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Is Miley Cyrus Related To Dolly Parton

    Miley Cyrus was back on SNL and chose to perform Dolly Parton’s tune to commemorate Mother’s Day. Contrary to what many people believe, Dolly is NOT Miley’s grandmother. Here’s the truth about their relationship.

    The Wrecking Ball performer has numerous family members working in showbiz. In all of them, the name Dolly is always mentioned. In addition, she was also the character’s grandmother in the cult Disney show Hannah Montana. But, in actuality, they aren’t biologically connected.

    What happened to make Dolly Parton become Miley Cyrus” godmother?

    The daughter of Bill Ray Miley arrived in the year 1992; he proved that in addition to his excellent appearance as well as talent also had another important quality: Chutzpah. You may be wondering why? Because the country star asked fellow country artist and world-renowned legend Dolly Parton to be her godmother. They were close friends, so Dolly was graciously accepted.

    “When her baby was born, her father said”You must be her godmother, and she’ll be her godmother.'” I said I’m accepting,” Dolly told Good Morning America. “We never did do a big ceremony. However, I’m extremely happy for her, I am so in love with her, and she’s the same as one of mine.”

    A decade later than it’s been a decade since Miley’s Disney comedy “Hannah Montana” became a huge hit. Then, Miley’s dad, country music icon Billy Ray Cyrus, is named Miley’s father.

    At the beginning of the program, Miley called in a favor. She contacted her famous godmother Dolly Parton to be on the Disney Channel show.

    Dolly did as she pleased, playing the character’s godmother and aunt in a role that coincided with the real world. Miley continues to refer to the actress in the role of Aunt Dolly. In the past, Parton was a guest actor a few times, creating a special connection between her and her Goddaughter, Miley Cyrus.

    Miley revealed during the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon exactly what an impression her hero Dolly Parton made.

    “I remember her attending an event to read the book “Hannah Montana,” Cyrus said. “I was covered in the awful zits all over me. And my pajamas were on, and we were all wearing backpacks to school. She was there, wearing an embroidered pink silk dress! And her hair couldn’t get into the entrance.”

    Do you think Miley Cyrus, Dolly Parton, and Dolly Parton are related?

    Dolly and their husband, Carl Dean, don’t have any children. But, Dolly has often said she feels Miley could be one of her children.

    However, they’re not connected. The singer is Miley Cyrus’ godmother. However, it’s not legal. This is more of an honorary title.


    Dolly was Miley’s godmother, thanks to her close relationship with Billy Ray. In an interview, she revealed: “I worked with Billy Ray during all those years, back when he was suffering from “Achy Breaky Heart. He was a part of the shows we produced in the beginning. He was the host of a few shows I hosted. We’ve only met one another. I composed a song titled “Romeo” and put him in a music video.”

    She said, “We just connected since we’re both country-loving. We enjoyed it a lot discussing that. Then, when Miley was born, I told her, “She’s going to be my fairy goddaughter. ‘”

    In a different interview, Dolly also said she would offer Miley an example instead of guidance. She stated: “I’d rather be an example than try to instruct someone to do this or that, and so on because I don’t think this is the best way to go. Everybody’s different. Your path is yours. Some people will be there for you on the path and even help you get a few rocks off your path in your direction, but you must walk it.”

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