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Movies Like Through My Window

    If you enjoy “Through My Window,” you’re looking for charming, enjoyable, and delightful films that deal with teenage romanticism, teens, teenage love, romance and teenage boy romantic love, and love-related themes from the Comedy, Drama, and Romance style, which was shot in Spain.
    Discover your new favorite and related films in two easy steps: 1. Discover all topics of interest from the movie (block beneath). 2. Find them on the list below.

    The Bright Places (2020) All The Bright Places (2020)

    In our fourth pick of movies like Through My Window, we are presenting another love story, All The Bright Places.

    The film is a love story that involves two teens who are struggling.

    One of them is Violet, A girl who lost her sibling and is now struggling with the guilt of being a survivor and her mental health. Another one is Finch, the classmate she has with her who is chosen to be her project’s partner.

    The couple travels across Indiana, searching for unique locations to work on their project. And soon, they are the love of their lives. But Finch has his issues also and is suffering from depression.

    In contrast to other similar films, however, this film doesn’t only concentrate on an intimate relationship between two teenagers, but it also focuses on mental health and similar issues which are highly relevant to modern society.

    The film features Justice Smith, Elle Fanning, Felix Mallard, Luke Wilson, Keegan-Michael Key, Sofia Hasmik, and others.

    The Endless Love (2014)

    If you’re looking for a romantic story similar to Through My Window, I suggest you watch Endless Love. The movie is about a wealthy girl as well as a bad guy. The film is about forbidden romance, making it twice as appealing.

    The story revolves around Jade Butterfield, a young woman who, after graduating high school, finds herself in love with David Elliot as she realizes she’s eager to enter life in the real world.

    He’s a working-class young male and rebellious with a troubled past, but she’s a wealthy girl. This is a significant reason the father of Jade strongly disapproves of the relationship between them.

    Naturally, when they are as young, they disregard his desires and get into a relationship.

    However, critics weren’t impressed. Roger Ebert said that “This is meant to be a movie that explores the turmoil of young love, a love one would be able to go to jail for, or set your home in flames for, or one that is a cause for the issuance of a restraining warrant, but it’s extremely elegant and emotionally distant with its dreamy-dreamy depiction gorgeous young women frolicking in the sunshine.”

    The film features Alex Pettyfer, Gabriella Wilde, Bruce Greenwood, Rhys Wakefield, Joely Richardson, Robert Patrick, and others.

    Three Steps Above Heaven (2010)

    The following entry is Three Steps Above Heaven, like the story of our previous post.

    The story opens with two teenage girls, Babi and Hache, who accidentally meet. They then begin having a relationship.

    They are, however, part of distinct worlds. Even though she is wealthy, Babi exhibits the signs of love and innocence and innocence, whereas Hache is rebellious, insane and, naive, susceptible to risk and danger.

    Even though it appears impossible, the couple can still meet and begin a romantic relationship when they both develop feelings toward the other.

    Again, we are experiencing an illicit love affair as people who should never come into contact get to cross paths and do just that.

    Many different relationships can be made identical, and not all relationships are healthy in this case. Babi is beginning to hate school. She is less educated and is prone to mischief when she is under the influence of her boyfriend.

    The film features Mario Casas, Maria Valverde, Alvaro Cervantes, Marina Sales, Nerea Camacho, Christina Plazas, and others.

    1.We are our Friend (2019)

    With Jason Segel, Isabella Kai with Jason Segel, Isabella Kai, and Violet McGraw in the lead, Our Friend is a romantic drama that debuted in 2019. The cast is comprised of a skilled group of the form comprising Gabriela Cowperthwaite (director), Brad Ingelsby (screenplay), and Joe Anderson (cinematography), along with others.

    The motion film received an overall rating of 7.3 on IMDb and an overall score of 57 on Metacritic.

    Nicole gets diagnosed with cancer of the ovary and begins chemotherapy. Dane, her best Friend Dane, realizes that the family needs assistance and suggests staying there for a few weeks. Since Nicole’s illness is beginning to deteriorate, he chooses to take over the house, picking on a variety of household chores theirs. They also step up to make a lasting impression on the Teague family as they accept the imminent death of Nicole.

    The available countries include Canada.

    2.Do Retribution (2022)

    With Camila Mendes, Maya Hawke, and Austin Abrams, Do Revenge is a well-known story with good writing and directing. Though it’s not an absolute standout in any specific area, it provides an excellent film-goer experience.

    A popular student Drea is a popular student at Rosehill in Miami as a scholarship student. Still, she becomes an outsider after an intimate video from her is revealed on the internet. In the summer, she is employed at a tennis camp where she meets Transfer student Eleanor. At the same time, they discuss being deemed outcasts because Eleanor was also a victim of the false news about the summer camp during Rosehill.

    Convinced that they can’t win justice for themselves, They devise strategies to take revenge on their opponent.

    The available countries include the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and Germany.

    3.For Everyone The Boys: Always And Forever (2021)

    To All the Boys: Always and Forever is a solid but unexceptional debut into the comedy-drama category. The direction and cast are good. However, the formulaic plot and absence of unique moments could disappoint viewers.

    Lara Jean Covey embarks on an adventure of self-discovery and romance with her family when they go to Seoul for spring break. While reconnecting with memories of her mother and searching for a key her mother left on the bridge in memory of her love for her father, Lara Jean finally finds the determination to listen and read the message “for my entire life.”

    However, as Lara Jean navigates the ups and ups and downs of her relationship with her lover, Peter Kavinsky, and the evolving dynamics in the household, she starts to doubt the notion of a “meet-cute” as well as the realities of relationships that are long distance.

    The available countries include the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and Germany.

    4.Note (2020): The Top Note (2020)

    Nisha Ganatra wrote the screenplay. The High Note is a film drama that premiered in 2020.

    The cast includes Flora Greeson (screenplay), Jason McCormick (cinematography), and Jenny Eagan (costume), as well as other people. The feature’s full-length version collected over $217,874 at the box office. It also received ReFrame.

    Maggie Sherwood is the longtime personal assistant to legendary R&B performer Grace Davis. Grace is an outstanding touring career, although she has yet to release something new for a decade. The manager of, Grace believes that her age is over and encourages Grace to pursue a Las Vegas residency.

    In the meantime, Maggie comes across a pairing with musician David Cliff and offers to collaborate with him on an album.

    There are countries available: Canada, Japan, Brazil, and Argentina. season (2022)

    The Wedding Season is a comedic romance that was directed for television by Tom Dey.

    Starring actors like Pallavi Sharda Suraj Sharma and Arianna Afsar (main characters), The film was launched in 2022, with a running time of one hour and 38 minutes.

    Asha is a renowned economist. She is recently separating from her commitment and has decided to change careers by leaving her Wall Street Banking career to be employed by a microfinance company. The mother of her son Suneeta is anxious about her future, and she decides to create a dating profile on her behalf, and there Asha is matched with Ravi.

    Even though their first meeting was a disaster, The two couples decide to play the role of engaged at weddings to alleviate the stress of getting married. The game quickly becomes accurate as Ravi and Asha notice one another.
    The Nowhere Inn (2020)

    6.The Nowhere Inn (2020)

    Directed and directed by Bill Benz, The Nowhere Inn is a comedy-drama set to premiere in 2020.

    Its cast members are Carrie Brownstein, St. Vincent (screenplay), Minka Farthing-Kohl (cinematography) as well as Natalie O’Brien (costume), in addition to other actors. The film’s length was sufficient to earn over $62,337 at the box office. It also received ReFrame.

    St Vincent chooses to produce a documentary focusing the music of her. She enlists the help of an acquaintance, Carrie Brownstein, to help in the direction of the documentary. But, the project takes unusual turns, as concepts of genuine and authentic identity get more complicated and distorted, leading to confusion and a loss of the original reason behind the directors.

    7.Ride Along for the Ride (2022)

    “All for the Ride (2022)

    Along for the Ride, you premiered in theaters in 2022. Sofia Alvarez directed the film, with Emma Pasarow, Belmont Cameli, and Laura Kariuki in the lead. If you’ve got an attraction to romantic-drama films, You should check out this film.

    For the Ride for the Ride was awarded a score of 6.1 On IMDb with a score of 55 Metacritic.

    Auden West decides to live at the home of her dad Robert and her stepmother Heidi in the coastal town of Colby and hopes to have an unpretentious summer re-inventing herself before leaving for college.

    She is a loner; at night, she wanders through the streets when the city goes to bed. Then she comes across Eli, a sleeper, and they embark on a journey around the city as they share stories of their lives and much more.

    8.A Perfect Pairing (2022)

    A Perfect Pairing (2022)

    With Victoria Justice, Adam Demos, and Luca Asta Sardelis in the leading roles, A Perfect Pairing is an action-comedy film launched in 2022. The film is a great collaboration comprising a team comprising Stuart McDonald (director), Elizabeth Hackett, Hilary Galanoy (screenplay), and Ben Nott (cinematography), along with many others.

    The motion film received a grade that was 6.1 on IMDb as well as 55 points out of 100 from Metacritic.

    Lola is a Los Angeles-based wine manager who decides to create her own wine company and then travels to Australia to secure a prospective client’s attention. Then she can work at her client’s farm under Max’s watchful eye to demonstrate her expertise.

    See both ways (2022)

    Starring Lili Reinhart, Danny Ramirez, and Aisha Dee, Look Both Ways is an action-comedy that will hit the screen in 2022.

    Wanuri Kahiu brought this story to life through the assistance of skilled crew members, including April Prosser (screenplay), Alan Caudillo (cinematography), and many more.

    In their final season at the University of Texas, Natalie had a sexual encounter with Gabe, and the two opted not to make a celebration the incident. But, just a few weeks later, Natalie is sick and prompts her close pal Cara to have her pregnancy test.

    While Natalie can take them in as her own, she is thrown between two realities: one of which results are positive, and the other is that they turn hostile.

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