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integrated communications includes interoperable systems that include voice and data links.

    Integrated communications encompasses interoperable systems including voice and data links.

    A) True

    B) False


    Option A (True) is the correct answer to this question.

    Integrated Communication

    The correct answer is TRUE. Integrated Marketing Communications or IMC is the integration and coordination of all promotional tools. This interoperable system can be used to link voice and data. Furthermore, these tools work better together than when they are used in isolation. IMC is utilized by top brands such Apple to promote their products.

    Integrated marketing communication (IMC), a type of marketing element, is the integration and use of social media, audience analysis, business and development principles, advertising, and public relations to create a consistent brand image across media channels. It is used by organizations and businesses to create seamless customer experiences and improve their relations with their stakeholders. Integrated marketing communications professionals are likely be employed in the marketing and advertising industry. They can work in journalism, marketing research and consulting as well as social media marketing.

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