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how to wear a pocket watch

    Certain types of watches never disappear entirely, but time does make them obsolete or less valuable. The pocket watch – used more as a piece of menswear classics than a traditional timepiece certainly falls into this category.

    As early as around the year 16th century. The watch lost its way to wristwatches during World War II.

    However, today it’s likely to have memories – maybe of menswear of the past or a family heirloom passed on from generation to generation. If you’re thinking of carrying a pocket watch, this is how to do it.

    What are Pocket Watches?

    Before the invention of wristwatches, pocket watches were still the most common choice for timepieces that could be carried around. Although pocket watches fell out of fashion after World War II, some contemporary watchmakers still produce pocket watches. They are considered a timeless fashion accessory that can provide watch-wearers with a stylish and exciting option for finishing their formal outfit.

    How to Wear a Pocket Watch with a Suit

    A pocket watch could be worn with a suit instead of a shirt and waistcoat. This style is more formal and ideal for making a solid impression at work parties and formal events.

    If your suit isn’t three-piece (i.e. it doesn’t come with an overcoat), There are many ways to put your watch in your pocket. A chain for your pocket watch can be connected to the buttonhole of your suit jacket, allowing the eye to slip into your coat pocket. A belt loop chain can allow you to secure the pocket watch to the trouser belt loop, keeping the watch safe in your trouser pockets.

    How to Wear a Pocket Watch casually.

    Although many think that pocket watches are meant for formal wear, We are witnessing more and more stylish gentlemen using them for more casual styles. Pocket watches are an excellent addition to an informal, elegant look that adds instant elegance. So, how do you dress a pocket watch casually?

    How to wear a single Albert Pocket Watch Chain

    You can guess it; Single Albert is a watch that Single Albert includes a single chain that connects the pocket watch up to the vest.

    It is worn by putting the chain’s end through the buttonhole in the vest by using a T-bar pin that is simply the shape of a T-shaped piece of metal that is long enough to ensure the chain isn’t slipping out of the hole.

    It’s important to note that many pocket watches don’t have a T-bar chain.

    They typically come with a clasp that can be removed at the other end and affixed to T-bars.

    How do you put on a pocket watch when wearing a vest?

    The pocket on the jacket (or the waistcoat) is the prominent place to put the pocket watch that is typically worn with an elegant blazer, long coat or suit. Did you be aware that there aren’t all vests made equally?

    If you’re looking to wear pocket watches, you’ll (obviously) need pockets to store your eye. However, there are a variety of vests with different bags, which can drastically alter the overall style you’re trying to create. For instance, the most popular types of vests include:

    Simple: precisely what you’d expect traditional-shaped vests with a pocket that is on the opposite side
    Asymmetric: one bag overlapping the other one with four pockets that are arranged geometrically (in the shape of a square)
    U-neck: a more deep scoop-neck that has fewer buttons and two pockets that are parallel
    Double-breasted: Both lapels are more prominent, with four pockets that are in the shape of a square
    Mandarin buttons that reach into the neck area, then four bags are available in the form of a square

    How to Wear the Pocket Watch Without a Waistcoat

    Contrary to what many think, you do not need an elegant suit or waistcoat jacket to incorporate the wristwatch into your style. If you’re trying to integrate the wristwatch into a casual style, we’re glad to say it’s more than feasible!

    The shirt can be the simplest way to incorporate the pocket watch into your outfit without needing a waistcoat. What better way to showcase your look than a stylish white shirt paired with more casual chinos or loafers? The wristwatch can be clipped to your buttonhole or belt loop and put in your trouser pocket to create a simple and elegant style.


    Pocket watches aren’t as popular today as standard wristwatches, but they have enjoyed tremendous popularity in fashion and accessories. Pocket watches are among the most personalized gifts for men. They’re not trendy, but they’re an exclusive piece of masculine wear for those who are enthused about men’s accessories. Once you’ve learned how to put on the perfect pocket watch, what style do you like?

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