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How To Wrap A Candle

    Thinking about wrapping up a stunning steeply-priced candle as a present for a person in particular? We’ve given you blanketed with a fashionable wrapping technique — the conventional pleat.

    This fashion of wrapping has a very specific triangular fold at the bottom of the candle that offers it a conventional pleat effect; what looks as if a few factors ought to have been wrapped professionally is honestly quite easy to advantage.

    You can use the traditional pleat to wrap cylindrical items, and the prevent end result seems suitable. The crisp, tight wrapping is high-quality whilst gifting a candle for a mother, father, sweetheart, or buddy.

    What You’ll Need

    Equipment / Tools

    • Scissors


    • Wrapping Paper
    • Tape
    • Ribbon, wire, or string
    • Gift Tag
    • Gift topper collectively with jingle bells, ornamental pompoms, or mini embellishes

    Easier Technique: Gift Bag or Box

    If your flow-to-wrapping approach for vacations and unique events is to attain a present bag or area, we have given you included. Wrapping in a reusable bag or box is one of the maximum green techniques to expose objects superbly from yr to three hundred and sixty-five days.

    • Choose a bag or subject that’s suitable for the dimensions of the candle.
    • If your candle has a tumbler field, be secure with the existing with the useful resource of wrapping the candle in appealing tissue paper in advance than setting it in the bag.
    • Carefully put the candle wrapped in tissue paper in the bag.
    • If you’re using a larger bag, make certain to stuff the indoors with loads of thick, recyclable tissue paper. That way, the candle gained’t glide around or get damaged.
    • You can preserve masses of timber with gift baggage. They are reusable, and you don’t need a lousy lot of tissue paper. Just pinch a bit of paper, decrease it into the bag, then enlarge the show and give it up to guard the candle against sight.

    Creating a Sack

    Place the triumphing in the center of the wrapping paper:
    This method works quality for cylinder-usual items that can be stood upright. Place the gift within the middle of the paper in order that it is reputation. Use thick and excessively satisfactory wrapping paper simply so it can be a beneficial resource for the burden of the present.

    Pull the opportunity corners together:

    Grab the two contrary corners of wrapping paper and pull them collectively in order that they meet over the top of the gift. Then do the same element with the opportunity corners. All four corners have to meet within the center. Pinch them collectively collectively collectively with your finger, after which, using your other hand, squeeze the paper near the existing.

    Pleat the paper:

    In order to create a greater professional and finished appearance, you can pleat the paper with the use of folds and creases. Rather than have a bunched appearance over the pinnacle of the prevailing, the pleats will provide your wrapping a greater expert look.

    Tie a ribbon throughout the paper:

    Once you have got folded or bunched the paper at the top of the existing, you could tie a ribbon during the paper to keep it in location. Choose a ribbon that suits the wrapping paper.
    Fluff up any more paper.

    The Combination Method

    This method helps you to integrate the festive look of the candy wrapper with the functionality to face the candle on its backside.

    • Cut a bit of gift wrap that certainly encircles the candle, leaving a ½-inch overlap, so it is able to be taped close.
    • Leave about inches of wrapping paper on the lowest of the candle. To decide exactly how lousy lot you want, diploma the diameter of the candle, add an inch for overlap and divide it in.
    • Tape the spherical seam. Fold the paper flat in competition to the lowest of the candle and keep it in the vicinity. The wrapping paper will stick up on each aspect. Choose one thing and fold it down flat toward the candle’s bottom to create a pleat.
    • Move an inch down the paper and create every special pleat that overlaps with the primary. Continue this system till the entire backside is included.
    • Take the alternative forestall of the paper tube and gently twist it around. Do this carefully to keep away from ripping the paper. Tie the give up with ribbon or tape the paper to keep it from untwisting.

    Protecting Your Candle

    If you’re mailing or transporting your candle, you could want to make certain you’re wrapping candles in order that they live on the adventure intact. You can steady bubble wrap or easy white tissue paper all through the candle to offer it extra cushioning from bumps and scrapes. A cellophane bag can shield it in competition from moisture.


    Candles are some of the most customarily given objects. With accurate purpose! They’re prolonged-lasting, portable, and, with this manual, we’re hoping we’ve proven that they’re clean to wrap. Or at the least extra honest than they’ll appear. So, the following time you’re giving a gift, try a candle. In that manner, you could show off your gift-wrapping understanding!

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