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Life With A Dog In An Department

    If you’re similar to the majority living in the United States, you own an animal. Most likely, that pet happens to be a cat or a dog. Your day-to-day routine could look similar to this. You wake up early in the morning, get through your routine, and then leave to work. Your pet stays home and awaits your return. This is how it works for many animals and owners. What if you had to bring your pet along to work?

    Certain employees and employers have remarked on their pets’ importance and how they can spend their time at home. To improve satisfaction and participation, businesses are setting up the new norm, making pets an integral aspect of the workplace.

    Employees’ pets are often happier and more productive working lives. They tend to be more relaxed and less stressed all day. Between 75 to 95% of people who participated in a poll about pets at work believed that it improved the morale of their employees, work-life balance relationships, and working hours.

    Dogs at work can provide an essential boost to mental health.

    Due to the extended hours of work as well as client demands in every time zone and the demands to perform, many professional workers today are overwhelmed. In fact, as per statistics from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, about half of employees feel stressed. This is, of course, negative for employees but also for companies.

    “American companies lose many billions each year due to stress-related costs such as lower productivity as well as absences from work. The positive effects that dogs can have in relieving stress in the workplace is a key reason we’re experiencing increasing numbers of dog-friendly workplaces across the nation, including in Fortune 500 companies,” Rover’s head of human resources, Jovana Teodorovic, explains.

    A study by the university of Columbia found that just stroking dogs for a short time can help you release positive hormones, such as prolactin, serotonin, and oxytocin. The mere presence of a dog could have a positive impact. Amanda Augustine, a career expert with TopResume, states that these hormones have been proven to lower stress levels, improve our ability to relax, and generally improve our mood. That means that rubbing a cute on the forehead will slow your heart rate and blood pressure falling.

    Dog-Friendly Office: FIVE Benefits Of Dogs In A Work Environment!

    Take Your Dog to Work Day is an occasion to celebrate the bond between dogs and their owners. This first event was celebrated in the United Kingdom in 1996 and the United States in 1999. This day is dedicated to all dogs and promotes adoption from rescue and shelter organizations worldwide.

    As the pandemic is slowing down and life is getting back to its routine, many employees are returning to their jobs at work. They are a bit irritated with their furry family members, who have settled into the new routine of always having their family members close by. Many executives have noticed pets’ positive effects on day-to-day productivity and are looking at transforming workplaces into dog-friendly spaces. This is an excellent thing for pet owners and dogs worldwide.

    Here are 5 advantages of having a dog-friendly work environment!

    Reduces Stress

    This advantage may seem like something that should be expected; however, being able to glance down from your desk and look at an animal friend is some relief, even in the most stressful circumstances. However, a pet’s presence’s impact on employees’ mental well-being is more significant than you imagine. The simple act of petting a dog has been scientifically proven to lower cortisol’s stress hormone and increase levels of the hormone oxytocin, and lower blood pressure. This is not all; pet owners who bring their dogs to work will not be anxious about getting home from work or when they take breaks to take care of their pets and are more focused on the tasks in the workplace. The balance between work and life is essential to keep employees satisfied and happy with their work.

    Dogs increase office morale.

    Aren’t you awestruck by the instant mood boost you feel when you see a dog who greets you with excitement? This kind of happiness comes only from the unconditional love of a dog. It can be a significant boost to workplace morale. Are you struggling to meet the demands of an upcoming deadline? Breathe profoundly and pat your dog, smile and then jog to it!

    Workplaces that are dog-friendly can boost productivity.

    What happens to the workplace with happy, less stressed employees? They’re more productive, naturally! It’s possible to think that having an office filled with cute dogs could be a cause for distraction. This is likely to be true. But the benefits exceed the initial attraction. Short breaks help rejuvenate employees, allowing them to return to work more enthusiastically and making them more productive.

    Office pups aid in improving the communication

    Communication issues are the biggest obstacle to productivity, particularly in workplaces where employees tend to be solitary, and office dogs can be a great way to encourage teamwork. Pets spark instant fascination and encourage deep conversations, which are great for improving communication.

    Dogs promote a healthier way of life at work.

    Regarding teamwork, managing a group of office dogs requires an entire village, or in this case, an office. Dogs should be taken out regularly to conduct business and also to exercise. Being active in the office can help prevent behavioural problems. Furthermore, active pets need active humans, which makes them more energetic, employees.

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