via their email addresses. Or, you can share the code they will utilize to sign up themselves.

    Time is saved: Paperless resources available in the Classroom enable you to rapidly create projects, share the work with students, go over finished projects, and mark assignments efficiently and at one time.

    Enhances organizational efficiency: As everything is organized at a central point, students and teachers have access to the assignments and materials for class within the Classroom and on Google Drive.

    Increases communication. With Gmail or Google Chat, teachers can talk to students and the class instantly, and students can also react just as fast.

    Secure: With Google’s latest cyber security technology, Google Classroom is a secure system that doesn’t share your stored data.

    What’s the future for Google Classroom?

    The traditional classroom model has evolved to accommodate the new realities. Students-led learning and classrooms that collaborate have provided everyone more space to express themselves, explore, and participate. Today, more than ever, we are electronically connected. Google Classroom has been at the core of a well-organized, active, interconnected, and efficient educational system. The concept of virtual learning is now an everyday thing,

    Student engagement

    Constantly engaging for students, Google Classroom is an excellent instrument. By asking students questions and then getting answers from them, it is possible to achieve this. It is possible to do this by clicking on the “Classwork” icon at the top of the page. It is suggested that questions be utilized to attain this. Teachers may use the spacebar on their keyboard to input the question they would like their students to be engaged in. In the list of options offered by Google Teaching Tips, pick the method of answer you would like to engage students throughout the class.

    Making the most of Google Classroom

    The world has come far in the “chalk and talk” days of schooling. Students today are taught to communicate more openly, and the assignment guidelines are typically more expansive to foster imagination. In the digital world, there are almost endless opportunities that Google Classroom (among other tools) is designed to benefit and facilitate.

    Google Classroom integrations

    With Google Classroom integrations, you can use many different unavailable applications via the leading platform. Google provides you with some suggestions of what apps you might want to download, including:

    The School of Telecommunications is for students who wish to do more research

    Screencastify to link videos with the class Google Drive

    BrainPOP is a gamified learning platform that helps students engage more with the educational curriculum.

    Does Google Classroom Have Video Conferencing?

    When asking, “What do you mean by Google Classroom?” another critical question is, ” Does it have video conferencing?” In short, the answer is no. Google Classroom doesn’t automatically have video conference capabilities. However, it can be combined with other video conferencing applications like Google Meet and Zoom. The pandemic is a reason why Google is making Meet available for free with Classroom.


    Learning how to utilize Google Classroom as a teacher is simple. The majority of the features are designed so that everyone can access the tools. If you adhere to the guidelines in the above paragraph, you’ll be able to master the basic tasks and customize the online course to suit your particular subject area and teaching method.

    Begin slowly. Please discuss with your students what you would like their method to be. Since it’s a great device, your work will inevitably become more efficient, and lectures will be more engaging.

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